Jordan Sather, a prominent promoter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, suggested that Swift’s life had been orchestrated as part of a sinister plot to encourage her fans to vote.

There a few other people quoted in there but it’s all the same sinister plan they are proposing: The psyop is encouraging people to vote.

Republicans see large voter turnout as a bad thing because they are less popular than they want you to think they are. This is not new, it’s just a new target.

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Swift’s life had been orchestrated as part of a sinister plot to encourage her fans to vote.

Reminds me of the time Republicans in some local election had sent out a mailer smearing the Dem candidate. There was a big box on one part of the card, in a large font against a dark background proclaiming that the Dem candidate wanted to "Educate and Transform you!"

Well, I thought, do your donors know you are campaigning for the Democrat?

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I think that’s deliberate language designed to get voters to distrust truth and facts.

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Oh for sure. Vilifying education as indoctrination is core to their platform.


they are less popular than they want you to think they are.

With all do respect, you are definitely wrong about that. According to Gallup's most recent polls a few months ago, 36% of Americans identify as "Conservative", 37% as "Moderate", and only 25% as "left wing".

Last that I checked, 36% > 25%; but I could be wrong... (no).

There is a historical phenomenon where moderate and independent voters overwhelming vote right wing during general and mid term elections. Anywhere from 66% - 75% of independents end up voting Republican.

That's the problem with your view point. You are likely projecting and don't realize it. That's okay, as it's normal psychology that you're nervous that your world view is no where near as popular as you wish that it were. That's a coping mechanism that makes people feel more positive in their belief system and to avoid feel depress or losing hope that your opponents are just... more popular and you don't understand how or why.

22 January, 2022: https://news.gallup.com/poll/388988/political-ideology-steady-conservatives-moderates-tie.aspx

Couldn't find their new poll from two months ago, but the one in my link has the exact same results.

Republicans don't want election officials to get overwhelmed with too many potentially fraudulent registrations. Voter fraud, election fraud, and voter suppression is rampant on both sides and add too many voters too soon makes it far harder to fix these problems.

If the left would only just agree to pass sweeping voter ID laws in all 50 states, then Republicans like me would have no problem ramping up voter turnout because Republicans will win by far larger margins than we currently do if there is little fraud.

Democrats say that they want to be "...more like Europe..." on a million different issues? Well, all 44 European countries have voter ID laws. So what is the problem?

This is the only major sole issue that prevents Republicans from ramping up voter turnout.

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Voter fraud, election fraud, and voter suppression is rampant on both sides and add too many voters too soon makes it far harder to fix these problems.

This is incorrect

For example, after the 2020 election, a months’-long analysis by the AP found fewer than 475 cases of potential voter fraud in the six battleground states challenged by Trump (here). For context, there were over 3.3 million votes casted for the presidential run in Arizona alone, the state AP found had the highest number of potential fraud cases (198) ( here ). The AP also found no signs of a coordinated effort and reported that “virtually every case was based on an individual acting alone to cast additional ballots.”


Lazy projection. The Trump campaign was already literally part of Russian PsyOps a decade ago.



C’mon now, we all know the primary thrust of their attacks/defenses is always “I know you are, but what am I?”. By far the most common. It’s used like half the time.


Isn’t it more "I know I am, but what are you?


Three consecutive FBI Special Councils have already proven that there was zero evidence to connect Trump to Russia. Literally it was all fake.

Hillary Clinton is the one that sold Russian state owned company Rosatom 50% of America's uranium stock piles during the Uranium One scandal. Eric Holder illegally helped Hillary to cover up her Quid Pro Quo.

The leaked DNC emails on WikiLeaks even showed DNC communications director Jennifer Palmieri admitted candidly that Hillary's corruption with the Russians was her biggest potential weakness that would hurt her 2016 presidential campaign.

Former DNC co-chair Donna Brazile admitted on CNN in an interview that the Clinton campaign made up the fake Trump-Russia story to distract voters. As CNN's own staff admitted in the Project Veritas videos, the Trump-Russia story was just a "nothing burger".

