Sincere question: does this statistic represent the sentiment that they A. like that Trump is a security risk to national interests or B. see this indictment as further proof that he's actually the messiah who was close to unearthing JKF Jr and QAnon stuff, so clearly he was thisclose to draining the swamp?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: what is the role that Oppositional Defiance Disorder is playing into such a huge number of people??


They believe the trial is nothing but his political enemies, the dems/libs/antifa/blm/Mexicans/commies/satanists/whatever, trying to drag him down for bullshit reasons, so they just have to support him harder.


That's my interpretation as well.

acronymesis, (edited )
acronymesis avatar

Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Oooo I love learning a term that perfectly describes something I previously couldn’t!!

ETA: Oh my.

Oppositional defiant disorder (Also called: ODD).
A disorder in a child marked by defiant and disobedient behavior to authority figures.

Bruh, “in a child”? These are full grown adults!

Some children with ODD outgrow the condition by age eight or nine. But about half of them continue to experience symptoms of ODD through adulthood. People with ODD report feeling angry all of the time, and about 40 percent of them become progressively worse and develop antisocial personality disorder.

Wow. WOW. So many things in the world just made so much more sense to me in the last 5 minutes. Holy shit.


I used to live in a house with a lot of drifters. There was a young woman (24 years old) that I roomed with who, when she would go out for the day and I would say, "Have a great day!" she would snarl back, "Don't tell me what to do!"

Like 5% ironic but 95% sincere. It was wild.

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

I Used to work contract security. when people were on their way out... I would say something like "have a nice day," or some other inane pleasantry.

"Oh, I'm coming back." kind of comments in reply... I'd put on my biggest shit eating grin and say, "well, in that case have a lousy one."

The perplexed look on their faces was always- always- priceless.

Pandantic avatar

I teach a student with ODD. It’s weird - he likes my class and can easily do the work, but he wants to spend the first 5-10 minutes giving me shit about how it’s stupid and “why do I have to do this?” If you respond to any of the comments, he will get in a full blown argument with you on why he should not have to do the work. It’s like he just likes arguing.

DarkGamer avatar

"I love how he commits crimes openly and shares American national secrets with anyone he can aggrandize or enrich himself by."

Trump supporters really are just the worst people.

Flaky_Fish69 avatar

he's such a patriot. The biggest patriot.

and he can get away with it in broad daylight!

Darnov avatar

Not just the worst people but failed human beings. They lack any redeeming qualities to make them near human. There is no saving them, no redemption, no undoing what damage they have willingly accepted to themselves.

FinalFallacy avatar

I wouldn't go around and start claiming any group "lacks qualities to make them human". Dehumanizing people doesn't work out well, ever.

Darnov avatar

Until they prove otherwise, I will not view them as worthy of any respect or recognition that I would give a normal person.

FinalFallacy avatar

You should give everyone respect and dignity, even if they don't. You don't have to accept their views or be nice to them but they deserve the same basic respect and dignity any human being does. Painting this picture of a group of people being beneath your group has historically not worked out in terrible ways. It's not a good or healthy response to political discourse and doing what they're doing has never been a valid justification. If you want to act like they do, then I'm not sure why you wouldn't be with them.

Darnov avatar

Respect is not something to be freely given, but earned. That is something that I and many others have been taught, and have learned through experience. Dignity can be given, but when you abandon your own dignity you will find others who will not provide it to you.

You seem to exercise the paradox of tolerance. I cannot and will not tolerate the intolerant.


Okay but can you imagine how morally a person must be who excuses every crime committed by Convicted Sex Offender Treason Trump?

FinalFallacy avatar

Are they shitty human beings? Sure. Despicable, corrupt, hypocritical and damaging human beings. Absolutely they are, but they're still people. They might try to dehumanize democrats and liberals and I push back at that point as well. I don't believe dehumanizing anyone, regardless of whatever they have done. People are capable of a wide set of behaviors and that has to be reconciled. Anyone is capable of becoming a monster, and throughout history anytime you start to dehumanize a group, you open the door for everyday people to become monsters. For me personally, I can't claim to be morally or ethically superior to these terrible people if I'm not better than they are, by not painting them as subhuman.

Most of the population is moderate and so painting this massive group as things that shouldn't be is dangerous. It's never worked out for anyone well when that basic, knee jerk reaction happens.

originalucifer avatar

i have more sympathy than anything else for them. i see them as a very sad lot, who desperately need psychiatric counseling and for many, an actual education.

dehumanizing them dehumanizes you

Kill_joy avatar

Unfortunately, they are the first to cut education funds, strip our schools of essential curriculum, and believe our teachers are subhuman and should make minimum wage.

I say fuck 'em.

Darnov avatar

I used to have sympathy and compassion for them. I truly did. Their response to everything throughout the pandemic, their vitriolic attacks towards anything and anyone that was working to provide support, sympathy, empathy, compassion, or just improving the lives of those less fortunate have erased any sense of good will that I may have had for them.

If dehumanizing them dehumanizes me, then I accept it. They don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy or respect. The new only thing they deserve is contempt and the consequences of their actions.


As others have said, they are basically cultists. Cultists are people who have been taken advantage of for their naivety and can be saved.

Darnov avatar

How many have you seen or heard of that have been saved or recovered from being in the Trump cult?

I’ve seen so many times that these wastes of humans will double down on their cult beliefs rather than accept that they have been taken advantage of. Hell, a significant number of them want to actively hunt down “liberals” and shoot them dead. You might be able to save the ones who don’t listen to his word as gospel, but that number is low.

RoboRay avatar

Meh... anyone who feels that way was already fully supporting him anyway.


There is likely nothing in this reality capable of swaying these 20+% of folks from not voting for their fascist leader. This “more likely” garbage is just click-bait for the for-profit media.

Jaysyn avatar

Is this supposed to be an incredibly spun way to say the charges have lost him support in the GOP?

@Aviandelight@mander.xyz avatar

Makes me think they are also guilty.

Darnov avatar

For conservatives every accusation is a confession of their own guilt.


I mean they’ll say anything, they are psychopathic shells of human beings


The Trump Cult.


So 80% said they would not support trump regardless of the criminal charges?


The other Republicans are either going to maintain their support, or will be less likely to support.


Definitely not a cult /s

fearout avatar

Why tho?

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