Nazi branding for 2024?

What did DeSantis post on Twitter now?

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What's with the brand new accounts created solely to push this garbage??


I just block them at first sight…


Good practice. :)

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I don’t have time to read all of that. What’s the viewpoint they are pushing?


Despite the title: it is a screed on how Nazism doesn’t need to be rebranded; they need to define their targets better for the new era to be successful.

This lump of text is an attempt to define those targets to organize the Nazi effort against humanity.

It is rife with groundless and pseudopsychobabble and should be looked at as more a modern Der Sturmer.

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That is really scary that this stuff is getting common.

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I didn't read it all either (I have my limits lol) but you get the gist pretty quick, it's basically pandering to privileged people framing "discrimination" (of which racism and "reverse racism" are equal) as the cause of all the problems we face instead of what it actually is - a mere symptom of the problem - capitalism, and a tool the ruling class use to uphold the status quo with.

ETA: And while blocking them and moving on is all well and good for those of us who can see through it, it doesn't stop those who are susceptible to this kind of bunk (which leads to fighting against things like safe spaces for marginalised people) to buy in to it and perpetuate the harm it advocates while never addressing the root issues.

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