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If I have EA Play and PS Plus gives away an EA Play game, can I claim it in my PS Plus library?

In the past I used to have EA Play (2 or 3 years ago) but for some stupid reason if I had for example Titanfall 2 in my library added for EA Play and then they gave it away in PS Plus there was no way to claim it in my PS Plus library because “I already had it added in my library”, although it was for EA Play license and not...

VOTE: Should we merge with c/PlayStation under the c/playstation community? (upvote one of the two comments within this locked post to vote. Upvotes/downvotes on the post itself will not be counted)

This week c/PlayStation ownership was handed over to us (the mods of !ps5). In an effort to concentrate our community building efforts under one umbrella, we are proposing bringing all PS5 content under the broader PlayStation community....

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