This makes me wonder if they’ve figured out how to deal with Trump and the bad faith far right: do the same shit they do so they dig their own hole. Lie to them as much as possible where there’s no consequences, then don’t only drop the ball when they try to pass it to you when it matters, but act like you have no idea what the ball is even for.


What all these articles miss is that the guy made less money working on this case than he did in private practice the year before. Dude was a partner at a law firm, government work doesn’t pay well at all.


If Republicans had attentions spans, they’d be so pissed right now


If those kids weren’t still embryos they couldn’t read.

Did I do it right?


Republicans need a new playbook. Simply fabricating lies based on heresay, unvetted ‘sources’ and rumors just doesn’t cut it anymore.


All they were doing was wasting time and it accomplished that


Was just thinking: sounds awfully like how a false rape accusation fuxks up the life of the accused for shits and giggles. There should be penalties, except that they’d just claim they were just ‘acting on information they received’ and claim due diligence isn’t their responsibility. It’s all bullshit.


It cuts it if it allows Turnip Dump to stay on the ballot


You say that, but it works great against their voting base.


Their voter base is “phasing out:” statista.com/…/party-identification-in-the-united… (you’d think that they would value universal healthcare more)

@HeyThisIsntTheYMCA@lemmy.world avatar

You mean like the Medicare they have to use at 65?


No it works just fine with their target demographic. They ran her testimony live on Fox News for all the MAGA heads to snicker and jeer. “See the Democrats are just as bad”.

The interview with this witness won’t even be a footnote on their late late late show broadcast.


Simply fabricating lies based on heresay, unvetted ‘sources’ and rumors just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You mean the basis of their entire religion?


They won’t ever understand that it won’t cut it in court, though. They think the Democrats are weaponizing the court system to try to destroy them, hence the convictions of all the Jan 6 insurrectionists, and the dumpster fire that is Trump’s legal life. And they think it, because they want to and have wanted to do exactly that: use the courts to destroy their opposition. So they don’t understand why when they make this up (which again, they think the Democrats are doing) it doesn’t hold up in court.


This whole thing is a distraction for the Republican base, so there's less coverage of the trial and they feel vindicated in (inevitably) ignoring any possible convictions or plea deals.

Jaysyn avatar

They are going to have to invent new terms for the amount of fucked Mike Roman is about to be.


Moron should’ve taken the plea deal. They offered him a misdemeanor with probation. For participating in a friggin coup attempt. He chose “stick my dick in a hornet’s nest” instead.


Me, I’m looking forward to it. Hope he gets his comeuppance.


Hmm… It’s sounds almost like a planned delay in Mr. Drumpf’s case…

@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

and like Bradley had an axe to grind with Wade.

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