Trump wishes electric car supporters 'rot in hell' in Truth Social Christmas message

In a Christmas message to his followers Monday, former President Donald Trump said he hopes supporters of “Electric Car Lunacy” would “ROT IN HELL.”

Trump’s Monday afternoon Truth Social post continued a theme he had been developing with several other posts since Christmas Eve, attacking Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is prosecuting two criminal cases against him.

The frontrunner of the 2024 presidential race for the Republican Party nomination added a missive against “THUGS,” which he said were more “evil” and “sick” than all world leaders. In the grammatically confusing post, Trump also appeared to attack Israel, which Trump lumped in with Iran, as well as both Russia and Ukraine.


Elon’s response will surely be measured and professional.

KingThrillgore, avatar



I think you’re misreading the dynamics. Elon will absolutely not stand up to trump. He’s a right-wing chud now, he needs Trump’s base who love that he’s sticking it to the woke libs because no one other than them like him anymore. He will ignore this.


I think you’re misreading the comment you replied to. It’s obviously sarcastic.

squiblet avatar

Ignoring it would be the most reasonable and professional thing to do. So, if it was anyone else, Elron would start slamming them and their businesses, but for Trumpy he probably doesn't think he should say anything bad about him, since then Trump would be out to get him for the rest of his life.


Elon and Trump are like Bevis and Butthead


Not cool


More like penis and butt face, but sure.

JWBananas, avatar

That’s ridiculous; Beavis and Butthead have way better senses of humor.


Give Beavis some sugar and caffeine and he becomes a much better leader and statesman than either of them.


Guaranteed TP for all is a hell of a promise


Two cars in every garage and TP in every bunghole.

ElBarto, avatar

What a dilemma, does Elon lick Trump’s boots or does he defend the industry he paid his way into?

cmbabul, (edited )

I cannot stand either one of these assholes, I also cannot wait to see how this plays out, does Elon kiss the ring or risk losing what has to be an extremely significant chunk of his fans. This must be what Ken Watanabe felt like in Godzilla

Hubi, avatar

If it was anyone else we’d think it was parody but Trump really says these things


I honestly can’t tell


It’s his way of garnering media engagement. The orange mobster throws whatever on the wall, including ketchup, to see what sticks. With the cult, everything sticks. Space laser lady, Jim Jordan and Mike Moses do it as well.

FlyingSquid, avatar

Since it’s Christmas: Jesus wanted a lot of people to rot in hell too… but at least he was nice about it.

LinkOpensChest_wav, avatar

Please rot in hell (endearing)

FlyingSquid, avatar

That’s why Trump doesn’t have Jesus’ way with words.


Included also are World Leaders, both good and bad, but none of which are as evil and ‘sick’ as the THUGS we have inside our Country who, with their Open Borders, INFLATION, Afghanistan Surrender, Green New Scam, High Taxes, No Energy Independence, Woke Military, Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Iran, All Electric Car Lunacy, and so much more, are looking to destroy our once great USA. MAY THEY ROT IN HELL. AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

See? They both say “everyone who doesn’t believe what I believe rots in Hell.” Jesus just put it better.


I’m sure if you wait 2000 more years, Trump will sound sane and coherent as well.

FlyingSquid, (edited ) avatar

You don’t even have to wait that long. The gospels were written decades after Jesus was supposedly executed. That means they were a totally inaccurate record of anything he ever did or said, and were almost certainly cleaned up to make him look better. So for all we know, he was as incoherent as Trump and Paul made a lot of edits.


I mean Paul definitely made some edits to the overall thesis, dude fucking sucked

ihavenopeopleskills avatar

OK...but there were many witnesses and writings of him spread all over the region. That's a lot of written accounts in many unknown places to edit.

FlyingSquid, avatar

That’s nonsense. The first writings about Jesus that weren’t in the Bible were Tacitus and Josephus almost a century later.

ripcord avatar



According to the church.

For example, in one of the works dismissed as heretical and eventually buried in a jar because even possessing it became a death sentence, the message is very different from the “give everything you have to God and church and await the end of the world” that was being thrown around by the early church:

Jesus said, “The messengers and the prophets will come to you and give you what belongs to you. You, in turn, give them what you have, and say to yourselves, ‘When will they come and take what belongs to them?’”

There were groups that were universalist (i.e. everyone gets salvation as a participation prize), but there’s not much money in that - why would you give the church what you have if what they are offering you is already rightfully yours?

Elsewhere this text has a parable that seems to liken the concept of salvation to a treasure buried in a field that we inherit, but don’t realize it’s there, so the field gets sold off to someone else who discovers the treasure and starts lending it out at interest (which is a bitingly apt commentary on the notion of tithing).

