The reporting I’ve read makes it pretty clear that he can’t. The bond isn’t legit, Knight did not actually agree to cover it, and lacks the capital to do so anyway.


Too bad he and his legal team are tied up all day with something else… Wonder if they have until midnight or COB to file?

That said, can’t wait to see what excuse the courts find to further reward his supreme negligence. Reduce the bond amount even more? Waive it altogether?

Edit: extension until after the election?


He’s revealing his thoughts on the next James Bond actor.


This article is dated this morning (8am ET). It talks about having to post a real bond today (April 15th) or the seizures can commence. At the time of my post its 6:30pm ET. I would expect the courts would now be closed for business and the outcome of this is decided, but I can’t find any articles tell us the outcome. Am I missing something?


Things can be electronically filed through Pacer 24 hours per day. Depending on the local rules there may be a cutoff for what is considered timely that day, but it’s usually after close of business. I wouldn’t expect any action on this today.


I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for volunteering this background info!


He’s set to reveal something or another all time time and never does.

@Zerlyna@lemmy.world avatar

Like his better than Obamacare insurance plan? Still waiting on that one.


It’s quite simple.

You get sick or hurt, you die.

Vulture Capitalists and actual vultures pick you clean.

See? Easy peasy.


So the plan part would be to make them wait until you die before picking you clean?


It was to be revealed ‘in two weeks’…9 years ago.


Eternal Two Weeks


Eternal Two Weeks of the Empty Mind


Its weirder that people willfully ignore that he has said he both has released his tax returns and that its illegal and he won’t ever release them. Logically they cannot exist at the same time.


You haven't taken into account the quantum mechanics of the tax returns, my friend!


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