Wow. That does not look good.

Can we have some term limits, please?


Dude went full Beaker.


Can you imagine how many problems simple term limits would fix?


the tribe wont allow this


I don't think term limits will solve anything near what people pitching term limits as a panacea think they will solve.


It will definitely solve some problems while causing arguably no new ones, I think that’s enough to push for something to happen.

donuts avatar

I don't think term limits are going to solve every problem, because there are certainly a fuck ton of young morons around to fuck things up in place of the old idiots.

But at the same time, people who are already old beyond the average of human life expectancy can't and shouldn't be trusted to make decisions for the next decade, let alone the next century. If you've ever spoken to an 80 year old, you've probably noticed that they don't often have their finger on the pulse of modern life or society, and that they are likely to be totally ignorant and out of touch when it comes to the problems that regular people face on a daily basis. And yet we look to them to make decisions about the future of labor, the climate, technology, healthcare, childcare, war, etc.?


People that pitch that as a catch-all solution have no idea how democracy works, they’re just understandably angry at the old white men who have ruined all our lives.

All term limits would do is make it middle aged white men ruining our lives.

Like, these people don’t seem to understand where politicians come from or how they get to be where they are.

Mitch McConnell is the Senator from Kentucky. Trump won that state both years by 60%. It hasn’t elected a Democratic Senator since 1992. In fact, that Democratic Senator retired, ya know, as old men should. Then a Republican took that seat.

So who do you think takes Mitch McConnell’s seat if we boot him out for old age? Does it matter who? We know what letter will be next to their name.

It’s the people. The problem is the people. And the structure of the Senate that gives them disproportionate power.

Also, look at the young Republicans like Madison Cawthorn and tell me they’re any better than their seniors.


really, a lot of our problems boil down to "humans are just generally pretty shit"


A better example is Joe Manchin. The thought of primarying him is laughable. Just hand the Republicans a full Seat in the senate why don’t you.


Term limits empower lobbyists and career staffers and encourage legislators to give less of a shit about their constituents. I know “career politician” is often considered a dirty word, but having competent, knowledgeable elected officials is a good thing.

candyman337, avatar

There is definitely reasonable legislation that can have the best of both worlds here. That’s a poor argument against them

FuglyDuck, avatar

yeah, because the current batch of politicians are sooooo concerned with their constituents.

On the other hand, lets ignore the fact that the vast majority of senators (and the president, and most presidential canidates,) are so “experienced” that the majority of their experience predates… the internet. Never mind social media or anything resembling the modern world we find our selves in.


A mandatory retirement age is a different suggestion than term limits.


Yep. Why is 65 not a forced retirement for politicians, when it is used in many less important industries?


On the other hand, the current system of “representatives spend one full year campaigning and one full year fundraising for their party, so any legislation they sponsor in their two-year term is already written by lobbyists” isn’t working out so hot either.

Throw in a law restricting campaigning more than three months before an election and a law limiting campaigns to only spending equally-dispersed public funds, and you might start to see some improvement. Oh, and reverse Citizen’s United and ban Super PACs while you’re at it. And can we all get a free unicorn too?


How so?


We have about 25 years worth of experiments with it in various states, so it’s been well studied. Legislating is a skill that needs to be developed, just like anything else, and a bunch of term-limited newbies have no incentive to do anything except get ready for the next thing, which only enhances the possiblity of corruption.


They are already openly corrupt. Term limits would result in younger candidates in touch with this century. Lobbyists would also have to bribe new people. It might also break up the ridiculous 100% party voting.

Not to mention help with our Supreme Court problems. Randomly giving appointments that last decades to whoever is president in at the time is insane.

I really don’t think we have that many competent elected officials anyway.

Yes, eliminating gerrymandering and citizens united would be more effective, but I wouldn’t kick term limits out of bed.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Term limits are as likely as ranked-choice voting, which would also solve a lot of problems but won't be passed in a significant way in my lifetime


They actually just passed ranked choice voting in my city.

It does seem crazy to have a system where 49% of people preferred the other guy, but he lost so those people now get zero representation.


None of that has happened in the states that have term limits. If you think Republicans, no matter how long they have been in office, are going to start putting anyone other than Federalist Society drones on the courts, I’m not sure I can have a good faith argument with you.


Term limits would result in younger candidates in touch with this century.

Yes cuz that’s worked so well in places that already have them…


Lobbyists would also have to bribe new people.

No they’d hand pick them, run them on utter lies that they can’t be challenged, then throw them out when the public wises up. You seriously underestimate how far the power dynamic can swing.


