["I believe it's what God wants me to do," Lee said. "He knows what's right and what's wrong ]

Wow you totally got that wrong. What Yahweh wants you to do is to not spread false reports of election fraud.

You disobeyed God all 3 times here, hypocrite.

Exodus 23:1-2

"Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.
"Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong."


So, my imaginary friend is telling me to pull down as many voter records as possible for swing states and build an analysis pipeline to determine which voters are conservative and then automatically file challenges to their registrations.

If these chucklefucks really want to fuck around, I and many others are perfectly happy helping them find out.

jordanlund, avatar

There needs to be a way to establish standing to challenge voter elligibility. It can’t just be “people with too much free time.”

Unless you work for the Secretary of State office and it’s your JOB to determine eligibility, you shouldn’t be able to challenge a goddamned thing.

ForestOrca avatar

Or, every citizen over 18 years of age is automatically registered to vote.


And there are no disqualifications other than non citizen.

snooggums avatar

The voter purge problem is that they were already eligible, but were removed because they 'might live elsewhere' becsuse their name is similar to someone else or some other trivial reason. Automatic registration won't fix the issue of voter rolls being too easy to purge and no one being held accountable for doing it maliciously.

btp avatar

I think I agree with this. Creating vigilantes like this is going to cause more problems than it solves, especially considering most of these people are driven by political interests, have no professional training or education on the issue, and seem to be targeting voters (whether inadvertently or not) who already have challenges voting in the first place.

Gradually_Adjusting, avatar

Is there a word for “rule by whoever is the most annoying”?



Jaysyn avatar

Just discovered that Florida purged my GOP mother from the voting rolls, but she doesn't know & I'm not telling her.

Scary_le_Poo, avatar

This is the way.

style99 avatar

The undertaking, which includes the involvement of a lawyer tied to former President Trump's alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election, tends to affect minority or younger voters who may be statistically more likely to vote Democrat, according to local election officials.

"Tends to" = ?

"may be statistically" = ?

This "article" is seriously lacking in some important details.


This is 100% by design.

Jaysyn avatar

This was the plan the whole time & the media is complicit.

They will be so shocked when they find themselves against the wall as the first victims of Donald Trump's #fascist regime.




Stopping people from voting was always the goal. It was never about ensuring the integrity of the election. Republicans realize at some level that if they do not exclude a sizeable chunk of voters, they won’t win.


Yes. Absent any evidence of meaningful voter fraud (which is reality -- it doesn't happen), the ONLY explanation for all the focus on voter fraud by conservatives is that they want an excuse to undermine democracy.

They want to manipulate the elections by getting rid of voters they don't like and want an excuse to deny and ignore the election results when they are undesirable.


Trump literally came out and said they had been “waging a war against american democracy” the other day. This isn’t even something we need to infer anymore.


Republicans realize at some level that if they do not exclude a sizeable chunk of voters, they won’t win.

That's the reason for the GOP's War on Democracy

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