Gotta love how a stupid laser eye edit is enough to send the fascists and their red painted collaborators into a spiraling rage about how easy it is to make them look like idiots.

Biden didn’t even have to do anything for this one, it was all the morons doing it to themselves


Be the radical leftist they’re afraid we all are.


red painted collaborators

XD im keeping this one, thanks!


I don’t get it


Self proclaimed leftists who curiously always insist on the course of action that most expediently grants power to the fascists.

Usually under the guise of teaching those nasty wasty establishment dems a lesson for amything ranging from not doing what they want to doing what they want but not as zealously as they think it should have been done to attempting to do it exactly as demanded but getting blocked by the republican stacked court system, (never ask these “leftists” why the republicans were able to stack those courts), to even doing the thing exactly as demanded but it wasn’t done by Bernie Sanders or the ghost of Upton Sinclair so “fuck you and your lib shit!”

The more mask off ones will just outright say they’re accelerationists who see everyone else losing their rights and lives as worth it for the white privilege socialists to be able to have their rapture revolution afterwards. “First Hitler then our Turn” energy if you’re familiar with Thalman’s communist party in Weimar Germany.


I’m still deciding what I’m going to do, but will the democratic party not just keep moving towards the right if they know they can get our votes as long as they’re just to the left of the republicans? Are we just cooked no matter what we do?

flying_sheep, avatar

The US has a long way ahead if it wants to make its democracy functional again. They’re proud of their old democracy, but there’s nothing to be proud of when clearly it needs serious reforms to prevent fundamental flaws like the one you mentioned.

Direct action, community work, and trying to make people more radically democratic helps.


And all that from “red painted”?


It’s their favorite color, by a mile


It’s the same person who posted the original comment. They probably know what they meant.


But I still don’t :(

TSG_Asmodeus, avatar

Since first coming into existence, Socialist groups have used the colour red (‘the blood of the people’) for their primary colour. This is why anywhere except the US, the ‘left’ parties - republicans in a ‘fuck the monarchy’ variety - use the colour red.

So the joke here is it’s non-Left-leaning people who ‘paint themselves red’ to pretend to be what they are not.


Ah, I’m dense, thanks for laying it out for me.


For anyone who wants to avoid visiting the dead bird site:…/1756888470599967000


This is funny.

Trump trolls can’t argue about that, so they’re here pretending to suddenly care about Palestine or wars in general, worthless deplorables


You know, or people who voted for Biden in the 2020 general election and won’t vote for him in 2024 for being a strike blocking, genocide supporting piece of shit.


That’s actually funny

Linkerbaan, avatar

It would be if israel didn’t start bombing Rafah during the super bowl killing at least 67 people while israel played their $7million 30 second super bowl commercial about khamassss to brainwash Americans.

“All according to plan” with the laser eyes Dark Brandon might not be the best timed meme after that.




this is c/politicalmemes. of course it is going to be political


Idk if you know this but Joe Biden is not the president of Israel

Linkerbaan, avatar

It seems like Netanyahu is the president of America.


Missed opportunity to say “Jack”. Those crack me up.


Is this in reference to the Security Aid Bill or something? You can really see how out of touch they are with the reality in Israel that they cut UNRWA funding and supplied 14.1 Bn USD to Israel to continue the fight and then simultaneously pledged 9.15 Bn USD to help supply food and water in Gaza…

How do they not realize that Israel does not intend to leave Palestinian people alive in Gaza to begin with? The writing is on the wall.


Lol what. This is a comical PR play by embracing alt right conspiracies and rolling with them. This isn’t some new deep state thing, they’ve been doing this for awhile…/dark-brandon-meme-makes-an-appearance-o…

Your comments about the conflict in Israel and Palestine are valid. They have no bearing on a presidential PR move targeted at current events


The official post above the image has a caption “Just like we drew it up.” That’s what I’m asking about, I cannot think of anything else happening today but the discussion and possible vote on the Security Aid Bill. If there is something else, please enlighten me.


The superbowl… there was a massive wave of conspiracy theories regarding Biden, Swift, and the Superbowl. All nonsense, with the president’s PR team leaning into how ridiculous it all was.


Ahh okay okay. Sorry, I don’t really follow sports or celebrity worship so I’m a bit detached from that situation.


Funny enough I thought that was the Elon Musk real account initially 🤣, I could actually see him replying that.


Glad you pointed it out. Fuck Lonnie, but I didn’t catch it and would have made a silly comment.

EtherWhack, (edited ) avatar

It’s good to see the Obama-era humor

(Queued to 1:30)

Edit: added timestamp to link


Thanks, Obama.

EtherWhack, avatar

Thanks. I was having issues earlier getting youtube to play nice with sharing timestamped links on FF mobile and couldn’t remember the url syntax.


