Lol I cannot express how little I care about which random thing our reactionary hyperconservatives have decided they need to boycott this week


Between this, BG3 having non-binary options and same sex romances, bud light, etc doing things to let others feel noticed - Conservatives are gonna have nothing left to enjoy from boycotting.

I’m ok with this.


I am too, but it turns out they’re trying to build a parallel economy and support only oppressive vendors and producers. They’ll start clawing their own eyes out when they’ve watched their thirty-seventh movie featuring only non-Woke performers like Gina Carano and Kevin Sorbo and they get tired of crying into their MyPillows.

kescusay, avatar

The whole “parallel economy” thing is so bizarre, and reminds me that these are extraordinarily gullible and broken people.

I mean, they will gladly empty their pockets for grifters selling them shitty knockoffs at twice the price so they can feel like they’ve owned the libs. It’s absolutely bonkers.

And the things that appeal to them are so weird! “Try our 100% anti-vaccine protein bars! Crack open a cool can of gender-conforming piss beer! Nazis will feel at home on our completely unmoderated social media platform! Buy toilet paper with zero recycled content! These dick pills are abortion-free!”

Like, what the actual fuck is wrong with people that crap appeals to?


Like, what the actual fuck is wrong with people that crap appeals to?

They’re frightened, desperate, and increasingly hateful.

kescusay, avatar

But what they’re frightened of makes no sense! They’re frightened of funding for health care? They’re frightened of renewable energy? They’re frightened of vaccines? It’s insane!


They’re frightened of poverty and government control, which they have been brainwashed to associate with sane and progressive policies.

If the economic future of your town relies on the coal, oil, or gas industry, then anything that threatens to disrupt that industry is a threat to your future. Sure we could invest in public projects to educate and rehabilitate those losing their jobs to technological progress, but that would mean the big bad gubmint getting involved, and you’ve been taught by everyone you trust since childhood that the government doing anything is tantamount to the devil. The only option left is to fight tooth and nail against any and all progress.

These people are not insane, they’re acting perfectly logically in accordance to a flawed understanding of reality, an understanding which is in part manufactured by the ruling class to prevent the growth of leftist ideas. They’re not stupid, they’re ignorant, scared, desperate, misled, and yes, sometimes very bigotted. There’s a reason cults recruit outside hospitals, and the cult of 45 is no different.

ArtVandelay, avatar

Well stated


They’re frightened of everything the other commenter mentioned, but they forgot something: they’re frightened that, if “their team” loses power, they will get treated the way they’ve been treating “the other team” for ages. The grifters know they’re lying when they spew their shit, but their followers believe it because it’s what they’ve already done, just in reverse.

“Liberals want to destroy Christianity” is believable because xians have tried their damnedest for nearly 2 thousand years to destroy other religions. “The transgenders want to force all children to change gender” is believable because they’ve spent decades forcing children into their view of gender, and killing, torturing, or raping them if they don’t conform. “Gays want to outlaw heterosexual marriage” is believable because they outlawed gay marriage for ages. “Minorities want to force white people into labor camps” is believable because slavery.

They believe that everyone thinks exactly like them, and they can’t fathom that some people want everyone to be happy. They think we’re lying when we say that, putting on a front to lull them into a false sense of security just so we can pull the rug out from under them. Because it’s what they would do, given the opportunity. And they’re terrified of it being turned around on them.

Edit for clarity - and those other things, the vaccines, the healthcare, etc etc, may seem unrelated, but it all comes down to making sure “the other team” doesn’t get any “wins”. Because if “the other team” wins, that’s one step closer to their team losing, and one step closer to “the other team” being able to enact all those horrible policies against them instead of in their favor.

kescusay, avatar

All true, and a deeply depressing way to live. They must be absolutely dominated by terror every minute of every day they’re awake.


It is projection all the way down, isn’t it?


They think they are seceding.

For decades, the idea was that texas was so wonderful they could just leave if they didn’t approve of what the rest of the country was doing. And in the past decade or so we have pretty definitively confirmed that texas has been horribly mismanaged and would literally die without federal aid. And people continuously tell texas and florida they SHOULD secede because it would be funny to watch the result.

So there is a push to pretend they are self sufficient rather than just living off of the competently-ish managed blue states.


Ohhh, don’t forget the freedom phone, the 150% overpriced Chinese spyware phone.

kescusay, avatar

Oh jeez, I’d forgotten about that! How the fuck does anyone fall for it? It’s literally a Chinese spyware-infested piece of shit designed for idiots.


Please just fleece them for all they’re worth. They deserve it and will not do anything useful with the money


The parallel economy scam will die out soon enough. Companies run by foot-stomping toddlers and brazen grifters are doomed to fail.

jordanlund, avatar

See “My Pillow”. ;)


Eventually, yes. Grifters will grift until each supplier is taken down for whatever ideological transgressions they commit.


It’s a single prompt during character creation. The default option is always cisgendered. Literally 30 seconds or less and you never have to think about it ever again. In fact, you can ignore it entirely and it’ll have been as if it was never there. Woooow such controversy.

I refuse to believe anybody is actually dumb enough to boycott the game over this. There are plenty of fucking legitimate reasons to not buy it, but having the option to select alternative pronouns during character creation is not one of them.


Yeah the outrage is really hurting Baldur’s Gate. 😆

It’s the school and library and medical care stuff that’s really dangerous, this is a distraction.


No they aren’t


But wouldn’t it be great it they did? I could start playing games online again.


thats has the same energy as the people who think pretty much anything can turn someone gay


I’m convinced anyone that thinks (insert item here) can turn people gay are just closeted gay people who are afraid to come out cause their politics are more important than their happiness.