We have term limits in Florida. They have done nothing to solve any problems, and arguably have made the quality of our officials worse, while giving much more power to lobbyists.


Do you think Trump could have beaten Obama in 2016?


Yes. In fact, I believe Hillary would have beaten him without that idiotic final weekend FBI announcement.


I hope y’all remember this when you ask for Bernie Sanders geriatric ass again


When there's only one politician of any consequence out there who represents your views....


Bernie, Joe, and the other guy are all within 4 years of age with each other. Bernie is the only one in that group who’s decided NOT to run, so I’m not sure why you’re singling him out. ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯ Generally the opinion I’ve seen from his supporters is that he can do better from his current position and that his chance at the presidency has passed.


proof that old fuckers shouldn’t be allowed in politics due to a literally dysfunctioning brain

EDIT: to say ‘ageism is bigotry’ is a gross oversimplification. I’m not prejudiced against people above a certain age, I’m against the idea of allowing individuals with dementia or other degenerative conditions having political control over other people while literally having impeded brain functioning and judgement.


This is a reminder that Dianne Feinstein is still in office, too. She’s not even lucid anymore.


His birth is closer to Lincoln's assassination and the abolition of serfdom in Russia than to 2023.


I live how you guys say this, while also demanding Bernie, a fucking dinosaur himself


If there was another candidate who held the same values, but was of a younger age. I’d go for the younger one for sure.

It’s not Bernie because he’s amazing. It’s because he’s the best we got.

Same how I vote for x party, not because they are good. But because they are less bad.


I’ve had some relatives reach a very old age and this kind of thing is just part of the territory.

However my aged relatives were not in positions of great power. Neither should this man be.


I worked in congress in 2002 after I graduated. The congressman I worked for was old to me then. I saw him on tv the other day and the guy looked one foot in the grave. I hadn’t thought about him in years and then I saw him and I’m like dude wtf why are you still working?! It’s shocking.

FoxBJK, avatar

Feinstein and now McConnell. It shouldn’t be necessary but it’s now bipartisan proof that maybe we should force people of a certain age into retirement.

I’ll happily admit to being ageist. I don’t care. Once you hit the mid 70s (arguably earlier) you should be ordered to go the fuck home by Congress.

FuglyDuck, avatar

if it’s ageist to say that people can be too old to be in government, then it’s definitely ageist to say they can be too young, too.

Imagine having a toddler command the nuclear football. (oh wait. we already had that.)


Unfortunately, ageism in the US is only illegal against older adults. I really struggled with this when I was overseeing young volunteers, one of whom was being treated like crap just because he was young by the older people he was volunteering for. Totally legal for them to outright speak of his age as making him useless (and he was a good worker! and kind!). I was so angry that I couldn't do much of anything to help him.


I don't think it should necessarily be a hard age cap (which is illegal in the US, anyway), but I do think all politicians and judges should have to be able to pass cognitive function tests annually with absolutely no concerns raised by them. I'd require it probably as low as age 50 or 55, because dementia can come early.

And they should not be allowed to choose their own doctors for these exams. They should all see the same handful of doctors, randomly assigned each year, so as to reduce bias.

tate, (edited ) avatar

Ageism, like all bigotry, is always wrong.


We limit responsibility for youth, is that bigotry?

tate, avatar

No. Bigotry is when you assign a presumption to a group based on a completely unrelated parameter associated with that group. It would not be bigotry to limit the age of those serving in congress. It is bigotry to say that every old person’s brain doesn’t work.

“proof that old fuckers shouldn’t be allowed in politics due to a literally dysfunctioning brain”

AngrilyEatingMuffins avatar

So by and large young brains don’t work as well as adult brains. The same is true for the elderly. Your argument makes no sense except you’re biased against the young. During Vietnam would you rather have had Nixon and
Kissinger in charge or some wicked smart 17 year old hippies. I know what most people would choose these days.


TBH, I’m ok with ageism, we already do it. It’s clear a 6 year old can’t run the country, it should be just as clear a 76 year old can’t either for the same reasons, mental development stage.


I find it interesting in the US that discriminating against the young is socially acceptable, while discriminating against the elderly is social suicide. Shows how much political power the Boomers wield.


The really annoying part is that I’ve seen people on the right already telling people to respect his health issues. Except when Biden stumbles over one word he should be removed from power and hospitalized for life. They don’t even pretend with the hypocrisy anymore



No person shall hold an elected or appointed position past the age of 10 years younger than average life expectancy, to be updated each census year. A special election is held to replace the person when this age is reached in the case of elected office. A new appointment required in 30 days for appointed positions.

krolden, avatar

Good idea. Much better than hard age limits as it may actually convince the boomers in charge to improve overall quality of life.


