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SCOTUS has definitely shaped their opinions to give them the final say in just about everything the government does.


That's only because our legislative branch is entirely ineffective.


It's very effective, it's just we've decided to vote in a bunch of plutocrats to manage it.


Indeed. They surely got no problems providing welfare, tax cuts and good policy for legal persons to develop and grow strong!


I think it's worse now. Even if the legislature gets fixed, SCOTUS would shoot down everything they don't want.


Proof of the legislature being fixed will include court reform bills getting passed.


The constitution did that...

Also, congress can legislate as they please as long as it doesn't violate the constitution.

Congress chooses not to do that for most things peasants care or need done.


Marbury vs. Madison did it. Judicial review isn’t explicitly in the Constitution.

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we should abolish the constitution and start over. it's an outdated piece of paper that doesn't treat me like a human being.


easier there, chief, u glowin'


Interesting hot take. Would you like the current crop of politicians to write that when they have trouble passing regular laws?

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no confidence in the current crop of politicians to begin with.


Typically you do a good, hearty round of invoking a french mechanism before continuing with anything major like that. Out of an abundance of caution.

These days, hard to say how you get yourself to a blank slate. The wealthy in this country are richer than any of the nobility our forefathers ever had to contend with.


Ahh yes... Let's do some political PR here today🙄

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Assuming that Sanders isn't long for this world, I really hope we don't lose her.

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I want to point out the SCOTUS judges who are doing the most hurt are those appointed by presidents who never got the popular vote. In essence, we are being ruled by tyrrany of the minority.



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    @Odusei no one gives a fuck about your shitty opinion.

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    I wonder what her opinion is on the Israeli judicial reform.

    Actually on second thought I don't really care to know

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    What, afraid you might hear an opinion based in fact for once?

    Sorry, that's rude. I'm sure it would conflict with your entire worldview and make you very uncomfortable. Naturally, that must be avoided at all costs, up to and including the cost of democracy being ripped from under your feet.

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    “I don’t really care to know” is your personal mantra. No one is surprised

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    Hey are you @ing me on purpose or is it some weird feature of this new space?

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    Hey. Yeah. Sorry. When I hit reply on kbin it @‘s everyone above me in that comment all the way to the OP. I guess I didn’t realize it. When I responded to this just now I had to delete 2 or 3 other people.

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    “I don’t really care to know” is your personal mantra.

    There's plenty of that to go around.

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