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Trump is the greatest threat to freedom in this world in this century. Nothing is more important than stopping him and everyone who sides with him from gaining power.


If trump is elected again America will become a fascist state.

WWII veterans died for nothing.


I think you mean to say WWII veterans fought for nothing. Veterans are the ones who didn't die.

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Project 2025, Truth Social rants, Day one abuse of power claims... You know, I'm starting to think this so-called Orange Jesus is a bad guy!


Imagine being proud of "day 1" oil drilling expansions. "I promise to deliver to the US expensive, polluting energy sources that are destroying the planet even though non-polluting sources already exist, are far, far, far cheaper, and are actively dropping in price even still."

Make America Great Again = return us to the good old days of leaded gasoline and oil crisis.

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well yes, if they don't figure out a way to produce another generation of lead-poisoned brain-addled self-destructive malignant narcissists, the republican party will never survive!

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