Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Dan takes us on deep dives of fascinating moments in history, weaving a narrative tapestry from many historical sources and making the past more alive and accessible while exploring extreme human situations. If you're a history nerd and enjoy storytelling, this is the podcast for you. It is by far my favorite podcast and I always look forward to the next one, although due to the quality it can sometimes take a while.

ivanafterall avatar

I've enjoyed several of his episodes, but consistently feel I'd enjoy it more if it were just "History with Dan Carlin."

DarkGamer avatar

Lol. I'm not entirely sure what about his show makes it, "hardcore." The intro voice, the fact that he's often focusing on the more extreme human experience moments in history? I like the way he does deep-dives, goes into tangential connections between things that are not always obvious, quotes primary sources, and still generally sticks to a larger narrative. Doesn't seem easy to do.

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