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OpenAI execs warn of “risk of extinction” from artificial intelligence in new open letter

Strategically vague statement on AI risk prompts critic response.


@arstechnica just like the movies

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@arstechnica The only thing threatening us with extinction is the parasitical ultrarich of the world, and we should really start focusing on doing something about THEM, instead of constant anti-AI scare tactics.


@arstechnica you do now that Sam Altman is a yes?

We’re doomed

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@arstechnica @QuetzalCoatl nnamobene....

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Billionaires are already causing , including of humans. designed and controlled by them may accelerate the process. We need to regulate billionaires (and others controlling AIs).


@arstechnica scare mongering

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@micahjava @arstechnica OpenAI has a VERY vested interest in forming such regulations themselves in a way that effectively locks out their free open-source competition (OpenAI being somewhat ironically closed and moving away from being a non-profit). News like this is also pumped up because it takes headlines and anger away from the very real issues that are already causing mass extinction thanks mainly to the petroleum companies.

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