Run for president on what platform? Genuinely, was he planning on running against Trump or against Biden?

Because both parties see him as a traitor. To Democrats, he was the lone senator blocking pivotal congressional action for years. To Republicans, he’s been sleeping with the enemy and pushed out what would have otherwise been a guaranteed seat in the senate so he could be a “compromise Democrat”.

So like… Who was he going to impress?


He was being courted by the No Labels group. He wasn’t going to win against Trump or Biden, but might have siphoned off several percent of voters who would otherwise go for Biden, throwing the election to Trump. Which was the whole point of trying to get him to run.


Thank you for the actual answer. I still think that’s really stupid though, as you’d have to be a fool to vote for him on his record in congress. I think it’s just as likely he’d siphon votes from Trump in that case.


Polling made it clear he’d siphon off two or three times more voters from Biden than Trump.

And yes, some people are foolish and would have voted for him.

FlyingSquid, avatar

I was wondering if I’d get to post this today. Trump only being banned from doing business in New York for three years didn’t cut it. But this works.

NegativeLookBehind avatar

The 10 people who would’ve voted for him are very upset


We had already forgotten that he even existed


Sorry, centrists. I know Biden isn’t your first choice, but…

Zeppo, avatar

This is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention that at all.


There has been ongoing discussion about the ‘no labels’ group, which has been threatening to run a well-funded spoiler candidate for over a year.


All their internal data must show any candidate they run will pull more votes from the GOP than Democrats, making their entire scam pointless.


I’ve been hearing the pundits repeat this for years, “Democrats fall in love and the GOP falls in line.” It used to be a given that any Republican who got the nomination would get all the Right Wing votes. It took a convicted rapist who talked sh%t about actual veterans to make them change their minds.


For some of them to change their minds. There are still many of them who are more than willing to vote for that scumbag.


I know one that openly accepts the rapist because that doesn’t impact how he performs. He also tries to dodge it saying the Tara Reade accusation is on the same level as Trump’s rape.


I love the logic.

Obama besmirched the Presidency when he wore a tan suit. Trump enhanced the nation’s reputation by sleeping with a porn star…

Zeppo, avatar

Obama asked for SPICY MUSTARD. Treason!


This is one reason I don’t believe that Clinton ever used underage girls with Epstein. Clinton, Obama. and the Dems in general have been under a microscope 24/7 for decades. That’s why Dem scandals involve things like standing near children and dancing in college.


I would also like to end months of speculation by announcing that I won’t run for president either.


Fuck. Welp, Trump it is then.


HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

I’m still writing you in, fucker


It’s basically too late, anyway. He would never be able to build the momentum needed to win any primary (Dem or Rep). Plus, he’s not really a likeable person, and some level of charisma is necessary to win any political race.


The idea wasn’t that he’d run in a primary, but that he would mount a third party ‘no labels’ bid in the general election. Polling made it really clear that this would throw the general election to Trump as some Biden voters would shift to Manchin, but few Trump voters would.

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