Kbin had way less users but same activity.... Doing my part!


Those are some big boy numbers. 2 mil posts and almost 1/4mil active users. Getting there!

Lemmylefty, avatar

138k active users to 554k total users is about 25%, which I would imagine is significantly higher than most social media.

Is someone marked an active user if they ever voted or posted a comment/post, or do they drop off if they haven’t done so in 14 days?

Dave, avatar

Active is only creating a post or comment. Voting doesn’t count. Simply because of how Lemmy counts, which will be different to how bigger sites count their own users.

But also Lemmy really took off over the past 2 months. So if people signed up, posted once, then never came back, they will still be listed as an active user because of how little time has passed.

1984, avatar

The active user count is bullshit in my opinion. We know most users are just reading and not posting or commenting. Those users are invisible in these stats.

An active user should be anyone who logged into Lemmy in the last 30 days.

This also means that small instances with a low amount of “active” users could have a lot of users actually using it in silence.

Active should mean “using Lemmy”, not posting.

nils, (edited )

Maybe a good middle ground would be an user that upvotes. That would include all the lurkers, that contribute by upvoting/downvoting.

1984, avatar

Yeah it would improve the stats to be more realistic and it could probably be implemented as well, at least easier than logins which probably is not even federeted.


I joined lemmy when they killed Apollo. Should have done it so much sooner, this is way better!

4am, avatar

Something hilarious that I discovered: If you still have an old copy of Alien Blue on your phone, it still works. Haven’t tried all the functions but I guess the API key must be the same as the official app (since they bought it and just started working on it).

I’m staying off reddit because my big mad protest will surely convince a corporation not to ruin itself by having no decent plan to become profitable (ha), but if you’re looking to still browse with a not shitty app it might still be working lol


Before Reddit killed Apollo, Lemmy was really lacking in daily content. Now we’ve reached a point where I can open the app multiple times a day and see new content.


I think there were a lot of issues around trending older posts eclipsing newer posts meaning older posts stayed on the front page too long. That seems to have improved recently though

harry_assman, avatar

It was the same for me. I think joined the same day. To be honest, I haven’t looked back at reddit. I enjoy the communities here, and some devs to great work on apps like memmy and mlem. Both feature a lot of Apollo App.


I quit the moment Baconreader could no longer fetch API and deleted my 10 yr account. Lemmy is amazing, especially in its potential down the road in my view.


Same, but Boost for me.

stebo02, avatar

boost gang rise up


We up in here


I only used Reddit thanks to Sync. Credit to the dev as they announced they were moving to Lemmy as part of their last update. I thought, what is Lemmy? Let me try it out.

Now I’m here. If it wasn’t for Spez being an idiot killing the APIs, I wouldn’t have known Lemmy existed. So for the first and only time, that’s Spez for encouraging me find something better.


Go outside and watch bamboo grow!

Shadywack, avatar

Go outside and touch some rhododendrons.

theodewere avatar

what if they touch back


then a friendship has been made

theodewere avatar

i'll probably say something awkward, and be embarrassed.. then i'll have to see that rhododendron when i walk the dog.. and neither of us will really know what to say, so we'll just sort of nod.. i'm not sure i'm ready for that right now..


Probably for the best Rhododendron’s hate dogs

theodewere, (edited )
theodewere avatar

sad when two members of the Animal Kingdom get bullied by a plant, but there we are.. how will i face my ancestors..


How do you think they survived long enough to give you their fears of outside and nature’s uncaring cold floral sirens song? You face them the same way they face you, staring at their feet and smiling without showing teeth.

theodewere avatar

lol that's terrific


Whatever happened to the hackers that were releasing reddit’s internal bullshit? Did they finally get payed and is that why spez is that extra bit of desperate?


It’s still down 10 hours later!

This is big. Something is happening there.

stebo02, avatar

nah it’s operational, it was only down for a short while:


It was down when I posted that comment. I went to sleep with Reddit down and woke up with Reddit down. I read people here saying that it was down at different times in that period. I was a bit hopeful that this was the end of Reddit.

I’m so sorry for my mistake, I hope you guys can forgive me some day.

1984, avatar

I felt hope for a second there and you killed it.

Hope you are happy.



I’ll forgive you! Hugs and kisses 🤗 fuck u/spez 🤡


I will never be able to forgive you. This was an unforgivable mistake. /s

pelotron, avatar



Shit. Where are people going to tell Spez to fuck himself now?

Diprount_Tomato, avatar



f u/spez

Hm… it’s not the same.


he has no power here

user224, avatar


Oooooooh! You need to put a space there.