First time the Dark Brandon meme wasn’t just super cringe nonsense lol, good on them!

stebo02, avatar

Can anyone tell a European what’s going on ovah there?



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  • flying_sheep, avatar

    Absolutely insane. What are they smoking?

    GladiusB, avatar

    The better team won, but they were not picked to be the favorite. Which I think adds to the conspiracy.


    The better quarterback won. Overall I think the 49ers are the better team


    Oh, I’m guessing I have to deal with a shitload of Chiefs jersey wearing people yelling at work today and comparing their gambling wins?

    jballs, avatar

    All correct except the “heavily favored team won”. The Chiefs weren’t really seen as a good team for most of the year and weren’t expected to win.


    Deep state interference confirmed


    Didn’t they win last year? Did that not factor into it?

    jballs, avatar

    They did win last year, but their team looked nothing like the same team for most of the season. In the last few years, they’ve been known for their high powered offense, putting up tons of receiving yards every game. This year, their offense was pretty bad, especially their receiving during regular season. But their defense was playing well and allowed them to make the playoffs. If you look at power rankings from the first week of the playoffs, most people had them in the bottom part of their rankings.


    Very interesting, thank you.


    Most of the year is irrelevant. They had a stellar post-season and nobody is calling it an “upset” because it wasn’t surprising to anyone that the Chiefs pulled it off.

    jballs, avatar

    Not sure what you’re arguing here. I didn’t call it an “upset”. I said they weren’t the “heavily favored team”.


    Ok, but when a “heavily favored team” loses, that’s called an upset. I’m not really invested at all in this, just wanted to note that lots of folks were betting on the chiefs and that the regular season isn’t that good of a proxy for post season performance. I wish your favored sportsball team good fortune.


    Ok, but when a “heavily favored team” loses, that’s called an upset. I’m not really invested at all in this, just wanted to note that lots of folks were betting on the chiefs and that the regular season isn’t that good of a proxy for post season performance. I wish your favored sportsball team good fortune.

    Thanks for looking out for us, champ.

    stebo02, avatar

    ah yes, so the usual huh

    return2ozma, avatar

    We don’t even know! Our politics have gone off the rail

    FuglyDuck, avatar

    … yes. somebody, explain it to the European. (Don’t mind me pretending like I know… while paying rapt attention…)

    nifty, avatar

    This is me, but during projects new people join that I’ve been back burnering.


    A while back there was an incident where someone tried to say Fuck Biden and apparently it came out sounding like Brandon. So people started saying Brandon for their own pettyness where they thought saying Brandon and not just saying fuck Biden was more professional. (Cowards)

    Then Bidens office owned it after a photo came out where they cropped a blue and red background to look like Biden was just standing in front of just a red background (ominous, like the sith) instead of acting like a child and when they made “aggressive” moves or did something the republican party didn’t like they started using the term Dark Brandon that popped up online.

    Republicans were saying Swift was possibly going to endorse Biden, which is dumb, why would she split her income base while making millions/billions. So the Biden administration trolled them by saying “just like we planned it” insinuating that the game was rigged for Kansas City to win, so Swift would have a large platform to announce her support.

    As far as I know Swift has done nothing but tell people to make sure they vote…Republicans don’t like that, as Trump lost the majority vote in both elections he was in, but managed to still win the 2016 election due to the electorial college.

    FuglyDuck, avatar

    Okay. I understood all of that. now… can you explain all the rest of american politics? for our, uh, eurpoean friend? (They exist! honest!.. don’t look at me like that…)


    Lol Where do you want me to start. I’ll do my best. Do we start pre 1776 to understand how we got to this mess or do you want an abridged last 30 years ordeal


    A while back there was an incident where someone tried to say Fuck Biden and apparently it came out sounding like Brandon.

    Specifically a crowd chanted “fuck Joe Biden” and a person giving a media interview tried to play it off as them saying “Let’s go Brandon” because she was interviewing Brandon Brown live after he won a race.

    From their perspective, this was intentional to try to silence them so they ran with it, and hence the meme was born. The whole point is the media being cowardly and trying to silence them (in their eyes), not them being afraid to say what they mean. So it’s supposed to be a simultaneous jab at Biden and at the media.


    It turns out that the village idiot(s) are a larger percentage of our population than previously anticipated.

    Possibly due to widespread chronic lead poisoning but the verdict is still out there.


    And sadly COVID did too little to solve that.


    I mean, I can imagine it being even worse if the anti-maskers were still around in full force.


    If COVID was just a little bit more lethal to the unvaccinated we’d be in good shape right now.

    mlg, avatar

    It’d be funny if he weren’t actively supporting a genocide


    Idk why ur being down voted, this was posted right after Israel killed about a hundred Palestinians in rafah in one hour during the Superbowl.


