Donald Trump is lying about the Presidential Records Act

Donald Trump’s main defense when it comes to his indictment for shocking and dangerous mishandling of highly classified documents so far seems to be that the Presidential Records Act says he did nothing wrong. The only problem is that Trump is claiming that the Act means the opposite of what it says, and after years of warnings from NARA, he should know it.

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If ($Donald_Trump -match "breathing") { $liar = $true }

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Yeah the Presidential Records Act was put in place by congress after Nixon destroyed a bunch of documents following Watergate and his resignation, at the time they were considered private property. That led to congress making presidential records publicly owned and stored at NARA...

like with most things trump its literally the opposite of what he says, like he found something that sounded nice and said people will believe me. Scary thing is it works I've had to explain the PRA and why it was enacted to multiple co workers who claim that as a defense for trumps complete and total disregard for classified information


I always know when he’s lying with this simple lip reading trick: if the lips move he’s lying.


“Donald Trump is Lying”

Stop there. Also grass is green and the sky is blue.

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unlike trump lying, grass isn't always green (sometimes it's brown,) and the sky isn't always blue (sometimes, it's gray or green.)


Red sky at night; Trump’s talking shite

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Say it ain’t so!

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I will not go!


Shocking news.

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