People who hang around him have said - multiple people, many accounts - he’ll just say the same thing over and over, for the entire conversation, for hours.

He ain’t right. Not that it matters a whit to his cult.


Maybe he has dementia. We're just so used to him talking shit that he's getting away with it.

I wonder if that's why he's avoiding the debates?




Yeah, I don’t think there’s any way he could handle 7-8 other people on the stage at once anymore. That’s way too much going on for his dementia addled mind to keep up. But he’s also just a cowardly little shit so he’ll refuse to debate Biden next year too.


Where all my presidential assassins at these days?


Playing for team trump, riding in lil rascals with their ar’s in each bloated sausage fingered hands.


He needs to start playing nice with China for that to happen lol


That joke on lemmy prob not worth a SS visit


Oh I’d never dream of what you’re implying. It was just a simple question

CharlesDarwin, avatar

If there really was a deep state even half as hostile to donnie as his cultist apes think there is, they would have found a way to dispose of him a while ago.


2 presidents have been gunned down, but to trump, “no one has ever been treated as unfairly as I have”.


This thought has never crossed my mind but now that I’ve read it, I can’t imagine it isn’t the truth


Worst. Present. Ever.

Uranium3006 avatar

Neck and neck with Buchanan


lol at the “former Australian ambassador to the US” angling for that trump admin 2 job, good job lapping it up salon


Murdoch political media machine started in Australia, but found its home in America.

Because of mandatory voting laws, Australia has voted out the right wing Murdoch endorsed party in every Australian state and federal government (except one, and that state government looks set to be thrown out soon too).

This “former Australian ambassador” is pretending his party is still relevant, maybe it is in America.


We may never know the full extent of the damage to our national security and that of our allies Trump caused. All because of Trump’s inability to just shut the fuck up.


He also causally revealed .

Outside of the NRO, nobody even knew that that level of optical fidelity was even possible with modern technology. That shit is amongst the most classified stuff in the country. Right up there with, you know, exactly how close one of our SSNs can get to various types of Russian subs without getting detected.


The image was cleared for release and redacted before release, hence the black square in the top left.

gravitas_deficiency, (edited )

You’re not getting what I’m saying.

Even in redacted form, the imaging capabilities are quite far beyond what commercial satellites can do. Trump insisted that he was going to publicly release the image (and thus implicitly reveal the optical fidelity and orbital dynamics of what’s probably considered a top-5 intelligence gathering device in the world - and we also likely have the other four, too) simply because he is a man-child with no self control who wanted to troll on Iran for a bit. There was zero strategic gain to be had from revealing that. The effectiveness of the satellite is now substantially reduced, because now state actors know precisely how big a thing can be before it can detect them, as well as the exact angles that you’d need to deploy visual obfuscation to hide a thing.


Paywalled articles make me sad :(


People who complain about paywalled articles should learn how to internet.


Teach us oh internet guru, teach us.


Or people could just post the right link


Clicked the link. It said check if you’re a robot. I checked and I’m not a robot. What do I do next?

ubermeisters, (edited )

Why when I can wait for you to do this for me? Don’t be mad I used you like a tool maybe just don’t be one. If you weren’t so eager to show off your “intellectual prowess” (lmao) you wouldn’t get used so, tell me again, who is the stupid one here?

Thanks for the link, I got to be productive while you did my work for me.

In reality my comment was more to shame someone for posting a paywalled article that not everyone can access. Take yourself righteous bullshit elsewhere. Information should be free especially when being shared in a public forum.

Byebye now, kisses


Yet he continues to walk free ~ boggles the mind


to which an excited Trump — “leaning” toward Pratt as if to be discreet — then told Pratt two pieces of information about U.S. submarines: the supposed exact number of nuclear warheads they routinely carry, and exactly how close they supposedly can get to a Russian submarine without being detected.

Holy fucking fuck.