Hillary Clinton and the leftists are the only ones doing Machiavellian preemptive striking and projection. It's their modus operandi.

Vis a vis; up to 70% of left wingers are diagnosed with mental illness with antagonistic or malignant narcissist psychopathology chief among them.

Ipso facto; left wingers are thus "projection heavy individuals" --- what Sigmund Freud called "the only true evil nature in man".

According to the OSTI report and Oxford university studies, both peer reviewed studies have shown that only 8% of conservatives have been diagnosed with any mental illness, and 0.4% with narcissism. Compared to 68 - 70% of left wingers that those peer reviewed study talked about? The right is doing exceptionally well.

I would refrain from accusing "the right" of projecting when your party --- not you specifically, but your cohorts --- are chronic projectors.

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they blame everything they cannot understand on a conspiracy, because they are cowards


You mean like the democrats and their fake "Russiagate" conspiracy theories? Or, how about the Kavanaugh fake rapes that never happened? Or the Steele "Pee Pee Gate" Dossiers that turned out to be a hoax created by the Russians?

You're projecting. Try harder.

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if you don't understand that Putin owns Trump, you're an ignorant little baby person


Proof? You got evidence? Nah.

Meanwhile... the House Judiciary has Joe "Brown Pants" Biden's bank records now, with checks from the Chinese Communist Party sent directly to Biden's Delaware house office address...

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you're a clown just like Trump

Shrubs_did_911, (edited )

Quit projecting, and cope. I don't even like Trump and endorsed Nikki Haley. Trump is a New York Democrat. He was a democrat his entire life until 2016. That clown is yours, not ours.

But "Russia gate" was still fake news, and YOU are a clown for believing in that shit.


If your political party can be easily brought down by a pop singer, your political party’s problem isn’t pop singers.


The right is free to have kid Rock or whatever loser they have on their side, do the same things Taylor is doing, if they’re so concerned. Except all she’s doing is encouraging people to vote, which as we all know is bad for Republicans


Except that voter turn out is good for Republicans, since 36% of Americans are conservative, 37% are moderate, and only 25% are liberal according to this January, 2022 poll from Gallup: https://news.gallup.com/poll/388988/political-ideology-steady-conservatives-moderates-tie.aspx

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Cool the GOP should have no issue making it easier for more people to vote then right?


Yes... that... was the point of my comment? Only thing we are asking for, is for America to be exactly like Europe and approve voter ID laws just like every single European country does. Then we can make it as easy as you fucking want to vote. If you get their proof of ID, I would personally drive mother fuckers to the polls.


You’re forgetting that if a woman does it its a psyop


More specifically if a woman they don’t like does it. They like her in theory because she’s white and attractive and straight and Christian and got her start as a country singer, but then she had to go and have opinions about things, so now she’s a commie who’s destroying America, or something.


I didn’t know he was still active.

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There is seriously no end to the insane bullshit people like this think of. I couldn’t have thought of this if I tried spending hours thinking of the most ridiculously dumb theory possible.


Accusations being projections and whatnot…

Just casually glance at literally any conservative media age who funds it.


Anything that hinders the GOP is a government PsyOp. Anything that helps the GOP is God’s will.

Delusional fuckers.


Maybe this is the best simulation/timeline. Idk anymore.


Let’s hope they’re right


Excuse me what the fuck?


Makes me love her even more


The answer is simple, because reality and the truth almost never align with the goals of the right. So they invent these fantastical conspiracies to explain why the world is the way it is.

Grant_M, (edited )
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I’m a new 55 year old Swiftie.



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  • Drewlb,

    Wasn’t that 24 yrs ago before his election in Nov 1999?


    I thought the Dixie Chicks got in hot water for speaking out against GWB? Or is it some other artist/group that I’m thinking of?


    No you’re right. Sixie chicks spoke out against war and got a lot of backlash.


    I don’t think you remember it very clearly lol


    You need to shake your memory box. It’s broken.

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