What custom uBO filter lists do you use?

Title says it all. Do you use custom filter lists in uBO? If yes: Which ones?

Here are the ones I use:

Also great website to find many more filter lists: filterlists.com


Anything beyond defaults will give you a permanent unique browser fingerprint, as ublock lists are detectable in the DOM




you can see your ublock filter lists on browserleaks.com


Dunno. That would mean websites would know what filter lists inside an adblocker browser addon you use, which I can't imagine tbh. But I'd say it's a gamble. With more block lists you can achieve more privacy but maybe (if privacybro is right) fingerprinting you is easier. You decide what is the right choice to make here.


you can see your ublock filter lists on browserleaks.com

Vexz, (edited )

To me it looks more like this website tries to guess what filter lists I'm using. In my case it for example detects "EasyList Portuguese", "Latvian List" and some others that I definitely don't use. Also there are some lists it doesn't detect. It definitely makes it easier to fingerprint me but it can't tell exactly all the lists I use.

But it also detects other addons like Dark Reader. And since pretty much everyone has their own set of addons in their browser they're easy to fingerprint anyway. One probably should just use uBO with standard filters as the only addon and that's it. But I can't live without Dark Reader and some other addons that I use. That sucks but it is what it is. At this point adding additional filter lists probably won't make it worse.


took longer than expected


How do you add custom filters to ublock?


Open uBO settings > Filter lists > scroll down and click on import > a text box opens where you put the links of your custom filter lists (one per line) > apply changes

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  • DreadPotato,
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    That Paywall bypass filter hasn’t removed or bypassed a single paywall for me ever


    Me either, I still keep it though

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    Genuine question, what do you mean by ¨seo-shit" from Brave Search?


    Defaults as I’m lazy

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