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Stops trying to take attention from the genocide he’s actively supporting with our tax dollars.


My tax dollars not yours


Then vote third party, and keep complaining that Biden didn’t do enough if Trump gets elected again.

What else do you want? Your system is rigged against progressives. The electoral college gives more weight to smaller states, which are predominantly Republicans.

That’s fucked up, but people have to vote in a few months. So you either vote for someone that enables the genocide, someone that will make the genocide worse and a third party which will effectively do nothing.


let’s only talk about the negative things Biden has done. We can’t talk about the good things!!


No, my rights do not supercede the rights of others. Especially when those other rights are being denied via slaughter by the US.


What US president would be doing anything different.


If the DNC hadn’t steamrolled Bernie, I’m reasonably certain that he would be handling Gaza and Ukraine a bit differently. Just based on what he’s said and voted on as a senator.


What do you think he would do differently?


Push hard for more aid to Ukraine and no aid, other than humanitarian aid to Israel.

Though most likely Boeing or some other corporate entity would have assassinated him by now


How would he get around this? The US is obliged to send weapons by law.…/biden-israel-weapons-policy-001582…


That’s what he would be pushing to revise with Congress


Genocide is bad enough to outweigh all the good.


Yep. Therefore we’d better vote for the other fellows, the ones who wish to do more genocide even faster while beating the shit out of protesters with the National Guard.


These dipshits don’t understand that they’ll be genocided themselves if Trump wins.


I agree that genocide is horrendous, but you seem to be missing the fact that your alternatives are voting for the candidate that has publicly pressured Israel to stop, and withheld weapons, or voting for the candidate that wants to arrest and deport people that oppose the genocide, and has actively urged it on.

Not voting means you don’t care who wins: The candidate trying, at least somewhat, to reduce the scale of the genocide, or the candidate urging for it to increase in scale.

In that case, you are complicit if the latter wins, and the genocide gets worse.


No, Biden is complicit. If enough voters make it clear he has two choices: abandon Israel or we’ll elect Trump, then it’s his fault when Trump is elected for continuing to support genocide.

Politicians work for us, they have a responsibility. Not the other way around.


Okay… so we should vote for the guy who thinks Israel is right and needs to “finish the job.”

“I don’t know why they released wartime shots like that. I guess it makes them look tough. But to me, it doesn’t make them look tough,” Trump continued. “They’re losing the PR war. They’re losing it big. But they’ve got to finish what they started, and they’ve got to finish it fast, and we have to get on with life.”

You can vote for the guy who isn’t doing enough to stop the atrocities in Gaza, or you can vote for the guy who just wants Israel to hurry up. There is no other option.

tsonfeir, avatar

Trump just announced he will “crush” pro-Palestinian protesters in the US.

Regardless of your opinion of Biden, he does not have an anti-free-speech position.

If you continue to focus on destroying Biden before an election, you will get Trump—who is going to be worse.

To get to your destination, you have to carefully navigate the boat through rough waters. If you let go of the wheel to scream at the rapids, you will lose control entirely.


Stop pretending you care about Gaza. If you did, you’d see that the other choice this November would be catastrophically worse.

Just come out and say who you’d vote for. Stop virtue signaling.


Other people responding are being too nice imho.

Since other users are providing solid arguments to convince and challenge you I’ll speak bluntly: You’re an idiot and should not have any attention paid to you. Not because you condemn the situation in Gaza, because you do so at the absolute disregard for other issues that are plaguing us. If you’re younger: Learn. If you’re older: Wake up.

You can condemn one thing while supporting a necessary other because there will be a need for people like you after Biden is put into office. Just like there will be a desperate need if Trump wins instead. That second situation? I sincerely hope you won’t disappear out of fear of retribution, because there will be retaliation then at a scale I hesitate to try and guess at should people stand.

verdantbanana, avatar

throwing a few scraps out to the desperate starved masses does not make Biden an LGBTQ advocate making history

Biden says his positions are deeply influenced by Catholic social teaching.

Biden is not progressive he a right leaning religious conservative with a prosecutor as a vice president and they have spent their careers putting citizens in their proper places

Being progressive and making history would be the democrats upping the minimum wage to $20 or more, protecting women’s rights, protecting voting rights, setting up a national healthcare system, getting the police under control

Everything that the Democrats already promise every election just to get elected


Perfect is the enemy of good. Are you a member of the LGBTQ community?

verdantbanana, avatar

Yes and do not expect perfect leaders but at least have them align more with what the citizens want

remember going to the mall when was younger with a same sex partner and getting the nasty looks and comments when we would hold hands or show any affection especially from the older conservative looking types

the world does not seem much different than back then some ways less progressive now if that is even possible

and it should be fucking different now know not the only one


I am also really sick of hearing this crap from Biden supporters. “Oh, so you’re just going to let Trump win?” MF my life has gotten worse under Biden because Democrats didn’t do anything when they held the Senate, House, and Presidency all at the same time.

So now my state’s Republicans have proceeded to take away rights of queer folks and women with almost no resistance. Now when Republicans pushed through a school voucher program, tons of resistance. Emails, organizing, etc. But the NEA has money, and queer folks don’t.


And good is way better than Trump/Republican/conservative’s bad.

I get it Americans, Biden sucks but Trump is horrific, no contest.


This is an asshole statement.

I am a member of the queer community, and this is the kind of garbage that distances me even more from Biden.

FWIW, I did vote for Biden, and it was the first time I had voted for a non-third party for president, but I won’t be voting for him again.


What’s it called when people do this?

Trying to shut down reasonable voices by attacking and then saying that type of comment is going to affect how they vote ?

