I watched a video today that incidentally referenced Biden just after 9/11 and he was old all the way back then…


Feel like the joke here is on Trump more than anything, for all those trying to bash on Biden.


So he looks better than he actually is? Hmm


Ha ha… Oh, Ha. Huh? 😭

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Nothing screams secure about something more than always bringing it up.


The hell you on about?


I mean, being able to joke about yourself is often a sign of feeling secure about it.


He's not the one bringing it up, silly.


K. Now explain Trump… Cuz clearly that’s the joke here more than him saying he actually looks young

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Trumps a dickhead, what more explanation do you need?

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It’s not like it isn’t brought up by the media 24/7

tootoughtoremember, (edited )

No they don’t. How is this octogenarian the best option out of 340 million Americans to beat a septuagenarian with four criminal indictments that amount to over 90 felony charges?


The presidential race has never been a meritocracy

tootoughtoremember, (edited )

This sort of fatalistic, take what you are given, attitude is astounding to me.

Calling for anyone better than who is being offered is hugely different than asking for the most qualified or capable individual to do the job. On some metric I’m sure there’s a “best” candidate out of all Americans, but my complaint is about the ocean of potential candidates between “best” and what we’ve got.

And I get the “have a beer with” factor, I’m not even saying it’s a bad thing. Being likeable as a head of state can be a significant advantage when dealing with foreign leaders, international press, or promoting domestic policy.

But these men are dinosaurs. If Trump is sworn in, he’ll be older than Reagan was when he left office. And Biden is already three years older than that. How many altered diary entries are we going to hear about after they leave office, because they’ll have been dealing with alzheimer’s or dementia while in office too?


Underdogs used to sneak in.

Bet Dems tightened upafter 08, and haven’t stopped taking steps to normalizing that primaries are performative and regardless of votes, they can do what they want.

Even a decade ago people would have lost their minds if Republicans canceled a states primary.

Dems did it and everyone keeps saying it’s nothing to worry about.

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What are you referring to?


If you’re going to ask that question, you usually only get a good answer if you’re specific.

LibertyLizard, (edited )
@LibertyLizard@slrpnk.net avatar

Canceling primaries? Did that happen? I thought that would be clear but sorry if it wasn’t.


Tldr: DNC told New Hampshire to break a state law or they’d take their delegates, they didn’t break the law, so no delegates

The DNC told New Hampshire State Dem party they had to hold their primary later.

NH state law says they have to be first.

Republicans control NH state government.

The DNC order the NH state Dem party to break state law, when they didnt they removed delegates from the state making it literally pointless. And Biden also claimed he wouldn’t run it because of the date.

To make it more fucked up, Bidens campaign then spent a lot of donior money on a write in campaign for the primary he was supposed to be not running.

All so the media could try to spin this as a positive for Biden instead of a progressive winning NH again.


We have first past the post voting that has devolved into a two-party system. At no time were we ever designed to generate a best candidate.

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