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Paul Waldman says,

"If Donald Trump gets back to the Oval Office, it will be because — once again — rural Whites put him there. Which is why I hope that White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy, my new book with Tom Schaller, will be particularly timely as we head into the general election."

Then he provides an overview of the book, which explores the implications of this central finding:



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"The more we looked into patterns of public opinion, the more it became clear that rural Whites are more likely than other Americans to express racism and xenophobia; to fall prey to conspiracy theories; to have the thinnest commitment to foundational democratic principles; and in extreme cases, to support violence as a political tool."


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"While those kinds of beliefs can be found everywhere, if they are particularly prevalent among rural Whites, America has a serious problem on its hands. That’s because while rural Whites are treated with kid gloves — and often lauded as the realest of 'real' Americans — they also wield outsize power in our political system."


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"Not only are they given added political leverage by the Electoral College and the anti-democratic design of the U.S. Senate, in state after state, Republicans have built their own power on drawing district lines to maximize the electoral influence of rural Whites."


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