I finally played a little bit of it earlier this year but I wasn’t in a souls game mood. I need mental preparation for these games.


Give us the 60fps patch/pc port you cowards!


I still play, but mostly offline because of mods.


Coincidentally July was when I finally got around to playing it. 160+ hours later I understand the hype 😅

EherVielleicht, (edited )

Where Bloodborne 2?

short teaser


Not sure if you’re joking or not, but that teaser was for Sekiro.


The game has a ‘cult’ following. We’re this 👌 close seeing headlines about blood sacrifices for a 60fps patch ong


Is it badass? Give me the lowdown someone.

Zo0, (edited )

Well you cut up monsters with a saw cleaver, inject yourself with blood vials to heal and hunt ‘gods’ for sport so I’d say it’s pretty badass if you overlook …

edit: the spoiler markdown doesn’t seem to be working so I deleted it for now

SpoilerIs this working for you guys?


Sounds pretty badass


Spoiler Tag is working for me


Thanks, I guess it’s an issue with my App not picking it up then :)


Honestly, I’m surprised! It’s one of my favorite games and I’m glad its still as popular now as it was then. I should go back and platinum it.


I’ve been meaning to play it soon. I’m surprised it’s had such staying power

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