Both him and Biden shouldn’t be in political office, in fact there should be a cutoff and that should be you can’t run after you’re 70. Democrat or Republican people that should be at home retired tending to their garden or fishing shouldn’t be running the country.

It’s scientifically proven your cognitive ability is significantly declining by that age, and not to mention they are almost always out of touch with the modern world we live in.


I agree, there are plenty of other people from this generation capable of running government. It’s time for these people who have been in power for over 30 years to retire.


After 20-30 years they don’t add anything as a politician imo. There should be a max of 3 term limits in most political offices on the state and federal level.


Can you link me to this scientific proof that cognitive abilities are significantly in decline by age 70 please?


I mean, it’s not straight science, but have you met people over 70? They are not in their prime when it comes to work performance.


Depends on the person. Some people are on an obvious decline in their 50s. Others are still quick as a whip in their 70s.


Most of them don't have the kind of medical care you get when you're a Senator/President.


Ok, fair. But Reagan's cognitive ability didn't really benefit much from all that care, did it?


Not only do we decline mentally and physically (naturally) there’s also the increased risk of dementia.


You really need me to give you a link to prove that we decline as we age? Really?

That’s also something you could easily google yourself but I have no problem providing some info to you:


More specifically, read the part about “Executive Function”. But the whole thing is worth a read for a good overview.


There is significant variability in age-related cognitive changes from individual to individual.

Second time I’ve seen you post this study with little reflection outside your narrative. Cognitive decline, one must assume.


Well yeah case to case with anything specific is going to be unique, but that is the overall general trend.

This also isn’t one study, it’s a synopsis of lots of data and studies.

Just like you might have the rare 80year old run a 5k, that doesn’t disprove that overall our bodies aren’t physically declining significantly overall by then.

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It's illegal to discriminate based on older age. This sounds like whataboutism. Always expect someone to bring it back to attack Biden.


If congress can enforce a mandatory retirement age for airline pilots, they can have a mandatory retirement age for anything.

Unfortunately, the people making the rules dont want to put themselves out of a job…


I’d like to see representation in government that fits the demographics that are being represented, more or less. There’s no room for change in government though, too few seats and too much money involved. “We’ve always done it this way” is in charge.


Is it discrimination to say “this person no longer has the cognitive capacity to do this job” ?


Not to mention that people who won’t be around to see the consequences of new laws shouldn’t be making them.


Dude’s bones are barely propping him up. Why are these geriatrics allows to continue to run our government?

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Because people keep voting for them, or they simply run unopposed.


They run unopposed because the people voting for them are literally brainwashed


They live in Kentucky. Saying they have a brain is far fetched.


They have brains, it’s just knowledge doesn’t magically appear in someone’s head…

It’s no coincidence the states lowest in education and republican states are more of a circle than a Venn diagram

TwoGems, (edited )
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While I understand the urge to come to this conclusion, it's a simpler hypothesis that they just like the policies these people have pushed for, so much so that they disregard all the negatives that seem to be connected to Republican control (lower life expectancy, ineffective government programs[^1], lower standard of living, etc. You might call it "brainwashing" but that term in this context is too vague; they could claim we are also brainwashed with the same amount of accuracy.

Also, while it isn't your point, this would be a reason they keep getting voted in-- not a reason they run unopposed.

[1] This may be seen as a good thing, for some of them.


If you are in the 99% and voting for republicans then you are voting outside of your best interests due to brainwashing. They may like it but it’s due to brainwashing. Fox News and propaganda is remarkably powerful.

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I don't buy this. I am a cis, white, middle-class male. Should I vote only for my best interests, or should I take a wider view, and vote even if it will personally disadvantage me?

Voting against one's own best interests is not brainwashing, necessarily.

And this is still within my first point. They are definitely voting against their best interests, but it could just be that they find this an acceptable trade off to getting something else they want-- like more codified religion in the law, or bringing back the good ol' days (/s) of overt racism.

The point is that "they're brainwashed" is a cop out. And, not for nothing, a corollary to them being brainwashed is that they are not responsible for their actions, isn't it?


The current trends are a result of most voting in the interest of their own pocket book.

It is a great leash tool when combined with mortgages, tuitions, and general inflation.


It’s not policies, it’s a “he’s one of us” and they are “not one of us” mentality.



The power of being an incumbent and having all that money from special interest groups paying you to influence your policies is hard to run against.

Democrat or Republican, why would they walk away from that cash cow? They’re all out for themselves and not for who they represent.


Because a lot of our government runs off seniority, so people that have been around for decades are disproportionately powerful.

And the party leaders for both sides won’t support age/term limits, because they’d be the first ones affected.

The ones next in line don’t want to change the system, because it’s almost “their turn”.

So only the most junior politicians have a reason to support it, and they know if they do, it’s a death sentence to their political careers because senior leaders will take it personally


Dont forget the bonus money that comes from holding key committee assignments.


I won’t play up the good guy stance here, I hope that fucking dick headed geriatric piece of shit drops dead YESTERDAY


Least hateful democrat comment


Nah. I’d rather be be confined and largely immobile and vegetative, yet fully aware that all his evil couldn’t save his mental prison state that he hopefully gets to live in for another decade


Kentucky has been represented by craven human jello for years.


But what comes after McConnell? Won’t Kentucky just go full MAGA?


There will just be a McClonel.


