Hunter Biden's legal team threatened with sanctions

Less than 24 hours before Hunter Biden was expected in federal court, the judge overseeing his case threatened his legal team with sanctions after she found that a staffer might have “misrepresented her identity” in communications with the court clerk.

The bizarre saga played out Tuesday on the court’s public docket, where Ted Kittila, an attorney for the GOP-led House Ways and Means Committee, shared Hunter Biden’s taxpayer information as part of an effort to intervene in the case.

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Link to a similar story:

Since the OP's link is dead.

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I’ll check the link. It was working earlier. ABC updated the url. Works again.

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It's still failing for me. Just checked.


Something weird is going on with that link. I can navigate to it from a link on the live updates, but if I click it directly, I get a 404. I copied my link from my browser, not from the OP.


Link is broken


Relevant xkcd

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You cheeky bastard; you got me.

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