My understanding is it only effects the orange whale.


If it’s not clear, he just tends to spout whatever pops into his head.


Lying liar lies again.



You misunderstood him. With “Whales” he did not mean Cetaceae, he meant fat donors.


Like these people care about the whales.


That’s RIGHT! WINDMILLS, NOT Oil Spills, drive Whales CRAZY!


Or ridiculously powerful military and commercial sonar and pingers.


Well… if you classify trump as a whale… then yes they are driving the whale crazy.


Since when does this dude give a shit about whales?

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

Gotta get ambergris somewhere


Whales? No. But he does care about being king president of America.


Whales? No. But he does care about being king president dictator of America.

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves now.

knobbysideup, avatar

Since he saw one on that test he aced.


Ever since saying something which is contrary to the evidence about whales became a way to annoy people who care about them.


I desperately wish that somebody would ask Trump in an interview just the stupid question:

“Mr Trump, can you actually name a single species of whale that exists?”

I really don’t think he could. I think it would ruffle his feathers though, especially if you prefaced the question by stating most kids know at least 2 whales or something of the like. Set the bar super low, get him defensive about a silly dumb thing and then laugh at him when he can’t even clear it.

Quetzlcoatl, avatar


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  • AFKBRBChocolate,

    We’re taking about a guy who thinks a magnet gets destroyed if you pour water on it. There are a few things I’m pretty confident he knows - the toppings that come on a Big Mac, for instance - but it’s not a big list.


    There’s no way he knows what the special sauce actually is.


    I don’t either, but I veritably never go to McDonald’s, and never buy their burgers if I do.


    “I’ve seen many whales before. They don’t like windmills. I see them fly away as soon as they see a windmill. They say I’m the best at watching whales fly, did you know that?”


    Can we just get a single article, maybe weekly, listing the stuff Trump lied about it made up? It’s exhausting getting the constant stream of articles about each individual lie.


    To be fair, 3 lies are examined in this article, not just one.


    In another time in place, this might be funny.


    I suppose I should be satisfied, but he can churn out three lies in a sentence, so it just doesn’t feel like progress.

    inb4_FoundTheVegan, avatar

    Well that is capitalism brought to news. New daily articles gets more clicks, and ads, than an comprehensive list. That’s just the golden rule. Doesn’t matter if a thing is needed or wanted, it will still be made if there is profit to be made as well.


    No, because if they waited a whole week to print them all at once, there’d be no room in the paper for the rest of that day’s news.


    Na, trump wouldn’t just lie /s


    What's actually driving whales crazy is international shipping.


    “…many of his criticisms are untrue”

    Is ‘many’ a synonym for ‘all’ now?

    Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

    If by "driving whales crazy" he means "creating habitat for small fishes that make up a lot of their diet" then, yes, they're crazy for wind farms.


    So are Maga dorks now pro Whales? They gonna protect the whales with new laws? It is such a flimsy argument that goes not further and reveals how stupidly they lie without substance.


    Why make an effort lying well when your voters are just so fucking stupid?


    No, they’re just anti-everything else.

    Naja_Kaouthia, avatar

    Breaking news: water is wet. More at 11.

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