Maybe the media shouldn’t give him such a fucking giant platform to spout his garbage then?

The media following everything he says and writing a story about every time he steps foot outside maralago is what gave him his first presidency. They’re doing the exact same thing the second time around.


This is not “news”, in that we don’t need an “ally” to confirm what we already know. Trump has bluntly said this many times himself: His second term is going to be all about consolidating power, installing authoritarianism, and revenge. He has openly said he is going to have people arrested, news networks shut down, etc.

Identifying his motives isn’t the problem. Getting people to care is the problem. Worse, trying to overcome the “Yeah, we know, we want it that way” crowd that for some reason seems to be growing.

Take a look at his rallies. It’s not even the usual MAGA signs any more. “Peace through strength.” I mean, if that isn’t directly taken straight out of 1984 or some authoritarian handbook somewhere, I don’t know what is.


What’s crazy is the media keeps promoting him for money, but if he wins he’s coming for them first.


Would such blatantly anti-democratic decisions even be possible if he would become president again?

In my country there was only one time in 1957 when a single party held majority and even if it would happen again there are so many laws and instances to prevent such decisions from going through that it would be impossible.


The executive branch (what he would be head of) are about the only federal government guys in our country with guns, so it won’t really matter what the law says, as his future attorney General has said repeatedly.


Let’s face it. if American voters wind up supporting a candidacy that is putting messages like this out there, it is going to be because they WANT fascism. These folks aren’t hiding anything.

Hairyblue avatar

I think they want fascism until they get it and become a target of the fascist government.

Stop voting for Republicans, they don't believe in our democracy.


Did he not try to do the exact same thing the first time around?

Jaysyn avatar

He didn't have Project 2025 guiding him then.

Hairyblue avatar

Trump and Republicans have learned a lot from the first try to destroy democracy in America.

Fredselfish, avatar

Yes but our military and lot government people who work in the Whitehouse who aren’t elected stop him.

Hence project 2025 that fires them all.

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