Vatican sovereign immunity upheld

The U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota has dismissed a lawsuit brought by four plaintiffs who were sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests when they were children. In Keenan v. Holy See State of Vatican City, decided Aug. 14, the court found that the Holy See has sovereign immunity.

Three brothers—Benedict, Luke, and Stephen Hoffman, as well as James Keenan—are now adults who were abused by Roman Catholic priests assigned to parishes in dioceses in Minnesota.

DougHolland, avatar

The Catholic Church has been diddling children with impunity for 2,000 years and they’re never going to stop.

MonsieurHedge avatar

Infuriating. The Vatican should be bombed into rubble.


Send in a team to get their files first so we can prosecute the kiddie-fiddlers they’re still hiding. Once that’s done and the fireworks are over, you could sell off chunks of rubble like they do with pieces of the Berlin wall. Nice way to finance the operation after the fact.

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