This feels fake as hell and I see it constantly now.

Am I the only one who thinks statements like this are just attempts at keeping reasonable people from speaking up?


It is fake as hell, or at least used to be. It used to just be Russian trolls but sadly, real Americans saw it enough that they began to think it was a common stance… so then Americans actually started adopting that stance.


sadly, real Americans saw it enough that they began to think it was a common stance… so then Americans actually started adopting that stance.

I prefer to think people aren’t this dumb and it’s all still trolls. That’s my hope at least.


So you’re a Trump supporter then? Come November, not voting for Bden is either directly or indirectly supporting Trump. No other way to spin it. Naive or a troll.

So tired of these foolish posts infecting Lemmy.


Smart. If you check historical presidential races, all of them had a third party very close to winning, so that’s a good thing to use your vote on. You’ll get 'em this year. And even if you don’t, the consequences are fine, not as if the only other option is an insurrectionist promising to be a dictator and do whatever the oil billionaires ask. Not as if Repubs have been appointing treasonous theocrats to SCOTUS or anything that would hurt vulnerable groups.


Yup, I’ve always voted third party because they’ve always had a chance at winning. Because perfect is the enemy of good.


They don’t let Russian citizens vote.


As someone that is gay, fuck Biden. Our rights are no more protected under a Democrat as they are under a Republican. I’m not talking bullshit social shit like marriage or adoption. Until they address things like wages, housing, education, and healthcare we have no rights. Democrats don’t care what bathroom a trans person uses and also don’t care if they are living on the streets doing it.

Refusal to address wages, housing, healthcare and education is social murder and violence.

The motherfuckers also gave our marriages to the states where we would have fewer rights.


“When you ignore everything democrats have done all across our country, democrats are the same as republicans!”

Great take


What have democrats done? We still have wages that suck, no affordable healthcare or housing, not addressing future education costs, no additional protections for trans individuals. Hollow empty platitudes don’t pay the bills or protect people’s right to quality of life.


I literally can’t tell if you’re trolling? Those are all things they’ve done recently. Specifically for LGBTQ individuals:…/president-bidens-pro-lgbtq-timeline


Meaningless social wins are just that, meaningless. Social wins without economic ones is pandering. HRC are nothing but gatekeepers for the DNC


Oh. So are you legit employed by the troll farms or are you one of those silly people who just parrots their talking points?

Hilarious how you move the goal posts when you’re wrong tho lol


No goals posts to move, our lives are no better or safer under a Republican or Democrat


Look: We are loads of people that agree that more can be done. Don’t use that as an argument to say that this isn’t good. He’s doing good things, and if we keep voting in candidates that are more progressive than the previous candidate, we’ll see progress. Biden is better than trump, next time let’s get someone better than Biden.


Yet, progressives are contemplating not voting because Biden is “not doing enough.” Guess they’d rather see what Trump has in store for them.

Zerlyna, avatar

Glad it’s 11, wish it was more.

0110010001100010, avatar

Same. But that’s out of 200 total so 5.5%. As of 2022 a poll concluded that approximately 7.1% of adult Americans identified as LGBT (source:…/…)

When looking at it that way it’s actually a pretty impressive accomplishment. Yes it’s not exactly in-line with the population but that would be damn near impossible to do given the various demographics across the entire US.


I think there should be more than a representative number of federal judges who are queer. Queer people are the most at risk from the law, so they should have the biggest say in the law. Same for racial minorities, women, and disabled people.

Zerlyna, avatar

Yes. But the overall percentage isn’t there I’m sure. Patience I know. 6 months left to course correct the previous “regime”


It shouldn’t be compared to national statistics, but the distribution of the source pool.

In 2021, the NALP Survey of 849 law offices across the country found that 3,653 lawyers (3.7%) identified as LGBTQ.

He’s seated well above the percent of LGBTQ+ attorneys available for him to choose from.…


Being queer doesn't make you worse at law. Preexisting discrimination and discriminatory forces in law world is causing that number to be so much lower than the wider population and the best way to forcefully address that is to increase representation and visibility in that population.

These are elite positions. Everyone on the short lists, queer or not, is qualified for the job. The choices made at that point are not for picking the "best" candidate because there is no "best" candidate. There's different choices. Different viewpoints. Different backgrounds. Different politics.

And I think the Biden administration is making good choices as far as appointments go. Intentional choices. Choices meant to make a culture shift that needs to happen.


I’m 100% sure you’re right. My point wasn’t meant to discredit their candidacy, and I’m sorry if that’s how it read.

I’m simply saying he’s pulling from a pool that is distributed differently than the national distribution, and therefore the pool distribution should be used to reference his selection distribution. It was a comment on statistics, not capabilities.


To be clear, I object to both comparisons-- both to the population-wide demographics and the law-wide one -- though I do clearly think it's a conversation worth having.

Because it fundamentally misunderstands what the purpose of representation is. Representation is not an ends on itself, so "matching" population demographics is useless for anything other than identifying likely discrimination. It's not a numbers game. There's no "but hey, look how close we truly are to achieving good representation!" It's not that, because it's still remarkable that this many queer people have been put into power. They're the exception to prove the rule that the field is still inherently hostile to them.

The goal isn't "equal" or "proportional" representation or anything like that. The goal is elimination of the systemic discrimination. The goal is ensuring that brilliant new minds aren't being filtered out for being different from the social norms. This is back to the old RGB quote.


Oh, I totally agree. It should be much higher if the better candidates are also members of the community. The point of brining statistics into the conversation was to get an idea of his inclusion in relation to the selection group, not that he should be trying to meet some quota.

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