Miraculously this version of Jesus’s theology ends up not being endorsed by the people who built St Peter’s, despite the attitude being more in line with the earliest redactional layers of the canonical gospels too.


Hmmm. Vote for a guy that is actually serious about the job (Joe) or this treasonous, wannabe dictator piece of shit? HOW ARE WE STILL EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS?


We aren’t.

KonalaKoala, avatar

Well, I think the response to this could end up being “Electric car supporters wish Trump ‘rots in hell’ in Mastodon Christmas message” which could sound better here.


Sponsored by Exxon


If the GOP ever runs a Kardashian its fucking over for America.

That’s all they need, a sufficiently charismatic reality tv star.


President Kim Kardashian. Has a nice ring to it. Also sounds like a good title for a final chapter. Could they sell it? You bet your sweet republic they could.


Why would you even share this ? Nobody cares about this guy’s countless dumb statements.


Emotionally you’re absolutely right, it’s the incoherent ramblings of an idiot…but logically this idiot has a shockingly legitimate shot at being re-(!)-elected President so ignoring him is at our own peril.


He has a better chance at landing in prison


First of all, sadly, no he doesn’t. Second of all, you can still run for president from prison.


In a rational timeline sure but gestures at all the things

TechyDad, avatar

Also, somewhere around 20-30% of the country still hangs on his every word. If they are saying “we need to attack X,” it’s important to know what X is.

(Here, X is a variable, not the idiotic renaming of a certain social media network.)


Because there’s actually a risk that this person will be getting ready to take over as POTUS this time next year?


Right here on Lemmy I wish he would rot in hell. Happy Holidays y’all


I feel sorry for the man whose heart is so filled with hate that he can’t even take one day to step back from the political rhetoric, on the one day per year dedicated to peace and goodwill amongst fellow men.

It’s such a small ask. “Merry Christmas, America!” and then turn off your phone for a day and spend time with your family, dude.


The family he paid for ?

TechyDad, avatar

And he’s always been this way. I still remember, during the height of the pandemic, when he was asked what he would say to Americans scared about the deadly pandemic.

It was an easy, softball question. “I’d tell them that America is strong and together we’ll get through this.” There, I just made something up on the spot that the “America First” crowd would like.

But Trump didn’t say that. Instead, he attacked the reporter for asking such a horrible question and called him names. People are scared about a deadly disease? That must be a personal attack against me!!!

It’s so ridiculous that it would be unbelievable in fiction. You’d close the book or turn off the TV saying that this character was way too over the top. But that’s Trump!


I almost feel bad how little personal emotional and/or spiritual time he takes for himself. He continues posting this crap after his brother died, after his first wife/mother of his three eldest died, while he was getting ready to attend his younger daughter’s wedding, and more recently, after his sister died. He’s so relatitory. Just be happy or somber in these landmark occasions. His sister Maryanne who just died even seemed to be pretty important to him. He wanted to transfer colleges and Maryanne had a friend who was on their admissions team, so she set up an interview for him, and even drove him to the interview. Not to mention her being a circuit judge in New Jersey helped his casino get its gambling and liquor licenses issued quickly. She really looked out for her little brother, and he’d rather post about how due process is against him than how much she meant to him on the day she died. She’d said in Mary L. Trump’s book that Donald’s comments on how the death of their older brother Fred inspired his sobriety was emotional manipulation. Now that more impactful events have come in his life and he’s only focusing on the ones that effect him directly, I realize she was right.


I guess Trump is making the Two Minutes of Hate thing a reality…


I hate modern electric cars not because they don’t have a gas guzzling engine, but because of the fact they’re “modern” (proprietary software connected to the cellular network).

But of course, Trump only said this because all of his supporters drive gas guzzling behemoths of steel to compensate for something. And, of course, telling someone to rot in hell just because of a type of vehicle they like makes him seem like an incredibly mentally stable person…


but because of the fact they’re “modern”

Yes, modern gas cars have proprietary software connected to cell networks to track you too.


Yes, but many times you can somehow rip the thing out of there. It’s super difficult but I know like two people that managed (don’t know which models, but they were new cars). I imagine in an electric car, the main head unit is probably more connected to the actual inner workings of the vehicle, making it impossible to just replace it, along with any of the electronics it’s connected to.


You’re missing the fact that an electric car is just electric motors and a battery in a car as well. Those are exceedingly simple to install in other cars and many conversions are happening with tesla motors for example.

There is no difference. The software is what controls the cars nowadays. Single massive screens are in virtually every car now. There is nothing about being electric that makes cars more or less hackable.


