This African bird will lead you to honey, if you call to it in just the right way

A wild African bird that will famously lead people to trees filled with honeycomb seems to somehow learn the distinct whistles and calls of the human foragers who live near them.

Scientists have long puzzled over this unusual cooperative relationship between humans and a wild animal. This bird species, the Greater Honeyguide, is not domesticated at all, and no one trains them.

Yet in Tanzania, Hadza foragers can use a special whistle to attract this bird, which will then flutter down and start chattering away to lead them to honey.

In Mozambique, meanwhile, honey hunters with the Yao community will attract these birds with a trilling sound followed by a low grunt, which sounds like brrr-humph.

read moer:…/african-honeyguide-bird-calls-honey-hum…


This is very strange indead

x4740N, (edited )

Scientists are probably puzzled because they are stuck with the experience of capitalistic dystopia and concrete jungles while the honey hunters are actually in nature experiencing nature for what it is and learning from it

Today’s humans in modern society have lost our ancestral knowledge and the potential to expand upon that


That phased usually used by press and press release to make it sounds good, in reality they know this exists, but unlike the general public, they asked why and how, and actually go out there to study it.


Humans in the past studied things by learning from nature and adapting and building upon it


Human right now still do.


I was just coming here to say this! There is so much cooperation in nature, it is the rule not the crazy exception. How would all this even exist if everything was out to get you all the time?

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