Most young people are no longer proud to be Americans, poll finds

Overall, 39% of U.S. adults say they are “extremely proud” to be American in the most recent poll.

Meanwhile, only 18% of those aged 18-34 said the same, compared to 40% of those aged 35-54 and 50% of those 55 and over.

18% is still too high. As Obama’s pastor said, God damn America! Americans have very little to be proud of at this point.

Acronymesis, avatar

To any “patriot” who would tell these young folks to just leave the United States, I’d like to submit a preemptive YOU are the one’s who should be getting the fuck out. YOU are the ones who are un-American, YOU are the ones supporting a traitor to our country, and YOU are the ones fucking it up for everyone else by voting against not just your interests, but our interests as the not billionaire class. Hopefully, enough youth in this can be motivated to make us something to be proud of, rather than an embarrassment.

I’ll also add a preemptive “I have no fucks to give” to anyone who wants to try and shame me for not playing nice with these “patriots”. I definitely spend quite a bit of time trying to understand these people, but only in the hopes that a method to marginalize racists/traitors/bigots can be developed. You want to try to figure out how to “work with” these people, go right ahead. Not going to waste my time.

Signed: One pissed off veteran.

HubertManne avatar

Yeah when I see god bless america signs it makes me want to put up a sign saying america be worthy of gods blessing. Since I don't believe in god though it might send the wrong message


No, don’t export them! Maybe forced active service? Idiot company.


What is there to be proud of? An illegitimate court, house and senate bought and paid for by corporations and foreign governments, a capitalist economy that crushes 99.99 percent to lift the 0.01 even higher? These are points of shame, not pride.


Honestly I’m pretty proud of how well turned the ship around on gay rights. Like in the span of a decade there was like a 40% opinion swing on that. We’re still not where we need to be and it seems like it’s getting worse though tbh. I think Europe overtook us on that front because I feel much safer here in Germany being gay in public.

How (generally) genuinely nice and outgoing everyone is in the states. (Outside of the south where it tends to be a very fake in my experience.) In the states I’m mildly introverted, in Germany I’m usually one of the most outgoing in the room.

Our multicultural foods and stuff. You’re never more than a stones throw from really good Mexican, Chinese, Thai, etc. food anywhere in the US.

Turning right on a red light, the European mind cannot comprehend it.

Air Conditioning.

Handicap accessibility.

Our national parks are unparalleled.

Probably a few other American gems I could think of if forced to.

All that being said I’m immigrating to Germany right now and the grass is very much greener over here. I have no desire to live in the US again. I’m definitely not proud of America anymore, but I am proud of a few things about America.


Just saying that cars turning right on red have almost run me over as a pedestrian multiple times.


Yeah, our and driver- and car-manufacturer-friendly policies have a measurable impact on the safety of non-car users of public infrastructure.

Not a great example IMO.


I’m sorry, and I know this isn’t the point you’re trying to make, but the idea of someone asking an American why they’re proud to be an American, and they respond with “air conditioning” is just so funny to me that I’ve been giggling like a moron about it for the last 20 minutes.


Pretty damning with faint praise there really.


Of course. I plan on going to China if at possible once I am able to


Grateful to be born here and it’s the safest place to be if another World War pops off or something. The older I get, the more appealing getting a secluded cabin in the woods or a tropical island sounds. I am ashamed to be American.

FlyingSquid, avatar

it’s the safest place to be if another World War pops off or something.

New Zealand would like a word.


True haha, but they’re pretty close to China and Japan. Not an ideal place to be when China goes crazy (er).

We’ve got something like the largest 3 navies and air forces in the world between all of our branches, and the most cutting edge military tech. Also, after these Congressional hearings over the past week or so, we apparently have alien tech on our side too lmao.

Personally, I’m halfway hoping for a civil war or, preferably, the South just splits off into it’s own shithole again. But I wouldn’t mind seeing us finish what Sherman started.

MargotRobbie, avatar

You should build an America that you can be proud of then.

Do what you can to make things better, it’s not the end for us yet.


The issue with America is the Americans


It’s hard to have true perspective on what it means to be an American with my limited travel. I’ve never been out of the country. I’ve been to most southern states, but live in the west coast now (much prefer it here) and am very aware of my bubble. It doesn’t take interaction from people living in countries with free healthcare and great work reform to know that our shit is fucked, though. Proud - not yet. Determined to make this a better place - yes.


Like someone else said I’m greatful for where I was born and the circumstances I have. It’s the need for continuous improvement that causes this.

There has been a great disdain for a 40 year live to work lifestyle in America for a century now that I think can be cured with using the land in a more efficient manner, and giving people more options than they have through monopoly companies today. China just said fuck it everyone’s limited in video game time and you need to focus on studies.

The ideas I have are too large to be conveyed in some quick text post, but I see there still being room to innovate and also bring a brighter more sustainable, proud culture in USA out. It will take money time and resources, and the forming of a new mindset for continuous improvement rather than continuous consumption.


Those people should try to live in other parts of the world first. We have it good. So good. There are a handful of countries that are pretty decent but they lack economic opportunity, diversity, etc. You can’t have everything.


Why not, isn’t the point of society for everyone to have what they need?