Pretty sure that even closeted gay dudes keep their bum holes clean.


This is nothing new. Why do you think they make such a big deal about sexuality being a choice? Because for them, it is.




When Twatter finally dies the media is going to have to work that much harder to find the one guy somewhere who is outraged by something. I wonder if we are going to see a return of the Midwest Safaris, complete with interviews with retired folks in small town diners.


I feel like this whole pronouns in starfield thing is actually astroturf to draw attention away from Bethesda being evil and abusive to trans people who worked for them. Plus it drowns out any news about the game’s actual qualities or merits, which like all Bethesda games at launch, seems to be lacking.

There’s so many reasons to be actually mad at so many things, and all this culture war bullshit is deliberate smoke to keep people running in circles.


I wish it would be astroturfing but I’m pretty sure conservatives are just that fucking stupid


I like to have hope for humanity

hope being that it’s astroturfing

at this point, I have to question if real articles are satire lmao

Vrijgezelopkamers, avatar

You can go as cis-conservative as you want with your pronouns in the game. No-one is forcing those conservatives to give in to their innermost desires.

TrismegistusMx, avatar

The temptation is sinful to them in the same way that their murders and violence are righteous.

They don’t realize the God they worship is Mammon.


This entire topic is going to be the most cringe thing ever in 20 years when clearer heads look back and think “They came up with new pronouns?! Why? That’s retarded!”

It’s going to make Jnco jeans, mullets and tribal tattoos looks normal.


I believe it will be more in the vein of “Those people complained about having more options in a game? What a dumb hill to die on”


They’ll be saying “Yup, our ancestors were barbarians. In the 1950s they would give lobotomies to people that were mentally ill. In the 2020s they would mutilate the sexual organs of those who were mentally ill. We do not look kindly onto those practices today now that we know better”.


Do you think people got lobotomized voluntarily, dumbass?

There may be a bit of a difference there, but don’t let the facts get in the way of your bigotry.


You want to mutilate people who have a mental illness. You make me sick.


You make me sick.

Hope it takes a turn for the worse 🤞


Starfield and BG3 aren’t being boycotted. Those are just empty threats. Remember all the other times people said they were going to boycott their favorite games, and actually did it? Neither do I.


No, they try to boycott, but since they only represent a small fraction of the world, it doesn’t pan out as such.


Where is that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 boycott-failure screenshot when you need it?

And that is the result every time.

stopthatgirl7 avatar

I remember back in 2016 conservatives screaming they were going to boycott Hamilton because of the cast making an appeal to Pence at final curtain, and people laughing hysterically at them because back then, there was no way any of them claiming they were going to boycott would have been able to get tickets in the first place.

TechyDad, avatar

They also proclaimed that they were boycotting the Star Wars sequels and claimed that they would tank at the box office thanks to the boycott. Instead the films did really well.

(I have my problems with those movies due to the plot, but having a woman main character and a black main character wasn’t an issue for me.)


Ironically I think a lot of problems with those movies, particularly the last one, is they actually listened to the screeching conservatives and minimized Finn and Rose.

That, and J J Abrams can’t write an original script for the life of him.


Conservatives when basic linguistic morphology groups are present in the language of any given media.

Default_Defect, avatar

The best part about it is that you have to go out of your way to change the pronoun. If you choose the male presenting body, its shows he/him by default and the same with female presenting and she/her,


I don’t know if anyone knows this, but the Steam forum moderators are pretty far right as well. I’m currently banned for mentioning Nexus mods, in a 100 page thread about the site itself. The conservative attacking pronouns and free speech, are not banned. You can find plenty of threads with conservative alt-right talking points about pronouns and anti-transgenderism, including insulting and degrading behavior. These threads stay up. Meanwhile, myself and others who defend trans activism, are banned. I appealed the ban, and get no replies from any moderator over multiple days. It’s fucking disgusting how the site is being moderated. I’ll post the ban reason and what I said, below:

“Nexus only bans mods made for bigots They don’t want to support any content that promotes bigotry and allows people to pretend certain marginalized groups don’t exist. Trans people are part of the game, and anyone trying to erase them is acting on bigotry. You are perfectly free to mod the game yourself or get the mod elsewhere. You just can’t get it from nexus mods.”

Ban Reason: This post contains material that promotes software piracy. cheats, or exploits. This type of content is not allowed on the Steam Community.


Fortunately you’ve got this left wing echo chamber to vent in for solidarity.

I’m with you comrade 🫡


Thanks, mate. I’m still pissed. Can’t do anything but, like, fuck them and fuck the system. Stupid conservatives arguing their free speech is so absolute they should be able to take over Nexus mods and FORCE them to publish the bigot mods. They hit me with the “I may disagree with what you say, but at least I’d defend to the death, your right to say it,” then cheered when I was banned. They’re so fucking thickheaded.


Is this a surprise? Many gamers unironically use the PCMR term. We all know where master race idea came from. Even those that use it ironically often reveal themselves when talking about BLM etc.


I’m honestly really pleasantly surprised that Nexus Mods are willing to take this fight head on. That they are willing to tell these potential customers to sod off, and that they have the tact and understanding to tell the difference between a superficially benign mod with a malicious purpose like this, and the many vulgar mods that they do allow on the site. (Shout out to Schlongs of Skyrim, you magnificent beast)

Gamers, in the general, being the worst people I don’t have high expectations from gaming companies but it all seems to be moving slowly in the right direction, even as gamers gnash their teeth and waddle their fingers.


Steam administration as well.


Unfortunately, the far right has deeply inflated and influenced make gaming culture, particularly since Steve Bannon weapon’s then for Trump’s original election campaign.


Oh no!


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