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Introducing… hmmmm…


This is fine, but don’t make disabling ads and other tracing hidden under sudo commands that no one is going to guess.

Knowing how windows works sudo isn’t going to mean what we think it means. It’ll be like sudo for some things, and admin sudo for other.

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not the onion


the most common uses of sudo are: pacman -Syu and apt update && apt upgrade. Windows needs proper CLI for the Microsoft Store or else windows sudo is quite lame.

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winget install




Old saying still applies if something isnt working:

Linux: be root

Windows: reboot

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"Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power!"

something, something Arch BTW

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Legit didn’t realize until this news came out that windows didn’t have that same sort of “lawl, yes, I know what I’m doing and accept it might break my shit if I’m wrong” override access… but then I stopped using windows at 7 and only started again with 11 when my Linux beast died. (Temporary and migrating off already!)

I never really used cmd on windows, everything was gui… but I prefer terminal to gui on Linux (idk why, maybe just because it’s different and feels more in control. Also verbose logs are sexy).


Command line stuff on Windows (server) is in a pretty decent state now, imo. It’s not perfect but more and more is manageable with powershell. It took some time to really grok that you’re basically always working with objects but I’m a big fan and now quite dislike having to deal with just “text” output when I do something in Linux. (Probably also because I need to do a lot less in it so I’m not used to it as much)

Personally again I also like the naming scheme much more than how it’s done in bash. If I need to do something I don’t know I can search the command by using logical words. E.g. I want to change the properties of a service but don’t know the command by heart I can use

Get-Command service

And I’ll get a list of all commands that contain the word service.

When it comes to admin privileges you simply have the privileges of the account you used to start the session, which has its’ own dangers I suppose since it requires you to maintain account hygiene yourself.

LPThinker, (edited )

If you dig the structured output of powershell, you might want to check out Nushell. It’s a cross-platform shell that builds on powershell’s structured data approach but is much less verbose and, in my opinion, more intuitive than both powershell and Posix shells.


Thanks, will check that out.


You could do it, you just had to run your terminal as administrator.
Just right click the terminal, and “Run As Administrator”.


It’s weird that its just “sudo” and not “Get-Admin-Acces”


It might just be an alias to a function similar to what you posted. Because like you can do curl but it really just calls invoke-webrequest, or ls for Get-ChildItem.

It is kind of weird that I took him this long to put this out though. I imagine a lot of people wrote their own version of this and it all probably very nearly the exact same.


Indeed. The name doesn’t follow the conventions of other commands in Windows/Powershell at all. And it is inconsistente too. “sudo” stands for “super user do”, but in Windows the notion of super user is called administrator. This will likely also cause confusion with people googling for “sudo” and getting to *nix related pages instead.


Nah, you can just google “windows+sudo” and look at if your results talk about unix or windows. And if they’re post 2024


No, it really is super simple, just:

<span style="color:#323232;">Set-HostElevatedPrivilege -SubstituteUser Administrator -Privilege [Microsoft.Automation.HostPrivilege]::new("Administrators", $(hostname)) -Credential $(Get-Credential) -Command "ping"
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It's more complicated than that. It seems to be able to configurably block user input for sudo'd commands, retain the existing environment, ditch it and open a new window, and remember that you've sudo'd in the last minute or so.


When are they going to add sudont? You know, the NT version of sudo 😹

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More like SudoExW


This means I no longer have to use my workaround command that loads a new terminal window with admin privileges!

Now, I might not completely loathe using Windows at work.

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Aww that’s cute, they’re trying to be big boy computers now

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I’ve been using gsudo for a long time, its a game changer.


they should name it something else so searching for it doesn’t conflict with unix sudo


That’s the point, embrace, extend, extinguish.

Or enshitify perhaps.


Windows is way ahead of the other operating systems. Not even gonna name them because they’re worthless

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