I don’t know, I’ve still been seeing that a lot on Lemmy, too.


Let me get this right. Sync for lemmy comes out… Reddit goes down…



Typing from infinity for lemmy


What’s Reddit?

makingStuffForFun, avatar

I think I know that place? Was it… a dream? I’m not sure.


Unexpected Skyrim.


Remember Digg? It’s basically like that.

ahriboy, avatar

Reddit did the Digg. It’s already buried into oblivion.


It’s just more gradual with reddit because of how development works now


A closed source centralized Lemmy alternative


Sounds too brittle. No thanks.

Fissionami, avatar

That was Good

Metal_Zealot, avatar

whats a “spez”?

Diprount_Tomato, avatar

Idk but fuck spez


It’s a fleshlight modeled to look like a pez dispenser. When the mouth pops open, instead of candy coming out, your c#*k goes in.


Did you know you can say cock on the Internet? Fuck, piss, shit, and cum too. What an amazing place this internet thing is!


I refrained in fear of summoning OPs mom.


Some Lemmy instances censor some words


You must have paid for a better internet access. Every time I say pi$$, $ht or c0k it just keeps replacing the characters. It’s really annoying when you try to talk about fish and nobody knows what you say when you type seaba$$


That would be annoying, since my password is pisscockshit.


I tried to hack your account, but it didn’t let me log in with p|$$c0%k$h|t.

cokane_88, avatar

You can tell when people use speech to text because all the F*cking swear words are censored and there’s no punctuation


Sir I don’t know what the **** your talking about full stop text to speech has been nothing but wonder fuel for writing elaborate sentences and paragraphs on my social media feeds

cokane_88, avatar

“wonder fuel for writing” lmao sure about that?


I was making fun of speech to text software colon right parenthesis


The Sunday Newspaper Insert of the Internet.

4am, avatar

Hey i got yelled at for telling someone not to go hard on reddit tropes, so let’s do some instead to make up for it:

The CVS receipt of the Internet


I just went to It looks like it's up but all of the posts on the main page are from 9 hrs ago or older (I didn’t scroll very far to see if there were newer ones).

I went to the search and looked up Redditalternatives. I got two error messages - "We had a server error..." and "Request failed." But the sub appeared behind the error pop ups. I see sub posts from 2 and 4 hrs ago.

Does this mean that Reddit is down? I don't want to engage too much with the site to find out.


And nothing of value was lost.


Always upvote “The Critic” references.


Really there’s a lot of value lost because of all the knowledge and solutions that have been posted there. I use solutions to obscure problems and tutorials are posted there from five years ago. It’s a shame that some of those will be lost along with a whole bunch of history

4am, (edited ) avatar

Don’t kid yourself. Reddit was valuable to pretty much all of you or else you wouldn’t continuously shitpost about it.

Also I know you’re a former redditor because you’re parroting the same tired-ass old line that is top comment on every thread about something bad happening to someone or some thing they don’t like. Get some new material.

EDIT: Speaking of getting new material, I should try not to be as snarky. Get the alien out of your head, my man. We don’t need to do that to entertain ourselves anymore. I apologize to @errer, and I take that shit back. I hope you got a laugh out of it as intended, even though there was no real way to tell it was supposed to be a bit cheeky.

It did still frustrate me to see all that knowledge just hand-waved like what happened was no big deal. I guess “couldn’t have happened to a nicer boardroom” or something would have clicked better lol but I’d imagine we’re probably on the same page about it at the end of the day.

Anyway, let’s all be cool, Lemmy fucking rocks, we’re nice here, save the sarcasm for mocking actual malice instead of eating each other. I’ll try to be better.


I think both things can be true – we have a superior replacement, so Reddit is now of considerable lower value, but also Reddit was super important to me and I’m still deeply invested in it’s “demise”.

I certainly think that reports of Reddit’s death are greatly exaggerated and also would like to see less Reddit-related content, but I think there’s space for people who were avid Redditors to have become true believers in the fediverse.


Also, I’m open to people who disagree with my assessment that Lemmy is superior – if things like number of MAUs or site stability are the most important thing to you, then you’ll definitely disagree and that’s fine! I more meant that people can change and evolve over time and that doesn’t make them hypocrites.


I wonder how searchable Lemmy will be compared to Reddit. Even during/after the blackout, I still get the best results on Google by adding to most of my searches. When there’s a way to do that for Lemmy (even via a dedicated fediverse indexing site), and it has even a decent fraction of the utility that searching Reddit via Google has, I’ll be real happy.


You’re on a post discussing the potential funneling of Reddit users to, yet criticize someone for potentially being a Reddit user?

