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    @AlSweigart You might want to check the "Union" by and that just premiered at the festival. It follows a group of employees that try to mobilize the workforce to unionize

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    You’d have to work within the legislation. So, what legislation is it? Where is your fictional workplace? Just having a game that ignores the law will mean it will fail, as training. (And as someone who worked in the game, I warn you that new governments like to change things.)

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    @AlSweigart my office just unionized. I could hook you up with some organizers, but have you considered reaching out to academics or historians?

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    @AlSweigart my friend @wobs may have advice

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    @mrcompletely @AlSweigart I have been on an organizing campaign a time or six. Happy to help where I can!

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    I can't help you, but this is a hella cool idea.

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    @AlSweigart I can't help you at all, but that sounds so cool

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    @AlSweigart I vaguely know some people who tried to unionize their tech start up, Mapbox. See but (I didn't follow the story properly to be honest) I think the Mapbox management quashed the rebellion and they didn't get recognised as a union. But I reckon some of those folks are into video game dev too.


    @AlSweigart What an interesting mod. Would certainly play should it go live.

    peltast, avatar

    @AlSweigart Your local library may have Fight Like Hell by Kim Kelly and A Collective Bargain by McAlevey which would be good reading for this.


    @AlSweigart I'm a longtime union member and officer, though I've no experience in organizing new chapters/workplaces. Happy to answer questions/help anyway I can, though.

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