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Businesses want access to cheap labor. With boomers retiring, American workers can finally demand higher wages. Many businesses don't want to pay it ("No oNe waNtS tO wORk aNyMOrE"). Those businesses that can't outsource to where the cheaper labor is will find another source. Illegal immigrants (which aren't always available) and kids.

Remember what drove the slave trade: the need for labor to bring in the most valuable commodity of the day - cotton. There either wasn't enough labor or the willingness to pay for it.

What we are seeing today is just another version of the same corporate greed.

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This is fucking 19th century America shit right here. Are we really not better than this?


To be honest - no. Your workers rights and social support systems are extremely lacking. You have allowed corporations and those with wealth to control your representatives for over a century and this is where it got you.

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Yep, and we’re going to reap what we have sown. I have no optimism for our future.


You know the country is headed in a bad direction when it’s turning into the setting for a Charles Dickens novel.

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They can't import cheap labor from other countries (gotta beat that neo-Nazi anti-outsider drum), so "conservatives" really have no choice but to enslave their "beloved" children in death camps like that. It really is a shame.


And yet they use children as the poster child for they're anti abortion stances...

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Well yeah. Need more kids to work the mill.

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They only care about children before they’re born.

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They care about young children, just not in any good way...

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As someone who’s been to Florence multiple times, I’m not surprised something like this happened. It’s basically MAGA town up there.

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