I personally hope he drops dead before he has a chance to resign. But I also want to see it on live TV. Toss in Trump and Biden and Feinstein while were at it. The beautiful part is these old fucks can’t have much time left. If there actually were a god they would make these people’s remaining days agonizing.

The last good day in politics that I can remember was watching George Bush cry at his father’s funeral.


we’ve been saying kissinger can’t possibly have much time left for decades now


That one will live a thousand years, I fear.


I have often said my biggest hope is Trump dies on live television but before he dies he shits his pants.

Obviously it would be preferable if this happens well before he possibly gets reelected president.

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It’s almost like our elected officials should not be allowed to go past retirement age.

bigkix, (edited )

This guy is spring chicken and chock full of ideas for a better tomorrow. Hope he stays in Senate for another 50 years, if nothing else, as a brain in a jar, Futurama style.

@Nerorero@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar



I was being sarcastic but it flew right above people’s heads.


In this climate, you have to mark your sarcasm since there are people who say stuff like that and actually mean it.


I know, but the post is clearly ridiculous.


What brain?


Well, his first “cognitive malfunction” was to join the GOP, so there have been early warnings.

@chrizbie@lemmy.nz avatar

Oh that’s interesting I thought it might be becausre he’s a psychopathic liar that people are calling for his resignation


They haven’t cared about that for decades. Why would they start now?


It’s a feature, not a bug.


Wish the old coot would drop dead.

Know why all these old pieces of shit never suddenly die in office?

These fuckers have FREE access to great healthcare.

Countless amount of Repugnants can’t even grasp how they’re fucked over every paycheck by paying into their company health coverage, while these puke balls in DC, get a free ride.


Yet Biden’s daily cognitive malfunctions are fine. Nothing to see here.

I wish people adhered to the same standards for all politicians no matter their affiliated parties.


Cool. Now do President Joe Biden and Donald Trump… and about 50% of the other politicians.


Please can we make Feinstein a named offender in this?

@OminousOrange@lemmy.ca avatar

I really think every level of politician should have age and term limits. Get more people in there, maybe there will even be one with some grasp on reality.


That limit should be the same as for anyone else - retirement age, 65 and ciao. This holding on to the power with limp hands while half dead is just stupid AF.


I agree with the sentiment, but wouldn’t old fucks clinging to power just have further incentive to raise retirement age then? They’re fine with having us perform backbreaking labor into our 70s and 80s if that’s the only consequence to getting to keep their jobs and power.


there is an age limit for the president, but the wrong one. The limit is that they can’t be younger than 35. We need one for when they go senile too


Should at a minimum be the retirement age that the country is set at. If that’s 65, then that’s the number.


The problem with setting thier limit to retirement age is they’ll raise the retirement age just so they can stay longer.


I understand why he is facing them. Time to retire.

@ChunkMcHorkle@lemmy.world avatar

Dudes like Kissinger and McConnell still drawing breath are the exact reason why so many Republicans are shitting themselves over non-existent dead babies harvested for adrenochrome.

In their ignorance and propaganda-fed fear, they figure it must actually be happening because of these guys, but want to make sure to assign blame before anyone else figures it out.


Except Kissinger left politics decades ago. There’s a HUGE list of senators and house reps who are ancient and utterly out of touch but keep getting reelected because they live in one-party states. The real problem is places where a single party keeps winning, if every district were a battleground you’d see candidates working hard to justify their existence.


At least here, in Illinois, we periodically arrest our politicians, to keep things fresh


I love to play a game with myself when I read about a (us) politician getting a corruption charge: “Is it from Chicago or Not Chicago?”

Usually it’s Chicago.


I like to think it’s possible to have a world where politicians don’t need arresting. I think there was a small slice of time where this was the case in human history, before the village leader decided nobody could own a club or spear or sharp thingy with a size over 75% the size of his.

ChunkMcHorkle, (edited )
@ChunkMcHorkle@lemmy.world avatar

July 18, 2023: Henry Kissinger makes surprise visit to China, meets top diplomat

On Wednesday, Wang Yi, China’s former foreign minister and now its top diplomat, greeted Kissinger, who was using a cane, in Beijing.

“It is impossible to try to transform China, and it is even more impossible to contain China,” Wang told the American, according to a Chinese report of the meeting. “U.S. policy toward China requires the diplomatic wisdom of Kissinger and the political courage of Nixon,” Wang reportedly said.

This came a day after Kissinger met Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu, according to a report by the official Xinhua News Agency that was also posted on the ministry’s website.


Kissinger hasn’t left politics at all. And all the dead he is responsible for killing . . . are still dead.


Holy crap, he’s like a million. Ah fudge still probably younger than Feinstein. At least Kissinger isn’t voting on laws directly impacting you and me?


I could totally see that working where I live. It’s a growing town of ~35K people with a lot going for it, but it’s also very white, and sits right on the border of rural areas. I think I’ve seen in the election results that votes go 75/25 towards Republican candidates, give or take.

Competing for the Republican nomination would be pretty gross, but if you’d also be running unopposed for that, ezpz.


We have areas like that in our republican run state. They’re some of the shittiest areas in the state

Republican state. Republican reps. Republican mayors

I’d love to hear what they think is being done to improve things


I guess when you’re more worried about nearby LGBT and minorities than infrastructure and public works, you sometimes get the wool pulled over your eyes, lol.


Ahh yes, real problems. Can’t get a business to invest here but at least the library banned a book with a rabbit who might like another rabbit

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