Forgive my abuse of this format, for Rishi Sunak has abused my sanity far more today

“We shouldn’t get bullied” into believing that “people can be any sex they want to be”

“A man is a man, and a woman is a woman, that’s just common sense,” PM Rishi Sunak says…/rishi-sunak-tory-conference-spe…

Rishi Sunak has formally announced he has cancelled the planned HS2 rail link from Birmingham to Manchester…/rishi-sunak-conservative-confer…


The common sense argument pisses me off because it can be understood in 2 ways.

  1. It is an idea that it is commonly regarded as “true/right/good”
  2. It is obviously the case

Both are obviously not the case. 1. Many people disagree with the statement. 2. Many educated people don’t think it is like that, so it is clearly not obviously the case.


“You either think this country needs to change, or you don’t. And if you do, you should stand with me and every person in this hall, you should stand with the Conservatives.”

Proceeds to cancel new public transport infrastructure, preventing change.


“If you want change, stand with the Conservatives!”

Lol is that meant to be satire? Conservatives for change… the political group that wants to… conserve… old systems?

Also, they say it as if the opposition doesn’t want change either…


You're just missing the silent words in there.


Conservativism is the antithesis of progress


No no, you misunderstand. They want regressive change.


glad to read this - not that I’m enjoying the bullshit Sunak’s putting the UK through, but to hear voters genuinely done with his fuckwittery.

any chance there’s going to be accountability for their games with the missing phone messages?


There is a court order so they have to hand this information over, they are just going to waste everyone’s time until inevitable happens.


Motherfucker can’t even spell what he hates


A transphobe and a trainsphobe, you say?

mykneedoesnthurt avatar

The party that got itself bullied into brexit produced this.


non-uk person here, how did they get bullied into it? conservatives seemed to love brexit from my recollection


A handful of Conservatives were being dumb and were advocating for brexit, David Cameron (Cons PM) didn't want brexit but was like sure let's have a vote on it, and he was confident the British people would just vote to stay so they didn't do much campaigning.


The individual MPs were told they had to toe the party line or else face deselection (be fired)


They didn’t get bullied into it. They bit at the champ for it

mykneedoesnthurt avatar

They got bullied into it. They were the bullies.


The anagram of Rishi Sunak is cunt and I won’t be taking questions on this


The anagram of Rishi Sunak is Anus Hi Risk.

loobkoob avatar

"Hi risk anus" seems more fitting


Eminently so!

Fried_out_Kombi, avatar

Well that anus sure like gambling away the future of the country and his shithole party


Is that the danger zone Kenny Loggins was talking about?


Nah, as the esteemed scholar Sterling Mallory Archer is fond of pointing out, that song is about Lana still having the hots for him. Somehow.

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