@drdiddlybadger@pawb.social avatar

Sounds like a great way to get a whole bunch of kids interested in communism.


Don’t worry, they won’t learn any communist theory. They’ll just be told that it is bad, and to ask no further questions.

@agamemnonymous@sh.itjust.works avatar

They won’t learn Communist theory in school. Have you met kids? “That thing is bad, ask no further questions” is exactly the best way to get them to learn about something on their own.


I agree that they public schools should teach the history and dangers of communism. And the history and dangers of capitalism. And the history and danger of monarchies. And the history and dangers of democracy (and republics). And especially the history and dangers of fascism.

Those are all important subjects to teach, and there is not a governmental or economic system in current or previous existence that wasn’t vulnerable to corruption, inefficiency, or evil in some way. An educated populous is the way to mitigate those vulnerabilities.


Just teach the dangers of authoritarianism in general - but you see that would paint too close an image of the current republican party.


Let’s do one about capitalism


I really think these MAGAt types are feeding off Boomer-era Cold War trauma, milking geriatric delusions for all they’re worth. Think about it, how many Americans under 50 are daily concerned about communism? For most of our lives it has been a complete joke, there has been literally no reason to think communism was going to supplant capitalism in America, in any way. It’s always like “oh communism, yeah sure I’d love to live in Cuba, China, or North Korea heh”.

I think a more valuable and relevant lesson would be the history and dangers of authoritarianism, anti-democratic politics and gestures, but maybe that hits a little too close to home for the MAGAts?

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I was homeschooled by a christian cult on the virtues of capitalism and the dangers of communism.

That being said, when reality meshes with what you are taught. Usually reality wins.

What we have now is a communism profit structure for the rich, while we have rugged capitalism for the poor. If we had capitalism for the rich, many of these companies would have failed after covid-19 and the 2008 housing market crash. But our economy would have been more resilient against things like hyperinflation and even inflation.

Yet we allowed them to be saved thanks to communism, pulling our money together to save these companies, so the rich have already voted and said communism works for them. Now we are just debating on if everyone else should be apart of it.

@Theprogressivist@lemmy.world avatar

Hey DeSantis, define Communism.


“Communism is when woke.”


Define Woke.


“So, I mean, woke is sort of the idea that … um … woke is something that’s very hard to define… Umm. Sorry, I … it’s hard to explain in a 15-second soundbite.“


Take your time. 😇

@ThrowawayInTheYear23@lemmy.world avatar

And woke!

@jordanlund@lemmy.world avatar

Swap out “Communism” with “Russia” and then you have something. But I don’t think that’s a door he wants to open.


yeah this is the confusing part - they’re still able to call “communism” the “bad guy”, but then somehow cozy up with russia - the “OG communists”?


Him being stuck about 50 years in the past on the perceived threat of Communism is on point when looking at the rest of his agenda.


Considering how many repubs are sucking russias dick and putin is the guy who wants to bring back the ussr… it’s surprising he is talking shit about communism…when his entire party is sucking putins communist dick


Putin isn’t a communist, though. Far from it.


Communism and Dictatorship are opposites and not compatible at all. Communism, by definition, demands the “withering away of the state”. Putin is just a right wing dictator. He envisions himself as Russia’s literal Tzar, right down to using the crest on his massive estate compound. He has no interest in communism in either name or form.


No shit. That was the point. They’re all about how bad communism is, but are in bed with a guy who wants to bring the ussr back together. Communism doesn’t work because it turns always into a authoritarian society. The joke was that the repubs are in bed with a state that was all about communism back in putins day.


ML is an authoritarian ideology. And despite liking to use the word communist, isn’t.

Actual communism can work just fine. Authoritarians just fuck up everything always. Regardless if they pretend to be right or left.


Communism can work just fine on paper…but never will work in real life because people are just that. People.

massive_bereavement avatar

Well, conservatism pushes a lot the idea that the 50s and somehow 60s was when "America was great".
I'm perplexed they thought of getting back into mccarthyism, but of course they'll get that low if they're desperate.

I'm just worried this is a very ugly can of worms they might be opening here.


While himself governing in a manner very similar to a certain Italian 100 years ago…


Great now just require instruction on the dangers of fascism, AND nationalism


Choosing what Religions are real and what Students HAVE to be taught in School is called SMALL GOVERNMENT!

@FenrirIII@lemmy.world avatar

The 1st Amendment is more of a guideline


Great. Now do the same for nationalism. Explain how’s it’s just macro feudalism where people get horny for killing other people because they don’t have the same colour flag. Just look at THE ENTIRETY of European history. Then we can compare that to the blip that is communist atrocities.

Like comparing an elephant to a flea.


Totally cool. Totally normal.


Oh yay, jingoist lies and propaganda are making a comeback.

I’m sure they’ll remember to accurately point out how every government that has ever claimed to be communist was actually a right-wing dictatorship.


He might want to take note of this and start pushing for Ukraine funding!

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