Honestly, I’m generally okay with this. As long as they don’t push some other agenda along with it.

Social media is, generally, toxic. There are areas that are not but the algos most commercial social media outlets use for engagement are just bad for everyone.


It is pretty much technically impossible. Using the phone data plan alone will negate it. I am not against it either in theory but not possible in practice.

Social Media is little overused. Email is social media in reality.

MiscreantMouse avatar

Cutting kids off from social media is all about cutting them off from outside information and support. We desperately need a bill of rights for kids, it's tragic how many people are fine with treating them like property.

Many abusive parents already control all of their kids' time outside of school, and for some, the only place to find understanding & support is in forums like r/raisedbynarcissists or LGBT spaces.

Like adults, kids are informed by social media, and if we want to improve their mental health we need to actually address the problems they learn about there, instead of simply preventing them from learning about the real world.

Things like our unwavering march toward an unlivable climate, the malign growth of oppressive, theocratic, authoritarian movements in many governments around the world, the crushing inequitable grind of capitalist culture, or just the ignorant / abusive / bigoted mindset of many fellow citizens are all bad for anyone's mental health, but they need to be understood accurately to be addressed.

Kolanaki, avatar

They only want to remove children from social media because they’re sick and tired of being clowned on by toddlers that are smarter than the Republicans.


can’t have students live blogging a school shooting while ducking for cover. That would make their benefactors look bad.

cupcakezealot, avatar

they only want to block social media to censor lgbtq content and help


Y’all know about 5G, right?

We already block social media at a lot of schools. Doesn’t do shit when all you need to do is disconnect from the schools wifi to see what you want…

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

Kids are suspended if caught with a cellphone on school property in our district.


Easy enough to setup a wifi hotspot in the bathroom and keep it in your pocket.


This varies greatly from district to district. I know of plenty of schools that do the same. But I also know school districts (and luckily live in one) where this would never fly. They tried doing this during my daughter’s sophomore year of high school, and the parents all said “Oh, fucking no. If I want to be able to get in touch with my kid, I’ll make that decision, not you.”

I also know of districts that tried this and just abandoned the idea because it was nigh-on impossible to enforce without suspending like 90% of the kids.

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

I also know of districts that tried this and just abandoned the idea because it was nigh-on impossible to enforce without suspending like 90% of the kids.

That is what is happening. They suspended the Senior class president who was caught with a phone because they were waiting on a college scholarship call.


I graduated about ten years ago so cellphones were popular, but not the same culture we have now. I got suspended because my mom called my phone which I had forgotten to turn off while it was in my locker before school started. Turns out I had forgotten a project so not only did I get suspended, I failed an assignment. Schools are great

FlyingSquid, avatar

I’m sure glad that isn’t true in mine. My daughter called me today to tell me she was really sick and the nurse wasn’t going to send her home. I knew my wife has been really sick and so I knew she needed to go to the doctor. I wouldn’t have even heard about it until after she got home from school if she didn’t have a phone.


How did they get the ok for that? Kids with cell phones can help in active shooter situations so to remove a tool that potentially could save a lot of lives seems crazy

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

MAGA invaded the school board. They also banned a ton of books.


In before they address this and propose tracking each student’s phone to see if they are in a school zone (and of course to see much more).


School would have to provide the phones, not even close to within our budget


Plus plenty of students just wouldnt accept them an if forced to take them would just toss em into a drawer and forget about them.


Not unless we had a large cohort of people doing everything in their power to undermine our freedom and privacy.


No, that’s how public education works.

You can’t require people have things, you have to provide them. Thats how that works.


We are discussing law makers just so you know, not saying it will happen but that some would love it it.


That would be impossible to do without impacting the ability of neighboring homes to access the internet as well. It’s not like the signals magically stop at the school parking lot.


