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holy shit Trump is the lesser evil what the fuck


So, uh… remember the shit fit Republicans (and some Clinton Democrats) threw about Obama’s pastor?

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When it comes to Christians like this, I like to just quote the Bible at them.

“There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?” - Luke 4:12

And then have them ask “aren’t you an atheist?” Yes. Because I read the bible and understood it.


I love when people who don’t know me find out I went to catholic school for 13 years. I tell them i learned evolution, and religion was left to religion class, but the most important thing it taught me was that aethism was correct. Like what did they think we’d learn when taught the history of the catholic church and religion as a whole? The closest conclusion to religion you could come to was that there could have been some truth at some point, but human hands have spun and edited it to meaninglessness, but aethism seemed better.

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Atheists know the bible and religious teachings far better than most Christians do, largely because if you pay enough attention you’ll be atheist too.


I disagree on the whole, but agree with some caveats. Any rational person who has freedom of time and who knows some history and reads any religious text with intelect arrives outside religion and is smarter. Atheism is growing though, and as it grows kids will be athiest at birth. So we will see a new wave who may be idiots, we don’t know. Choosing to be athiest after being led to a religion requires critical thinking, being brought up athiest requires teaching critical thinking. I do have hope tho

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Everyone is an atheist at birth, but some people never start believing.

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What got me, growing up going to a Lutheran church, was the pastor telling us in catechism class that pretty much all the magic shit was merely metaphorical, along with how every church of every denomination I had ever gone to did things Jesus explicitly hated on in the bible. But especially churches of Catholicism with the gilded everything and statues and depictions of God and Jesus, the worship of Mary, and just the creepy nature of how they handle rituals like communion.

On the other hand, Baptist church is fun as fuck. Singing, dancing, better food at reception. It’s like a party!

I feel like one has to be atheist, or at least agnostic, to really be looking at religion and theology for the interest of learning culture and history, because a religious person is not very likely to actually explore another faith because they already “know” that it is “wrong.” And theology can tell you so much about people, culture, and how history has been shaped.


Shit in my life had made me hyperraltional with all the bad and the good that entails. I just can’t understand how anyone doesn’t care about the history of their church. Like southern Baptist sect only exists because they liked slavery and didn’t like being told slavery was wrong. Catholics added hell into the Bible to sell indulgences and launched wars to protect their power and unite fraying catholic countries from violating their pledge not to attack other catholics. Those seem obvious errors that make those sects “majorly influenced from somewhere that isn’t god”. I don’t know the history of all of sects though, i admit.


At this point if you receive christian hate its a badge of honor

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There is no hate quite like Christian love.

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