This guy needs to be in jail. He’s deliberately leaked sources and methods, national nuclear information, and intelligence on foreign forces. Never in the history of the country has there been such a person in charge of national security. He is such a total waste that he thinks the president of the fucking United States needs to show off in front of foreign government officials by leaking national security secrets.

What an absolute piece of shallow-ego shit.


And how many enlisted men will continue to support him and vote for him? How many vets will give up their families instead of giving up their cult-like reverence for him?

Just an astounding level of ignorance in this country.


Actually, at this point it’s more than ignorance, it’s straight up malice. We have to understand that the proles on the right live in an echo chamber and will never see this story, and that’s by design. Between the Fox News deliberately and knowingly misleading the country about it, and more important, the entire Republican Party (with your occasional Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, etc.) it hard for the rank and file to have any real clue what’s going on. Toss in years of ensuring that their base is not educated through their deliberate dismantling of public education and religious indoctrination. It’s extremely important to note that you don’t get to Trump without the entire party of complicit cowards who are either ignoring the damage he’s doing, or are actively encouraging it because they’re traitorous fucks, and that it hasn’t happened overnight. This has been a very long game, and it’s not an accident.


There have been folks lock away forever or banned to Russia for doing less than Trump.


And he did it for clout, to impress somebody. He couldn’t even be a normal traitor and do it for money or idealogical reasons.

PupBiru avatar

it’s somehow even more stupid imo… like… he blabbed about the fact that he had this information and the other guy would have been like “yeah… we know you know… you’re the fucking president”


Riiiiight? This is the weird fucking guy who just walks up to someone they fancy at a party, sight unseen, and just blurts out something fucking stupid like “Hey, good lookin’. I drive a BMW.” and expects applause or sex appeal. Who the fuck raises these people?!?!


That reminds me of this Christmas party we had at work, two friends of mine, one of them being a girl I worked with started hooking up, and so when they arrived to the party, the guy called me over, and he was like, hey, don’t tell nobody but I’ve been beating that pussy up for the past 2 hours, I’m like ok man, whatever, I won’t tell anybody. Then he turns around and starts calling out to someone else and tells them the exact same thing. I’m like dude, who the fuck cares?


Well that’s just…graphic and sad. Why would anybody do that?


Some people are just fucking losers.

IvanOverdrive, (edited )

Who the fuck raises these people?!?!

Fred Trump and the Fred Trump shaped hole in Don’s soul.

Archer, (edited )

In addition, nuclear secrets are a whole category of secret that the President does not have the authority to reveal


And if he does that for clout, what would he tell if say, someone knew some insider shit he’s been up to?

Someone that has access to top-notch intel gathering.

Someone…. Russian.

Hands down, there’s no doubt Putin knows everything about our military. Everything.


Probably more than Putin knows about his own armed forces.


Well no shit. If there’s one thing consistent with this orange baffoon, it’s that he’s constantly spiling whatever beans there are to spill. Whether it’s self-incriminating blabbermouthing in one of his zillion law suits or casually discussing nuclear secrets with whoever wants to hear them, this sorry excuse for a human being doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up.


He’s not capable of shutting the fuck up. His personality disorders won’t allow him to shut the fuck up. He has zero impulse control. It’s no wonder North Korea, Russia and every other hostile foreign government welcome him with open arms.


Its no wonder russia installed him in the first place


“If that’s all that was discussed, we already know all that,” he told the Times. “We have had Australians serving with Americans on U.S. submarines for years, and we share the same technology and the same weapons as the U.S. Navy.”

This is such bs. If a dem had revealed classified information like this rep’s would be frothing at the mouth.


If a democrat had done 1/10th of the things trump and his admin did, they would still be freaking out about it. Biden hasn’t even really done anything illegal or questionable and republicans have been trying to impeach him anyway.


They’re frothing at the mouth to imprison Hunter Biden for a gun crime that’s pretty much never prosecuted that they’re actively trying to get taken off the books.

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