I like this, but I’d drop the special election in favor of disqualifying candidates who would age out during their term.


Oh ya, that’s even better.

Kerrigor avatar

Or just make it so the age is a limit for the start of their term, and if they age out, they simply can't run again.


The Logan’s Jog Amendment.


Can we put crystals on the palms of all elected officials?


Disaster happens, child mortality goes up a lot somehow, average life expectancy plummets below 25, no one is eligible for any Senate or House office 👀


Well, then we update the law.

Kerrigor avatar

Well then the supposed Republican mission of "small government" should be accomplished!

agent_flounder, avatar

Maybe they would’ve done more to prevent the sudden drop in life expectancy. Then again they would also pass any law that could extend life expectancy. Like making it illegal to pull the plug, outlawing dnr, etc.


They would pass laws and sue over how the number is calculated.


average life expectancy plummets below 25

I think our rules about senate qualification would be the least of our worries at that point!

SocialMediaRefugee, (edited )

Already you can be removed if you are unable to carry out your duties. It is the will to do it that is lacking. I don’t think tying terms to an average life expectancy is reasonable. You could have a pretty wide range across states for instance and people would constantly sue over how it should be calculated.

I think a better angle would be to just set term limits. Set them longer for congressmen if people want.


I think most of the issues in the world right now are caused by career politicians who’s only interested is getting re-elected.


I disagree. Maybe if their grasp on power was tied to the average life expectancy in their continuency they might actually make an effort to improve it. Sure they’ll sue but, I think it’s worth trying.


One of the few issues where you can legit say “both parties are as bad as each other”.

Half these people should be retired.


Because it isn’t right vs left, it’s various flavors of have vs the have nots. Just half the have nots (probably more) are stupid as shit, according to the other half. Then we just bicker while they fucking fleece our dumbasses.


Keep saying it. Everyone agrees and yet congress doesn’t enact it 🤔 I’m just glad the oligarchs understand the will of the people better than us rabble!


Too bad all of his muscles didn’t freeze. I’m talking about his heart.


his heart froze long ago, if he ever had one too begin with.


Did the demon animating his corpse finally depart?

GonzoVeritas, avatar

Underrated comment


Maybe the other way around. The ghost of Sinead O’Connor, freed from it’s earthly prison, starts entering the bodies of decrepit right-wingers and starts gumming up the works. A guy can dream.


Isn’t that the type of incident you should be immediately going to the hospital for? And to maintain some shitty image of power they just yank him to the back line and have him stand there?


Man it took waaay to long before someone even reacted and even then they didn’t focus on his well being but on the press conference.

What a sad sight, zero empathy


If it makes you feel any better, he would have done the exact same or worse to anyone else in his place.


They were torn between wanting to help him but also wanting to minimize the appearance of the episode for him. Both of which are valid concerns for him.


Not like the man is known for his empathy himself. So it’s a bit of a FAFO situation I feel.

Kerrigor avatar

He's one of the few people in this world on my "no empathy for him" list. I would've just sat back and had some popcorn


what a sad sight /s
(I have) zero empathy.


I’d agree with Mark Twain on this one, I don’t exactly wish anyone to die but I’ll read some obituaries with satisfaction, paraphrased.


Finally hells freezing over.

Like. He’s hell and got real cold. Not that hells freezing over.


Imagine if this happened to Biden… How different the Maggots would have reacted.

elscallr, avatar

They were calling for McConnell’s resignation. They’d be right to do so if this happened to Biden as well.


Too bad he didn’t just die then.


Oh good, his number’s coming up. This wicked man is a big reason why the world has fallen to the state it’s in.


Do you want to make the Bitch McTurtle sub or shall I?


He blue screened


This old ghoul needs to retire - or be retired.


like in blade runner?


He’s seen things you wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off of Pennsylvania Ave…

m3t00, avatar

ai recursive loop lockup. it happens. conspiracy #9


vaxxed? /s


Mitch is gonna be fine, unfortunately. He just needs to consume the soul of another several hundred children to recharge the battery where his heart should be.


Sometimes I worry this is where the Republicans get that adrenochrome conspiracy, is that a projection? There have been studies showing that a transfusion of a young person’s blood into an old person has benefits.


What’s wrong babe you’ve barely touched your PediPuree Punch


Sometimes it seems as though only good people die young.

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