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So I'm kind of experiencing some cognitive dissonance the last days, I really enjoy the programming language, but the BDFL is kind of really getting more and more unhinged with a lot of statements. And as a person that actually cares about people and things like social issues, it's very much grating, they are also in many cases making the community less welcoming, to the point that I would suggest anyone learning the language to stay away from the official forums.

The problem is that I really enjoy using the langauge, there is very few languages that has the clearity and simplicity of working as nim does, it's a really comfortable langauge to work in that just suits how I think. Probably I could just continue on using it and just stay away from the community, I don't know, it's all kind of saddening.

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@sotolf I recently started learning Nim after a friend first told me about it. I usually just see tools as tools and don't care much about the developers or their opinions about other things, but I do like to see this language succeed tho and stuff like this doesn't seem to help. Maybe they should try to be a little more organized, but I also hope that more people start to see the value in this language and appreciate it as a tool. Most of the hurdles I face in Nim is due to it being unpopular 😕

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