Isn’t it interesting that tankie culture doesn’t seem to be commenting on this.

Seems almost like they have a playbook for interactions on the internet and this one is marked as “to be ignored”.


this is a community on lemmy world and is defederated from Hexbear where most of the tankies are


Seems like a lot of them have alts and Lemmygrad is rife with them as well.


Aren’t they mostly on lemmygrad?


hexbear has them too, chapotraphouse community there is a fucking shithole


All 37 of them.

nothingness, (edited )

US has just revealed what it itself has been doing towards others for decades.


It’s scarey how much of the popular conservative media in the US seems to be paid off by Russia.

But you see it everywhere you look, there were just news reports of Nicholas Sarkozy bending over backwards to talk about how reasonable he thinks Putin is and how France needs Russia.

Fucking crazy, but some people really do listen to this shit and end up having their world views shaped by what they see as their trusted sources.


The opposite side can equalily say this about you. How can you know that it’s not your world-view, rather than theirs, that’s been shapped by the US propaganda that you listen to?


Everyone is focusing on “unwitting Westerners” while I’m focused on “laundering propaganda.” Like, that’s just how propoganda from other countries works right? Starts from a source, then people who believe the source spread it around their own country.

This seems to be acting like it’s some new fangled way to spread fear and misinformation when that’s the way it’s always worked. The only difference now is that it’s all online and people rarely verify sources so they take what they read as facts at face value.

lorty, avatar

[…] sponsored journalists from the US and the West to visit eastern Ukraine and learn “the alleged truth” about what was happening in the region.

Oh boy! I wonder what they’ve found when they got there!


So there are still people believing white helmets are a humanitarian group? Really?


Provide literally any reputable source that says they aren’t.


Well, i want to see first a reputable source that says they are…


Hell, the US has done similar shit over all of europe during the cold war


Meanwhile the CIA does the same


The two countries with the most vaccines and the least number of people vaccinated are the US and Russia. Russia’s vaccine isn’t even from the evil west! But still people won’t take it.

You propagandize enough people and they don’t trust you when you’re telling them the truth.


At least they’re trying to. Fortunately, the Russian psyops seem pretty poor in this war and they haven’t even managed to pull off any false flag operation to the point of causing contoversy among Ukraine’s western allies, and the support remains as strong as one could hope for this long into the war.


I really think US’s decision to publicly telegraph what Russia was planning before the war started had massive benefits for cohesion in the west by solidifying the narative before Russia had the chance to pull their classic gaslighty bs. Zelensky was also key in garnering Western support in the early days by standing by his country and fighting instead of rolling over and fleeing the nation in the midst of crisis like a certain Texas republican I know of.


No shit


In other news, water is wet.

thoro, (edited )

I’m not even saying this is necessarily untrue, but the irony in this article is palpable.

If commenting on bias in reporting then I can’t help but recall the seminal work on the topic in the West in Manufacturing Consent. , particularly the section of the model on sourcing.

I mean, how can you read this article about FSB influence and just ignore the sourcing sentence stating:

US intelligence agencies believe

Agencies we also know have deceived the public.

Again, this isn’t unnecessarily untrue, but don’t be blind to the other side of it either.

Not everyone you disagree with online is a witting/unwitting Russian agent, especially tiny Lemmy communities.


I love that you’ve chosen the “can’t trust the intelligence agencies, only Noam Chomsky” hill to or on, and yet this articles conclusion is just laughably obvious


“can’t trust the intelligence agencies, only Noam Chomsky”

The model isn’t a personal opinion. It was created by Chomsky, yes, and Edward Herman, but it’s just a framework for analyzing media and appeared first in a published work alongside numerous “case studies” featuring a litany of citations detailing not only the stark difference between how our media covers our own actions vs “enemy states” but also how those very own intelligence agencies meddled in multiple other countries, including Vietnam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and more.

But I guess when we do it, it’s good and cool.



Catfish, avatar

Lemmy is not a big enough platform for any psyops to care about and probably never will be. Sorry to tell you but those are just real people and I’ve gone to raves with them.

disconnectikacio, (edited )

Orban, and his comrades are no unwitting… they know what are they doing, and for how much, and for what (putin has all of the KGB files about him, and his comrades).

Their dumb followers are the unwitting, just like trumpists

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