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A countersuit would be hilarious.

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Running out of money?

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Wasn't that just filed yesterday?


So he dismissed the case after he was scheduled to give a deposition? I wonder if his lawyer realized there was a massive risk of Trump committing perjury and only a very slim chance they’d actually win so advised to drop the case. Either that or they never intended to actually take things to trial and this was always just about the optics as an attempt to discredit Cohen.


Or possibly/hopefully with the fraud case he just lost he remembered he doesn’t have any money

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at this point there is nothing but downside to him opening his mouth.. for the rest of his life pretty much..


I think that is all true. He did his best to avoid the deposition and when suddenly forced into it, dropped the case. If I have it right, his witness list was him and Cohen - "my word vs yours" doesn't make for a legit sounding $500M suit. I think it was done purely for revenge reasons. He dragged Cohen through the process, caused significant legal expenses etc.

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And Cohen will likely make him pay for that with a counter-suit.


I wonder if there will be an anti SLAPP action soon from Cohen’s team. (Not sure what the rules are in that jurisdiction.)


He’s got idiots for lawyers because the good ones won’t take him as a client. I suspect that he suddenly realized that he can’t be in all places at once and decided to walk away from one piece of revenge.


Not just lawyers, the only ones who do business with Trump are idiots or the incredibly desperate (soon to be even more so once Trump stiffs them on their bill). Or I suppose his fellow scumbags that think they can use Trump to advance their own goals, but who he inevitably but quite predictably at this point ends up turning on. Trump is a walking liability in every sense of the word, absolutely nothing good comes of interacting with him in any way. He’s like an anti-Midas, everything he touches turns from gold into shit.


I follow a few lawyer YouTubers, like the hosts of the Legal AF podcast.

They all predicted that Trump would drop the case this week because he’s run out of ways to avoid the deposition.

In fact, last week, he lied to the judge in that case, saying that he couldn’t make the scheduled deposition this week because he had to be in court all week. But he skipped out on that trial on Wednesday, so that was a lie.

So he was about to have to do the deposition that might ruin him, and he’d also have to explain to the judge why he lied. So guaranteed that he’d drop the case instead.

To these lawyers, the only question was whether Cohen would counter sue, and it seems likely that he will.


A counter-suit would be a spicy meatball and I very much hope to see it.

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A small part of me wonders if he’s lawyers dismissed it just so they could tell him a judge finally agreed to drop one of his cases.

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