Brand new kbin users, start here

Welcome to kbin and m/quickstart!

All screenshots were taken using the kbin Web version on chrome for android, unless otherwise specified.

How to use this guide

This article is a work in progress, but what I am hoping to achieve is an easy to follow, quick to consume guide that presents you with the knowledge you need in a somewhat logical order.

To that end, I have divided it up into sections, or 'tiers'. The idea being that once you are confident at one tier, you can move up to the next. So let's start with...

1. Lurker Tier

Intro to subscriptions and magazines (kbin communities)

Other basic navigation

Voting and boosting content

Optional quality of life settings

Exploring the Fediverse

Useful information

2. Contributor Tier

Basic terminology

Don't worry if all these terms don't click with you right away. You might even be able to disregard a few of them. Either way, you can always come back and refer to this later.

Staying engaged

3. Addict Tier

To make good use of the tips in this tier you must have the prerequisite knowledge from tiers 1 and 2.

Tips in this tier may also be quite quirky (e.g. only works on desktop) or require detailed explanations. Or they might be advanced niche tips for users looking to get the absolute most out of kbin.

Although you've reached the end, this article is still a work in progress. If you've any corrections, or feel something is missing, you can reach out to @Friend or post to m/quickstart. Thanks for reading!

FirstSeaLord avatar

Hey, sorry for necroposting but I thought this might be a couple good things to add.

What's a tag and what's a badge?

My guess (not sure tho):
badges seem to be linked to magazines so like reddit post flairs? , tags are more like hashtags on Twitter/mastodon?

Akilou, (edited )

Do you mind if I list some of the questions that I've had and still have and you could incorporate the answers into this post? No need to answer them one by one, but you may see a commonality that may resolve a few of these questions in one go with a simple explanation.

  • What is kbin? How is it different than Lemmy? How is it the same? Why do I always see them mentioned together?
  • kbin vocabulary: What is a magazine? What is a thread? What is a comment? What is a microblog?
  • What is a boost? How is it different from an upvote?
  • Is there a mobile app?
  • What is a "federated server"? What is an "instance"?
  • What's all this about "federation" and being able to see content from elsewhere? Where is elsewhere?
  • On this site (for example), what does it mean when I see, squabbles,io, or
  • Do I need an account on all of the websites mentioned above? If not, how do I see content from the others on my kbin homepage?
  • what is the relationship between /news on one site and /news on another?
Friend avatar

I don't mind at all - thank you for putting down so many great questions!

I have made an effort to answer some of your questions in the OP after numerous edits! I know there are still some missing but I'll get there eventually!

In the meantime please let me know if the answers are difficult to follow, or if you've thought of any more questions. Thanks in advance :)

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