    Okay what does one thing have to do with the other? Saying 100 civilians without more information doesn’t add or explain anything.

    It looks bad and it’s tragic, vut all Israel needs to do is have a good faith military target and make a good faith attempt to warn people in the area, and while it may still look bad and will still be tragic, it won’t be criminal.

    neeshie, (edited )

    There are over a million people crammed into rafah right now. They were told it was a safe zone and they have nowhere else to go. And Israel bombed them, including camps of tents, with bombs that Biden gave them.

    Edit: the targets also included 3 mosques and 14 homes (just like normal single family houses)


    Nobody said Rafah was safe. They said go south, it will be safer than the north.

    And Israel still warns people before airstrikes. They call them on the phone even


    13,000 children are dead idk why ur still trying to do this. They bombed civilian targets, they have absolutely no excuse for that. Even if they are still warning people with phone calls, (which is doubtful considering that gaza doesn’t have super reliable electricity and connectivity, and most of the people in rafah aren’t from there so israel might not even know where they are) Israel still isn’t allowed to just blow up people’s houses without actual proof that the military importance of bombing said house outweighs the fact that it’s civilian infrastructure. Same with mosques.


    They use the cell phone network to locate phones, then they send calls and texts. You can usually find recordings and screenshots after an airstrike.

    Of course, the media basically never reports on it.

    If there is a tunnel under the building, that’s not a civilian target.


    Ok, I’ll be waiting here for evidence that there were tunnels being used by hamas under every single one of those homes, and that israel was using bunker busters to actually destroy them. But I don’t expect i’ll ever get that, because Israel consistently lies about this stuff and then just waits for people to forget it instead of backing up their claims.


    Israel doesn’t owe you anything.

    And when they do release proof, you say “Jews are liars.”

    See how that works? There’s no reasoning with your type.

    snek, avatar

    Israel doesn’t owe you anything.

    Do you have like some kind of personal investment with Israel? You got my head scratching… how can you be reasonable about anything else in life, but when it comes to Palestinians being butchered, you just claim they were “reports”?


    Israel does have to prove that they didn’t commit a horrifying war crime. Cmon.

    Also its ridiculous that you’re falling back on calling me antisemitic. If India did the same thing in Jammu and Kashmir, or Russia did it in Ukraine, I would also not believe any proof they presented until it was verified by a third party. That’s just basic critical thinking skills.


    They don’t have to prove it to you, only to itself, maybe its allies. If there’s a valid military target and they take reasonable caution to minimize civilian casualties, it may still be horrifying but it’s literally not a war crime, and saying it is despite admitting that you don’t have the evidence doesn’t make it so.

    In my view, the IDF is way more credible than Hamas.


    Ok, can Russia also provide itself with evidence about Ukrainian forces being in civilian infrastructure to justify leveling an apartment?


    Is that what Russia claims when it does so? My recollection is that usually Russia offers no explanation or they deny their responsibility; they’ll say like, oh we were struck some military targets, but that apartment building was hit by Ukraine’s own missile defense system. Another difference is that Ukraine doesn’t have any sort of interconnected tunnel warfare system, let alone one that runs underneath every major city; it would be incredible to say that there were military tunnels under all these apartment buildings. Further, you can see from the Russian attacks that the missiles are frequently launched twenty or thirty at a time, and many of them don’t hit anything at all. Seems like it’s actually indiscriminate, intentional targeting of civilians: chiefly, I’m not aware of a single attempt by Russia to warn civilians before an airstrike, have seen zero screenshots and heard zero audio recordings of warnings. Ukraine is also credible when it says “there was no military target,” unlike Hamas, which incredibly denies everything. Again, if you throw a dart at a map of Gaza, you’re pretty much going to hit a tunnel: 400 miles of tunnels with 5,000 shafts in an area that is 25 miles wide at its widest point.


    Russia doesn’t usually explain or elaborate that much. They just say “we only target military targets, whether obvious or disguised” and then shoot a missile at an school or something, killing civilians. And they could be telling the truth, because Ukraine has used civilian infrastructure like that before, but Russia never provides evidence that the specific school was used that way. This is pretty much the Russia/Ukraine equivalent of the tunnel system, bc you have valid military targets around/in some civilian infrastructure, but Russia ends up just bombing everything.

    You also mentioned russian attacks being “actually indiscriminate”, but half of the bombs that Israel has dropped on Gaza have been unguided, so that seems like it’s also indiscriminate.

    Also, according to this amnestly international report (…/israel-opt-new-evidence-of-unlawful…), there are a lot of cases where Israel isn’t actually warning civilians before leveling their houses. They also say “Even if Israeli forces had intended to target legitimate military objectives in the vicinity, these attacks evidently failed to distinguish between military objectives and civilian objects and would therefore be indiscriminate. Indiscriminate attacks that kill and injure civilians are war crimes.”

