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Why is this surprising? It’s on. They already tried to steal the election and mobbed the capitol to try to kill the politicians that opposed the effort. They’re threatening election workers, they’re talking about civil war, they’re posting the addresses of jury members.

It’s on. The people prosecuting Trump understand the stakes, I think (or I hope). Trump and his close allies definitely understand the stakes. I get being chilled by it and wanting to report on it, but anyone who is surprised by it, at this point, has no business being in journalism.


I get being chilled by it and wanting to report on it, but anyone who is surprised by it, at this point, has no business being in journalism.

Fucking right.

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Also he made his slogan in 2016 "Lock her up". He's been threatening to imprison his opponents for 6-7 years now, like a petty dictator would.

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They are either too steeped in the bothsiderist, ridiculous “objective” school of corporate journalism, or they are pretending to be…


Meet the Republicans after school by the bike racks, yall, cause it's on!


I was chilled when he first said it in 2016 during a debate, that Hillary would’ve been locked up under his hypothetical administration. Now, even though it’s explicit, it really doesn’t register. There’s no shock value to it. I would legitimately be more surprised if he had an interview where nothing noteworthy happened.

I think this is why he’s cooked on the national stage. People aren’t surprised by him anymore.


Yeah they can’t really convict him, otherwise every former president will be open to prosecution for stuff they did and acquittal is a speedrun to him winning, flipping the script and putting them in jail.

If you’re worried about this and it feels scary to be staring down the barrel of getting caught in the middle of elite infighting, get to know your neighbors and get involved in your community. Join a communist or anarchist party when they catch on to what’s happening and show up.

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he’ll still find a way to crazy up the headlines from prison. threaten to buyout the commissary after his followers send more money


Trump is in jail, so that is not going to happen

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Isn’t this in the water is wet category?


Hardly surprising coming from a mobster.


Isnt that what theyre doing to him???

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No. They’re charging him because he committed crimes, not because he’s a political opponent. Different thing.

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If you’re going to act like a fascist, you shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president. He should go suck on Putin’s nuts.


That’s not surprising, wasn’t “lock her up” his slogan the first time around?


It is not a surprise from Trump. He would be worse than the first time if he wins.


He’s 100% committed to getting the Presidency to extricate himself from his situation, and using that office to keep himself out of the reach of justice.


Attempted by Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and Capt’n Jack Sparrow.


Trump is welcome to the club then. He’s got his own line of steaks, just like Caesar has his salad, Napoleon has his ice cream, and the captain has his cereal.


Napoleon ice cream now with more grapeshot!


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The crazy part is not that he wants to do that … there are probably countless wannabe politicians that have that as a motivation.

The crazy part is that he has a following and an actual chance that he could do it.

The insane part of current US politics is not Trump … the crazy part is this current culture of political leaders and financiers who are piling their money behind some nut job and generating this following of people that actually believe it all.


Yes, I think the problem is the millions that will vote for the idiot


Ah, the putin tactic.

Pretty undemocratic, i must say.


Chilling, but hardly surprising.


Yeah, he literally ran on “lock her up” for the 2016 election.

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“Chilling? I find it energizing!”-trump cultists

They really need to get their heads out of his ass. That’s not a fresh spring breeze they’re smelling


What people don’t seem to understand is that he sincerely believes that every other politician is as corrupt as he is, and is genuinely confused why the DOJ can’t find any evidence to indict Hillary or Biden.

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is genuinely confused why the DOJ can’t find any evidence to indict Hillary or Biden

he is always confused when he doesn't get his way.. the reason doesn't matter.. he's a fucking 3 year old, and so are all of his supporters..

all he knows is those people make him sad, and he wants someone to make them go away


he is always confused when he doesn’t get his way… the reason doesn’t matter… he’s a fucking 3 year old, and so are all of his supporters…

He actually admits this.

When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different.


tags: clown-quotes



To be fair, my temperament now isn’t that different than mine at 10. That’s a fairly common observation. The difference is that most of us weren’t wealthy, entitled little narcissists as kids.


Dam bro. Maybe, stop hitting yourself?

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That’s a fairly common observation.

for assholes


Wow, who pissed in your cereal?

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nobody you should taste this Muesli it's fantastic.. or were you just being a cunt..


I’m not the one who called a stranger an asshole because they had different life experiences than me. My response was a joke. Maybe you should reconsider who you think is being a cunt.

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i'll do that.. and then i'm gonna go on messing with assholes..

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If those magats could read they’d be very upset with you.


I mean, they are all as corrupt as him, but most of them just have the intelligence to be corrupt within the bounds of the laws they’ve created to allow them to be corrupt legally.


Such edgy nonsense. Please, tell us more about the corruption of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden that is the same as Trump’s corruptions. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of examples that you can just rattle of the top of your head.


Although not the same level as trump’s corruption, but Nancy pelosi’s and other members of congress’ insider tradings is up there.


Insider trading is far from trying to hijack a presidential election. Or stealing confidential records.


Most congressmen engage in massive amounts of insider trading that they legalized just for them, and all of them (with exceptions numbering in the single digits) accept very large amounts of money in the form of legalized corporate bribes in exchange for legislation that favors business and harms everyone else. If you think that’s not wildly corrupt, you’re simply not intelligent.


Is insider trading the same as treason now?


Correct, but that is good boy scout behavior compared to what Trump’s done.


That’s exactly the same as treason! /s


Trump isn’t symmetric; he has no concept of others’ minds. His only ideas are about how he has what he wants. Calling for them in jail gets people to like him and gets his opponents out of the way. He isn’t confused bc he doesn’t care about correctness; any sense of misunderstanding is bc others are attacking him.

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This is also why he’s pushing the “2020 was stolen” line - besides the fact that he can’t admit that he lost. Trump and the GOP took measures to prevent Democrats from voting. Stuff like mucking with the post office, closing polling sites, etc. And yet the Democrats won.

To Trump, the only possible reason for this isn’t “the Democrats voted in large enough numbers to overcome the Republican cheating.” No, the only reason must be “the Democrats cheated more than we did.”


He is so transparent. Only people who cheat themselves are usually this paranoid about other people doing it. It is also true for thieves and a bunch of other stuff.

Every time he talks about this it is clear as day that he thinks they over-cheated him. He just can’t outright say it, but this pisses him so much. So instead it comes off as heavily insinuating that the only way to get numbers like he did is to cheat.


🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩


I’m not a sports ball expert, but I think that’s a 15 yard penalty per flag, so 90 yard penalty, plus he’s out of the game, but he did hit all of the flag checkpoints while skiing. /s XD

It is crazy how many red flags calling for the imprisonment of political rivals raises on its own. It turns out we were one election away from becoming a fascist dictatorship in 2020 and we still need to defeat Republicans in 2024.

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