Exactly what I’m getting at


They gonna have a hard time blocking lemmy

bquintb, avatar

S’ok with me. Kids need to pay attention in class so they don’t end up MAGA


I know my kids have legitimately used social media at school:

– for group projects, where the online classroom stuff is useless

— for current events in various social studies, history, and law and government classes

As a perfect example, my kid is taking a “virtual high school” class for something his school doesn’t normally offer. They had to use social media to coordinate a group project they just completed . Before someone says the school should provide something, in this case they couldn’t because each member school has their own distinct online classroom stuff that can’t coordinate


Social media has legitimate research potential. This doesn’t stop any kid from doing what they’re already doing: using social media on their cell phone with cellular data.

I worry that a bill like this will have riders attached that would change scope drastically. I honestly think in this case it should be up to the school district to self regulate and let the local communities decide what is right in their districts.

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

Anytime a Republican does something I always believe it is for the worse intentions.


This seems like a rare Republican W. Social Media's influence on people, especially young people is utterly toxic.

Seraph avatar

So you want them on their cell phones more at school? You can't control those geniuses.

YoBuckStopsHere, avatar

I’m fine with teenagers having cellphones in school, largely because they will have it in college and in their careers. It’s a tool.

Seraph avatar

You're a tool.

So sorry couldn't help myself! I think you're right. The point is if they have it in their pocket who are you restricting? The one poor kid who can't afford one?


You’re also restricting the less technically savvy, and those without sufficient social skills to have friends tell them the workaround


What a tragedy. Internet censorship is already terrible in schools and they want to make it worse. what are they to do on there? You'll probably have kids using their phones and personal hotspots to get around it like i did; or like i started to do later on in high school, just bring my own laptop. they might as well not even make time in the curriculum for that. What are they even allowed to do? Especially that they cant do with their own devices? I can speak from persoanl experience as a (newly) professional software engineer; that being introduced to computers at school definitely set back my technical background more than anything else ive ever done. made me even more confused about how computers work. And i was actually interested and paying attention. But what say you guys? I did go to public school after all; maybe its a lot different at private and charter schools.

WarmSoda, (edited )

If you think internet “censorship” is bad in schools, wait until you work in an office, or pretty much anywhere. No one wants anyone to spend time on social media while you’re on the clock.

You’re going to have a hard time if you’re expecting to be able to whatever you want in the working world.


I have to say, I’ve also not runninto that at work.

– you have a phone: use it. Keep your work life completely separate from your personal life. Always

– get your work done. They care that you do your job. Management can also be more flexible when you have a reputation for getting things done, and when you’re continuing to get things done


Id have the opposite exprience you dod. And i grduated in computer engineering. If i didnt have access yo computers being a reletively poor family, I wouldnt have done with my major.

My influence from social media was extremely minimal due to willingly not getting a personal cellphone till I was in college.

Generally, with the more walls put up, people will either go along with the result, or become more active in learning how to bypass it. Bypassing something is coincidently a skill and id argue the average user who learns how to bypass a software block is likely more tech educated than those who arent.


I guess a broken clock is right twice a day


(kicks rocks) I’m gonna have to agree with the Republicans.


TBH, I’m not generally opposed to this idea. Social media consumption has a lot of negative consequences, and we could all do with a little less in our lives. However, given the source, I don’t trust Republicans to be making these demands in good faith.

What’s going to be funny, though, is the number of tech-saavy kids who know how VPNs work. 🍿

Jaysyn avatar

Wouldn't using DuckDuckGo bypass this?


DDG isn’t a vpn


The question is whether they will be blocked on school WiFi, or via software on the students’ take home laptops that some schools do. If it’s blocked on the WiFi, the tech savvy kids won’t even need a VPN to get around it. If they have a phone, they can tether it and use their phone’s internet plan instead of the school WiFi. Most android phones have this as a feature.


They all have phones. Which is how most people use social media. There is no need for any of this shit because they will just use their phones with their data plans.


Bingo. I like the idea, but it’s coming out of a Republicans mouth so there’s something insidious we’re not noticing.


Been trying to ban books for awhile, but just now getting to social media…?

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