You can’t have everything. No country is perfect but America is better off than most countries if we account for all the factors. Coming from a country with no political freedom, I am proud to be an American. There are a few youtubers who hated the US whwn they were young and went to live abroad for a decade only to come back to the US enlightened. I take it most of these polls are people that never lived abroad.


Does that mean we stop trying to improve it for ourselves and others? A raising tide lifts all ships. We tried the trickle down version for decades, maybe we try a different way.


Economic opportunity hasn’t meaningfully existed in America for decades.

LongPigFlavor, (edited )

I’m grateful for having been born here, but I can’t find it within myself to be prideful over something that I had no control over such as the circumstances of my birth. I have a different concept of pride. I’m prideful for things that I’ve done such as reaching milestones, accomplishing goals, etc. I don’t hate this country, but I definitely don’t believe we’re the best, but I definitely don’t believe we’re the worst. For what it’s worth, it’s my home and I plan on staying.


More proof FlyingSquid is nothing but a glowy.

18% still too high

For a person who makes automated bots to post shitty content (flyingsquid) You clearly have no principals, so according to what, makes it too high?


There’s a lot I love about America: the natural beauty, some of the people, access to a lot that most of the rest of the world doesn’t have similar access to, but I’ve never bought into the “Proud to be an American” schtick. Our gov’t can get fucked, regardless of who the President is. There’s corruption that goes way beyond that office.


What do you have access to that most of the rest of the world doesn’t? Certainly not free health care?




High fructose corn syrup


Doesn’t have similar access to. Words create context. Having lived in Cambodia and traveled in several other countries, we have far more access to things we take for granted that are luxuries in a vast portion of the world. Air conditioning, ovens, next day delivery for many things, a separate shower unit, the list goes on.


This seems like a pretty nebulous concept with a lot of wiggle room for interpretation.

Like, am I proud of having been born in the specific place I was and having the parents that I do? I ain’t had shit to do with that. I’m American by accident. I’m no more proud of being American than I am of being 5’10": it’s just a box I fit into, honestly somewhat uncomfortably. I’m proud of the work I do and the achievements I’ve… achieved, but nothing I’ve done would be impossible anywhere else. If anything, there are parts of the world where what I’ve achieved would have been easier to do and where my preferred lifestyle is more widely accepted (for context, this refers to that I don’t like cars, don’t own or want to own one, and choose to get around by bike and transit instead) (a friend of my dad’s recently told him that I “need a European girlfriend” because “American women don’t understand guys like him:” for the record, I’ve never met this woman).

Anyway, pointless rambling aside, America is just one country out of hundreds in the world, and I don’t see why I should feel all nationalistic about having been born in it.


For a lot of folks, I think this is accurate, but the problem is that the US has totally and absolutely exhausted all of its WWI/WWII “good guy” image on the global scene… As a base line, I feel generally neutral about where I was born, because I had no control over it. It’s when I show empathy and factor in the opinion of others that things sour. The US military spent 2/3 of my life bombing Afghan villagers, and they mortgaged my future to do it. I can’t be proud of that. We allowed unfettered greed to run rampant with no supervision and crashed the world economy multiple times. I’m not proud of that either.

I have this conversation with some of my older relatives occasionally, and I always tell them that in order for me to be proud, the US needs to do something that’s worth being proud of. And while there are some small things, there’s nothing that outweighs the immense damage the US has done to the world as a whole in my lifetime.


Very true. I was keeping my scope to just my personal experience, but if you expand how you look at the country to include things that have been done in its name, then we live in a country whose government has systematically oppressed people and aided in genocides, fascist coups, and so many other terrible things throughout the world, and all of that pushes me to be actively the opposite of proud of it. But that also raises the question of to what extent does being proud of your country entail being proud of its government, and that’s some political theory shit I don’t have the straws for right now.

RufusFirefly, avatar

I’m 65 now. When I was a kid, I was relatively patriotic. Civil rights, moon landing, all that stuff. Now? Not so much. The US is still much better than many other countries but it’s not the world leader that used to be.

obinice, avatar

To be fair, most young people aren’t from the USA, so this tracks.

What I’m really curious about is how many young people are proud to be British. I myself never really felt any pride based on where I happened to be born, it was just a fluke of existence after all. There are great things about my country, but they’re balanced out by bad things, which is true of most Western nations. We’re alas, pretty imperfect beings.

FlyingSquid, avatar

To be fair, the headline is shitty. It means most American young people. I just didn’t want to change the headline because we don’t tend to editorialize in this community.


On a political and governmental level, I’m not proud at all personally. There is very little that our government did that I think should inspire the rest of the world to follow suit. Maybe stopping a few terrible things that it should have never been doing in the first place, but that’s hardly anything to be proud of when it’s long overdue and with still plenty of other bad things that it’s starting or failing to stop.

But as far as the people who live here go, there are a lot of them that I am proud to know and be around. There are some great people here, and maybe they are partially influenced by some good deeds from the country’s past, or at least the ideals it promoted. Not government leaders thag would affect things on a large scale, but genuinely good people who make things more bearable for those in their vicinity. Ironically some of them are in demographics that this country is not currently respecting or defending enough.


I find the concept of patriotism as a whole very weird. I mean it’s just some land someone in the past declared a country and you happen to be born in.

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