He better hope to god there is no god, because any true god would only punish fear-mongering idiots like Mike Johnson and anyone else idiotic and stupid enough to spread such nonsense. What we need are billions more LGBTQ folk, and far fewer pieces of walking excrement like Mike Johnson.


I don’t think we need billions more, just for the billions we have to feel safe expressing it.


Well that's probably true, the earth can't support a billion more people anyway. But I do hope people can feel safe expressing it. I'm gay, I have been out since 1980 (!) yes people do live that long - and I've always been vocal about it but I don't live in a state that is gay friendly.

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The earth can support many more billions of people - we’d just have to alter our eating habits. Less than 20% of what we feed livestock comes back to us in the form of calories, for instance.


It's going to have to (support billions more people). There doesn't seem to be much slowing down in that area - a 70 year old woman in Africa just gave birth to two kids, so I just hope we can find a way to make the population growth sustainable and workable.

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The earth can currently support up to twelve billion people. The issue isn’t the population.


All right then, I concede that population isn't a problem and the world can hold infinite amounts of people. I simply don't care that much about this whole thing.

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If we built up and down that would be close enough to true


The thing is, my comment wasn't really concerning how many people the earth can hold, it was about how we need more good decent people and less people like Mike Johnson. I really wasn't trying to make any point about population explosions or anything.


If god was a good, loving god, they would punish Mike Johnson because he is abusing their faith to attack others.

If god was a hateful, fire and brimstone god, they would punish Mike Johnson because why not?


True. I always think though that people like Mike Johnson who are so mired in bigoted hate are already being punished, and live in a hell of their own making. He may be an uppity white nationalist, but he is burning in hell every day of his life.

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The problem is that they inflict their hell on the rest of us.

Well, one of the problems. I'm of the opinion that any involuntary suffering is bad, but I rate suffering inflicted on others as worse than suffering inflicted on oneself.

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I was promised that the COVID vaccine would make all my blood congeal. I've thus far have made it to promises of "God will punish us" without one hint of life threatening coagulation.

@trash@lemm.ee avatar

I’ve already survived a few “raptures” in the past decade. Bring it on, God!


“Old lemming yells at vapor trails”

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Considering you're second in line for the presidency I'd say He already has


Why does he hate America so much he’s calling for divine retribution? Thats something Osama bin Laden would have said.

@YoBuckStopsHere@lemmy.world avatar

Christian Nationalists are quite similar to Islamic Terrorists in their beliefs. Other than a few minor customs and the language, it’s the same. Islam is a branch of Christianity after all.


Religious extremists are surprisingly similar regardless of the religion.


I don’t believe in God, but man, Republicans do a bang up job of making them look like a raging asshole unworthy of anyone’s worship.

If this is what the Christian God is actually like, Lucifer had the right idea.

@YoBuckStopsHere@lemmy.world avatar

When you read about Lucifer you quickly realize he wasn’t evil, he was more of a freedom fighter. The Christian God acts like a dictator. God tells everyone that God is good. Everyone has to do what God says otherwise you get God’s wrath and punishment. Everyone who stands up against God is evil and punished. God tell people to do terrible things to show their devotion. There is no democracy in God’s kingdom.

These are all attributes of dictators. If people don’t do what they say then they are killed, hurt and their families as well. They make people kill other people and do other terrible things to prove their devotion. They spread propaganda against the people standing up against their regime. They make themselves out as the good guys.

Lucifer stood up against God’s tyranny and was made out to be the bad guy. That is my point of view.

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These are all attributes of dictators. If people don’t do what they say then they are killed, hurt and their families as well.

Or in this case, tortured for literally eternity with the most horrifying pain imaginable, with no chance of escape or respite, in an unimaginable forever of suffering.

Because he loves you.


Because he loves you.

…and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow, (snaps fingers), just can’t handle money!


“1 in 4 high school students identifies as something other than straight- what are they being taught in school?

Maybe that they don’t need to hide who they really are now?


Why do so many of these people think people can be convinced to be gay?


Because they spend their entire lives convincing themselves they aren’t gay


Most homophobia comes from straight people. Closeted self hating gay people are not a voting bloc. If every LGBT person in the country was closeted and self hating they still wouldn’t be a large voting bloc.

Don’t blame homophobia on queer people.


What a negative person.


Just admit you’re queer already, Mike Johnson. It’s ok.



Can people stop voting in these retards please

@CharlesDarwin@lemmy.world avatar

What a weird little freak.


This SOB probably thinks being bi means having sex with 2 people at once


In the bible god punished the atheists cooperating together to build monuments to themselves with… misunderstanding.

Before that, he punished the humans who hurt other humans with diluvial genocide.

In their own lore it shows that it’s better to be an atheist who loves their fellow man, than to be a god-fearing human paraquat.


Preaching in his position should be an immediate expulsion.


Jeez. It would be a real shame if God punished us by depriving us of Mike Johnson.


He’s a moron of the delusional flavor.


Delusional thinking is very clearly mental illness, this guy might need his security clearances reviewed if he has any


He has virtually all of them. He’s next in line for the presidency after the vice president.

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