Fuck this guy.

I_Miss_Daniel avatar

Would that render him gay? (He might be already, but can't cope with it.)


Remember how upset the right were about Obama’s “radical” preacher? I don’t recall that he wanted anyone ‘put to death’.


Bc Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached “America’s chickens have come home to roost,” wrt obl-Twin Towers/Iraq/extraordinary rendition, “enhanced interrogation” debacle. 😬🙄

ivanafterall avatar

The name of the pastor's church?

Grace Baptist Church

akai avatar

I guess "Love thy neighbor" is an optional part of the commandments for conservatives...

chrisd avatar

“Loving thy neighbor” is probably going to make you gay too.


Well, given the amount of infidelity amongst conservatives, I suspect that they get around not coveting their neighbor's wife by showing her some lovin', if you know what I mean.


What the actual fuck

Tigbitties avatar

Evil fuckers.

Chozo avatar

There's no hate like Christian love.


Christ famously wanted to put people to death for sinning /s


What about homosexual non-human animals? Should they be put to death too? Fuck this guy so hard.

My point is that homosexual is natural and happens in the animal kingdom of all varieties of animals.


Look at that dickbroom of his. That thing dusted off one or the other shaft before.. it's always these guys that get busted someday while getting doublefisted by some Puerto Rican stud in a leather harness.

skellener avatar

Piece of shit “pastor” who backs a piece of shit candidate spews hate on a piece of shit social platform.


It's worth noting that he did this in response to a tweet by, of all people, Ted Cruz, condemning that same law. So we're once again in "Making Ted Cruz Look Reasonable" territory, never somewhere you want the GOP to be.


I think I read somewhere Cruz has a bisexual daughter? Pretty typical of a Republican not to care until it affects them personally.

DessertStorms avatar

I think you're giving him far too much credit, and I don't doubt that he would sooner kick his queer child out than support her, but has probably been advised not to right now, because it might impact his career, and that is the personal affect people like him are concerned about, not their kids.

spicy_biscuits avatar

What fucking timeline am I living in? Goddamn this shit


Discrimination will always be with us. The important point is not that it's happening now but how we as a society handle it.


I think I already heard that somewhere … I think it was a political party in Europe around 1930 with a nice Hindi symbol.


Projecting much?

sings A tale as old as time!

A conservative pastor that probably has a cadre of little boys he touches, cant wait for the scandal to hit!


Judge a man by the company he keeps.

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