How high are you right meow?


Not really.

I have a modern gas car and a modern ev, and they are comparable on this point. The telematics are invasive and have been the path for “recalls” on both vehicles.

The main difference is that the gas car does implement a legally mandated standard for diagnostics, but only for things that cannot be wrong with ev (only facets pertaining to hydrocarbon emissions). If the gas car has a problem not related to emissions, it’s proprietary diagnostics.

Once upon a time some vendors just concentrated all their stuff into a double din you could rip and replace. Then you have some with the standard form factor, but you needed to somehow keep a proprietary module in the mix or else a bunch of the car wouldn’t work. At this point, it’s generally a lost cause to even think about rip and replace of the head unit for most cars less than 10 years old.

Some folks like in a gas car they can visually see the belts and components like alternators and do their own oil changes and air filter changes while the evs generally have things more tucked out of sight. However they don’t really have analogous sorts of failures, so you would not have engine air filter, oil to change, nor any belts or associated tensioners, so it’s just replacing easily serviced components with strategies that are more robust.

You can have EVs have obnoxious components fail that are a pain to replace, but gas cars generally have the same stuff too and those are also tucked out of the way. Saw a video recently of one model where changing the timing belt required the mechanic to basically take apart most of the car, due to various obnoxious clearances.


You don’t like electric cars because of a thing that is also in modern ICE cars, and the difference is that it’s a thing you don’t understand so you believe it’s worse on electric cars?


He’s just trying to stir up anger and resentment in people. He is mentally stable. His goal is just to make people angry.


I never thought about this but you’re right, the always on tracking aspect would suck. The proprietary software not so much though. Every car in the last 20 years has this. Of course open source software connected to a cellular network would be less of an issue. So I see your point now after writing this 😋


The issue is the right to repair is being challenged in an almost unprecedented way. Propitiatory software allows the developer to cut off access to critical diagnostic abilities as well as lock basic features behind subscriptions etc. Do you really own your car? The future is being fought now.


To be honest, we’re dealing with corpos here, so a fully FOSS car is just a dream. But to be honest, if the software is not connected to any network in any way and doesn’t control stuff that could kill me in case of a bug or whatnot, AND I have the right to flash whatever I want on there and tinker with it (since it doesn’t control vital driving features, that should not be a problem), I can live with it. Only under these three conditions though.


And, of course, telling someone to rot in hell just because of a type of vehicle they like makes him seem like an incredibly mentally stable person…

…or more specifically, “a very stable genius”.

(And that’s straight from the horse’s ass mouth.)


I’m a car guy and I’ll always have gas powered hotrods but I get electric and look forward to doing electric swaps. I’m with you and have no interest in buying a car that is going to spy on me, no thanks.


What a weird fucking thing to rage about.


His followers will love it, most run gas guzzling trucks and hate electric cars and their owners with a passion.


In spite of not effecting their lives in any way whatsoever.

It’s funny really cause if it weren’t for this Musk would probably be a huge Trump fan.


I saw a Prius on the road the other day that had a decal on the back with big block letters proclaiming, “NOT A LIBERAL”. I wouldn’t’ve noticed a random Prius driving down the road, but they just had to call attention to themselves to let everyone know their political leanings. I figure it’s more to let their conservative friends know that they’re still an asshole even if they got a more eco-friendly vehicle.


He’s raged about windmills, toilets, dishwashers, he’s a fucking lunatic.

Heavybell, avatar

Tilting at windmills, you might say?


His whole schtik is raging at stuff and people reacting to it, just hard to believe it’s still working like this and how seriously people take his ramblings.


I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about electric vehicles one way or the other. But he knows his followers will love it if he says these thing, so he does. And it helps to create a stronger feeling of us vs them. Easy pickings.


Dude doesn’t care about anything but himself. Everyone should know that already, by now, but it’s still a good reminder when he says something, anything: it’s just words and he doesn’t care about that.


The news industry is a billion dollar business that thrives on your attention. Any headline like this is meant to get you engaged in the bullshit cycle.

Grant_M, avatar

Fossil fuel mafia crybabies :)


Disliking electric car users that argue/vote against regular cars but also argue/vote against public transportation 👍

Disliking electric car users because ‘machismo’ tells them that they’re somehow weaker than the regular car drivers 👎


Or we could avoid lumping issues together.

Issues around public transportation shouldn’t induce you to dislike ev car users, presuming their stance.


Generally speaking in politics, stopgaps become mostly permanent solutions, and especially in the US change happens so extremely slowly that we adopted lead bans 70 years after all comparable countries

Hoping for a better stopgap when we have even better solutions is unhelpful at best

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