    So yeah, it’s not really debatable that Israel is committing war crimes. Stop trying to run defense for them.

    JustZ, (edited )

    There is no Russia/Ukraine equivalent of the tunnels. The Hamas tunnels are unprecedented in world history. Russia and Ukraine are both legitimate countries with legitimate governments.

    Amnesty has no credibility anymore unfortunately. It is Hamas that has a duty of distinction, but it doesn’t usually wear uniforms and hides its fighters, weapons, and infrastructure right under people’s homes, hospitals, and school. Ya know, because it’s an illegal terrorist organization and in no way a legitimate government/state? Has Hamas ever once prosecuted its own people for war crimes? No, but it does stone people to death for being “collaborators.” Why don’t you stop trying to run defense for literal terrorists, designated as such by a few dozen different countires?


    Amnesty has no credibility anymore unfortunately

    Ok lmao.

    snek, avatar

    Amnesty has no credibility anymore unfortunately.

    It’s funny how Amnestly always loses all credibility when it’s reporting on a genocide. Same as all the other organizations you don’t think are credible anymore… Funny how when Israel reports things, they aren’t “just reports” but ground truths, except for the ones that were so undeniable so you had to do a tongue-in-cheek admission… and when the Palestinians and their human rights organization report on it, it’s just a “report”…

    Please, don’t kid yourself like that.

    snek, avatar

    If there’s a valid military target and they take reasonable caution to minimize civilian casualties, it may still be horrifying but it’s literally not a war crime, and saying it is despite admitting that you don’t have the evidence doesn’t make it so.

    Come on… grow out of this, please… they don’t minimize civilian casualties, and there is never a valid military target. Were all the dead babies in incubators a civilian casualty Israel tried to minimize by shooting all the doctors? Serious, get a fucking grip. And it doesn’t matter what links I’d send you because you’d either say they are (1) “just reports”; or (2) look terrible and bloody but are totally not a war crime because you trust the IDF more than your own braincells.


    I thought Elon was a parody account too. Look how wrong I was.


    How is this real life our timeline is so confusing

    zaphod, (edited ) avatar

    Man, Elon “hur hur I’m carrying a sink” Musk really has zero self-awareness…

    Alas, got taken in by a parody account (not that the comment isn’t accurate, it’s just not applicable in this case).


    That account was a parody account…

    zaphod, avatar

    Damn, yup, you are correct! My mistake. Poe’s Law strikes again…


    Why does a “parody” account have a blue checkmark!? Oh, that’s right, they paid the money, basically making the concept pointless and adding confusion everywhere…

    umbrella, avatar

    this reelection campaign is getting cringier and cringier.

    how about not financing war and misery?

    how about not breaking up strikes?

    NatakuNox, avatar

    This comment could literally apply to every president. Does Joe and the democrats suck? Yes! But at least they wouldn’t be actively trying to destroy America like Trump and Republicans.

    umbrella, (edited ) avatar

    Declaring 3 wars and getting us closer than ever to ww3 isnt actively destroying anything??? You guys are delusional.

    Yes! Your entire system is broken as fuck, and you next president is also gonna do this regardless. It applies to every president because they are all bad.


    Great input. Wanna watch fight club together? Would that calm you down?

    umbrella, avatar

    sure, if thats gonna help you avoid dealing with the fascism your country is exporting to the world. maybe that helps when you get your hospital bills too.

    i know change is scary. there, there.


    What was your constructive suggestion again? Cause all I heard was bitching with no clear sense on how we INSTALL AN ENTIRELY NEW GOVERNMENT. Thanks in advance.

    umbrella, avatar

    leftism has all types of converging answers to that. there are enough ideas backed by practice to pick your poison comfortably.

    spoilers: its generally accepted you will have to get off the couch more than once every four years to vote for a 90-yr old. and actually read a few books maybe.


    … oh, we will just do that than. So simple. Why didn’t you say earlier?

    umbrella, avatar

    “that” what? i have a few doubts you are even aware of what is being talked about.

    if you think its easier to have a genocidal in power, i guess it’s on you. i’m sure the next octogenarian will fix your crumbling empire.


    leftism has all types of converging answers to “that.”

    I don’t give two fucks what “that” is. Your childish attitude of just saying “you’re doing it wrong” without giving a practical solution is mind numbing. You want to start a revolution? How you going to do that? By calling Biden genocidal on the internet?

    Oh, wait, I know you, you fuck face. You’re that asshole who retreats into “I’m just trolling and I don’t really care.”

    Piss off.

    umbrella, avatar

    sure man, if you don’t care you don’t care

    i don’t know who you’re mistaking me with but i will leave you at that. have a good day.

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