OC D&D Item Card Template v1.1- A Simple, Effective LaTeX Template for Generating Item Cards

Hey there everyone, I am back with v1.1 of my Latex Template for making D&D Item Cards. I received one major point of feedback from multiple people in the fediverse: make an option for fixing the card dimensions for easier printing and distribution/storage at the table. So that is exactly what I did!

Now you can choose the (admitedly more user-friendly) option of letting the card length vary for digital distribution, or you can fix the card aspect ratio. The item art background and text backgrounds can also now be changed, and a number of options have been included for item art backgrounds, but you can use whatever images you want.

Example Cards

The fixed-size cards are 5:7 by default, the same as playing cards. They include a front and back side for longer item descriptions, but you will have to edit the text more carefully and decide where to split between front/back content.

For the printable card item art, I highly recommend using a PNG with a transparent background and modifying tcolorbox interior style to set your background. Ensure your backgound art is close to 7:5 for best results. You can also load your image as the background art if you'd like instead, again, making sure it is in 7:5.


This is the true power of LaTex

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All shall tremble before the superior typesetting experience.

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