Fox News Insists Trump’s ‘Dictator’ Threat Was One Big Joke

Donald J. Trump’s declaration Tuesday night that he would be a “dictator” only on “Day One” of his presidency wasn’t to be taken seriously, Fox News host Jesse Watters insisted Wednesday.

“It’s only a dictatorship for one day, guys,” Watters began, chuckling. “He’ll just sit and sign executive orders like Biden did.”

Trump, Watters claimed, “knows exactly what he is doing.”

“He’s teasing the press and they just took the bait,” he claimed, before playing clips of two MSNBC contributors who—unlike Watters—were not taking Trump lightly.

“Look how unhappy these people look. MSNBC needs to relax. And don’t you dare laugh at Trump’s jokes. They aren’t funny,” the Fox host said, before going to another round of clips, this time from the rival network’s Morning Joe show.


The only Jesse Watters clip I can get behind is the one where his mom tells him how disappointed she is in him for lying to people for profit.

FlyingSquid, avatar

His mother sounded like she was a nice person. So what the fuck happened to him?

Cylusthevirus avatar

One of the scariest things about parenting is how little control you really have over outcomes for your kids. I have watched my kid make bad decisions and there's just fuck all I can do but hope she learns from the experience and isn't too badly hurt by it while giving her all the love I can.

I'm not talking about falling down the stairs of course; certainly nothing safety related. But decisions with friends, academics .... you can model good behavior, your can inform, you can supply incentives, and consequences, but end of day, it's their life.

I mean my mom is a raging Qanon, Trump loving, anti-vax (recently), evangelical and I'd happily vote for Bernie and got my last round of boosters a few days ago, so it goes both ways I guess.


Unfortunately, this happens way too often. Despite their family's best intentions for them, money speaks louder.


Trump doesn’t make jokes. Ever.


It’s good to know that Fox News can’t stop sucking him off and is still not to be trusted.


What it was … was an extra Christmas present for Biden.

FuglyDuck, avatar

That didn’t happen.
And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
And if it is, that’s not my fault.
And if it was, I didn’t mean it. <---- this one
And if I did, you deserved it.

*arrow mine. may it find Trump’s knee.


I would’ve aimed for his puckered asshole, but I guess knee works too

ChunkMcHorkle, avatar

Has anyone tried piercing adult diapers with an arrow shot? For all we know it’s so full he’d just walk around for the next half hour with arrows sticking out his ass, dripping shit, oblivious that he’d been shot at all.

It’s not like anyone would tell him, either. They couldn’t even tell him he was walking onto Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

tsonfeir, avatar

knee throat

FuglyDuck, avatar

You can survive an arrow to the throat. An arrow to the knee?

“I used to be a president, but then I took an arrow to the knee”… becoming a Skyrim meme would infuriate his bloated ego

Edit: it would also wreck his already laughably bad golf game


He already took 3 arrows to the knee

CharlesDarwin, avatar

They are the DARVO party.


(G)aslight (O)bject (P)roject and DARVO describes their behavior to a T.

Deny Attack Reverse Victim and Offender


In 2016 I heard people say they like Trump bc he says what he means.

For someone who says what they mean, there sure is a lot of explaining intent coming from the right.

Every 4 years we get the summer Olympics, and yet the hurdles competition there still ain’t in the level of MAGAts trying to walk back the latest Trump comment.


Republicans do not argue in good faith. They’re willing to sacrifice our entire government to the will of this one man and nothing can change their minds. To them, there is no arguments to be had so they twist words and lie to your face just to get you to react.


“you can’t take him literally, but you have to take him seriously.” actual MAGoo quote.


2016 was two things at the same time:

  • “He says what he means.”
  • “That’s just locker room talk.”

Often said one right after the other.


I agree. He was joking about it only being one day.

Endorkend avatar



Let me walk into a bank and joke about robbing it. Only if I get caught, of course.


We have been through all this before. Who are they trying to fool?


If only there was some way for a news organization that regularly interviews him to get a straight answer on the specific question of whether he intends to be a dictator for any period of time.


You kidding? A straight answer? He would just dance around, never complete a sentence and the interviewer would thank him for it.


Then cut to the next TOYOTATHON commercial.


Trump is known for being a jokester. A real funny guy 🙄


He is actually known to be funny, that’s part of the appeal for why people go to his events. We don’t find it funny because they are often far right or authoritarian jokes which are not actually funny to the people who have justifiable fears of the jokes not being jokes at all.

That is part of why the right lets him off the hook for so much, until he actually does it its “just a joke” or “just saying it”


I fear it’ll take blood in the streets before people really see what this is all about.


There’s already been blood in the streets.

A Nazi from a Nazi march ran down an innocent woman and killed her. Trump said that there are ‘fine people on both sides.’


Rivers of blood in the streets.


Yeah it’s not a joke though. Why would I believe fox news? And why wouldn’t I believe Trump?


When someone tells you who they are, believe them until they demonstrate otherwise.


Literally tried to overthrow American democracy but somehow any mention of engaging in the actions of a dictator is supposed to be construed as an obvious joke.

crackajack, (edited )

At this rate, the future predicted by Fallout will happen. Except it will be Trump nuclear apocalypse2077!

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