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He's also manipulating his karma score, has to be.
This is him at the start of the AMA:


And after:


How could his karma have only gone down by ~300, when he was downvoted thousands of times?


Hah, you see, reddit has a feature that doesn't allow your karma to go down more that x amount from one comment/post or something like that

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Well, that I did not know. I guess that would be the reason.


What a twat


I was actually worried when I first saw the AMA post. I thought Reddit was going to back down on the API costs and decentralized nostr and fediverse projects would go back to niche services "too technical" for broad adoption


I am a technical person but I didn’t know about fediverse projects because it is not my domain and I didn’t have a strong enough reason to go looking for better solutions. Oh boy, am I glad spez pulled this stunt so I could land all the way here!


I think fediverse used to only popular around foss communities, which mostly consist of technical people but technical people do not necessarily always stumble around foss communities.


What is this a sign of?

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Specifically? That the response was already prepared in advance, in fact they probably have the response to most questions already answered, in a Q: question A: answer mode, and spez forgot to remove the "A:"

More broadly? That spez doesn't care about us, using pre-made answers and all

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Ooooooh I see, that makes sense!


Considering the things he’s already said, it’s probably for the best that he’s not responding on his own lol


I'm not sure that's really necessarily a sign of that tbh. Answering AMA's starting with A: was pretty common on reddit back in the day.


that’s true, but considering his other comments don’t have it and he did edit it out makes it well, more suspicious


TBH, it's crazy that they would engage in a public forum about such a public, contentious subject without preparing everything in advance. You'd normally want to vet your answers and make sure you don't make things worse... Which they did.

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The redditor spez is replying to is also probably a reddit plant.


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