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Better title is Republicans are working to kill democracy by using corrupt right wing Supreme Court.
I agree Biden should pack the court to get average citizens to respect the Supreme Court again. Because the rulings the current court are making are not what the majority of us want.

Don't vote for Republicans, they don't care about our democracy.

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In this climate I don’t see how Biden could pack the court. It would never clear the senate. Even though on paper Democrats are in control it is only on paper and not real life.

The rulings the court makes should be based on law not opinion, even if it is popular opinion. That being said accepting bribes from people that you are ruling on their cases and making rulings on made up stuff doesn’t really smell lawful. Those bribes would get anyone fired in corporate America but seems AOK for this banana court.

This court will go down in the history books (in some states, I’m sure FL won’t allow it) as the worst court session yet. Roberts will be known for an enabler of the illegitimacy of this court. Roberts response instead of leading is don’t say bad things about us you might hurt our feelings. He seems concerned about the image but isn’t doing a thing about it.

The best thing I can think of is vote out the party of hate, greed and power and see what we can do after the elections.

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Biden was asked in the 2020 Primary about packing the court and he said "no". Unless I'm remembering this wrong and I don't think I am. And it looks like Biden will be our choice again for the election, so I don't see this changing, unless he says he NOW would pack the court.

I'm for packing the court. Only other way is impeachment.

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I would assume that Biden said that because he knows it is not practical and would be a waste of his limited time and political power.

Obama made a similar compromise in not pushing for single payer but instead focusing on the compromise that became the ACA. He used basically all of his first term to get that passed, and while it may not have gone far enough for a lot of progressives--including myself--I sure am glad we have that instead of nothing!


And it has to clear the house as well which definitely won't happen before 2025. I wish people understood the current limitations of the presidency and paying laws in general.

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Because the rulings the current court are making are not what the majority of us want.

The job of SCOTUS is not to rule based on what the “majority” of people want. It’s to check the constitutionality of the policies and laws passed by the other 2 branches.

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They aren't doing that either. Just last week they released back to back completely contradictory rulings, one of them allowing businesses to use intrinsic characteristics to decide that they don't have to make a cake for you, but somehow, that's not ok when another business (colleges) does it.

They've decided that the pure fantasy of a religion is the most important characteristic a US citizen can possess.

Fuck impeachment, they are frauds & half of them should be incarcerated for taking bribes.

holo_nexus, (edited )
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To start, your confusing the cake case with the one from last week that had to do with a website for gay marriage (cake happened years ago). In both, they ruled that the 1st amendment rights of free expression and freedom of religion supersedes state nondiscriminatory laws.

For the record, I’m completely opposed to the rulings. But what you claim to be “pure fantasy of religion” is not something a large portion of the population would not agree with as they believe is some sort of faith, and the right to believe that faith is something that is protected by our 1st amendment whether you like it or not. I mean, it’s something that makes our country great is it not?

In regards to affirmative action, it was bound to be overturned due to its own discriminatory nature. Are there massive discrepancies in access to quality education, funding, wealth, and opportunities on a socio-economic and racial basis that is widespread all throughout society? Of course! But affirmative action is NOT the answer or solution to this, again due to its own discriminatory nature (and therefore, unconstitutional).

The whole bribery thing with Roberts and Thomas is a separate issue, and there needs to be severe consequences for such actions. Does SCOTUS have massive problems currently? Yes! But the faster we realize that it was meant to be a non-partisan institution with the sole purpose of interpreting the constitution and not ruling based on what the majority of people want, the faster we’ll realize that the institution is currently broken and we need to be very careful with what solutions are implemented (and no, packing the court is not a solution. It’ll make the whole situation exponentially worse)


The court was already packed by right wing ratfucking. I still want to knkw what Trump said to Kennedy that made him stop dead in his tracks and resign shortly after. And the fucking Scalia rules for thee but not for me debacle. And all that to say nothing of Leo and the Federalist Society.

Maybe part of the problem is the media never calls out right wing court packing, but then screeches from the rooftops when Biden even thinks about rebalancing the court.


I like using "stacking" to describe what happened. McConnell stacked the court.

It implies the same amount of ratfuckery but cuts off the useless retort of "nuh-uh they didn't add more than nine justices".


I still want to knkw what Trump said to Kennedy that made him stop dead in his tracks and resign shortly after.

Got any more info on that?

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I thought it was to protect his son from being exposed in some shady deals?

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HEADLINE: Rich Old Man Doesn't Care About Future

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Unregulated, unmitigated, and unsupportable corrupt capitalism is what is killing Democracy. In the US there is no left leaning party, it is either Fascists, or Moderates.

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If FDR couldn't do it, WTF do you think Biden can?

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This smells like a rightwing double-headfake shit shot. Newsweek is owned by a conservative, and Congress adds seats, not Biden.

The Constitution does not stipulate the number of Supreme Court Justices; the number is set instead by Congress.

The intent here is to make you disappointed in Biden. It's a trick as we head into campaign season.

Good luck having congress add seats to supreme court while it's divided.

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Why is this downvoted? Biden can't do whatever he wants with no checks and balances, he's not a dictator.

But unfortunately the supreme court does get to do whatever they want, even ruling on fake cases now.

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