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Leisureguy, in Replacing red meat with chickpeas and lentils good for the wallet, climate, and health

I like to include grain and a legume in each meal, and I’ve found one easy way to do that by making my own tempeh. I use 1.5 cups grain and 1.5 cups legume and, after measuring, cook them separately then combine and ferment with tempeh starter culture (as described in this post). My most recent batch was soybeans and 3 grains. I use the tempeh in stir-fries, stews, chilis, curries, and soups.

Leisureguy, in Anyone interested in reviving this community?

I’m new to Lemmy and very new to this community, but not quite so new to a whole-food plant-based diet, which I continue to find interesting as I try new plants and combinations in my cooking. So I plan to keep an eye on this community and post here things I tried and learned, and look to read about what others are doing. Here are a couple of things I’ve recently made: Tahini-cucumber-dill dressing and Desi chickpea hummus.

Deliverator, in Anyone interested in reviving this community?
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also check out sister magazines /m/vegetarian and /m/vegan

SeaGoatGirl, in Anyone interested in reviving this community?

Yes please!

Gamers_Mate, in Anyone interested in reviving this community?

I know I will be checking this out and /m/vegan

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