This is the first impression you’re setting for them; you’re not protecting Lemmy nor are you representing it.

Chill dude, let it organically change if you’re tired of Reddit, a lot of people are too.


You do know which community you’re posting in right?


As much as I’d love to ditch Reddit completely, I just had to use information from a few Reddit posts to fix an issue on my home server. I hate to say it, but Reddit is extremely valuable.


Use it while you can, too bad I blanked all my comments, including the ones with support tips, oops! 👿

(there are Reddit content backups out there, but whatever)

samus12345, avatar

Yes, as an archive of obscure solutions it’s valuable. It will lose that value as time goes on, though.


That can change, and already has begun. What made Reddit special was exactly what we’re doing now, discussion. All it’s going to take is for fediverse content to be searchable (if it’s not already searchable) and it’s game over for Reddit.


The reason everyone is so mad is because reddit has been so valuable and useful this past 15 years and they are ruining it.


And it was so valuable and useful because we, the former redditors, made it that way. They’re ruining the hard (and free) work people did over those 15 years to make it useful. The good thing is it’s been shown to be entirely replaceable, and made better by taking control out of corporate hands.

The special (and valuable) thing about Reddit was its passionate users. Take that away and what’s left?


In a way, we were all Spez. Fuck us all!




Exactly, we all helped build reddit for what it is today. They repeatedly showed its users and moderators that all they care about is filling their pockets. The API death is just a symptom, but the disease will spread.


I bought Reddit Gold back in the day “to help keep the servers up”… and what did I get!? 😠

(…well, actually happened to sell a few random Moons from r/cryptocurrency for slightly more than what I was foolish to spend on Reddit Gold, so that kind of worked out 🤔)


Nice to hear your a big softie and not only do you let companies walk all over you but you defend them for it😂


Why did you extrapolate his disdain for the same beat up (and demonstrably untrue) sentiment for support of Reddit? You realize that one can dislike the corporation while simultaneously understanding and accepting that a VERY large amount of users are still on it? The vast majority of users could not give less of a fuck about API charges or the various third party apps which got axed.

Before I left Reddit, I remember a post on r/sysadmin that the mods had made showing how many people actually used which platforms to consume the content on that sub. Surprisingly, people using third party apps and old.Reddit made up less than 20% (maybe 10%) of participants.

Now could argue that those 10-20% of users were the ones who made the sub worth browsing but it would be a baseless comparison as we don’t know that to be 100% true, for all we know they’re just lurking and not really contributing.

All of this is evidenced by the fact that a lot of big subs that the casuals who use the awful Reddit app / new Reddit website are back to open now with people mindlessly scrolling them and getting served up ads.

Look I want to believe as badly as you seem to that a few users leaving Reddit will be it’s downfall but the reality of the situation is that they’ve just trimmed the fat and all the power users running 3rd party apps and adblockers left.

4am, avatar

Maybe read the comment again? Reddit was a wealth of actual information and solutions to weird problems that can’t be dug up from FAQs and product support pages; links to old driver downloads, tutorials on how to get different software to work together in ways that the devs don’t really have time to support, etc. and that’s just for software. I’d image it’s the same for many other hobbies; hell, industries even.

Now comments are deleted, people with knowledge aren’t posting as much, and (yes, purely out of spite) i’m not logging in so a lot of that discussion is now inaccessible to me (and many others).

So despite your incorrect assumption that I’m bootlicking for reddit corpo, it’s the opposite. I’m pissed at those assholes for taking the time to create something valuable to pretty much anyone online and then just cutting it off. Find a better way to become profitable.

Something of value was lost.


It’s best to assume everyone here was a redditor, I included.


I think “myself” is the word you’re looking for.


sory, no good with grammer


All good!


Yes it was valuable. Before July. Now it has lost its value.


Reddit was valuable

Indeed, it “was”.


Don’t kid yourself. Reddit was valuable to pretty much all of you or else you wouldn’t continuously shitpost about it.

It doesn’t really work that way. Lots of people visited subreddits like cringetopia, whatcouldgowrong, confidentlyincorrect, etc. Basically a compulsion to kill time by gawking at dumb people doing dumb stuff. That doesn’t mean those subreddits or that use of time had actual value, even to that specific person though.


It really does work that way. In fact, I’d say attention is one of the most valuable things on the internet. Giving something your attention not only implies it has value to you, but it gives that thing actual monetary value for advertisers.


Giving something your attention not only implies it has value to you

This is what we’re talking about: value to me specifically.

If something has no benefit to me, I can see that doing it is a personal flaw but I still can’t resist the compulsion (could be anything: time wasting reddits, crystal meth, alcohol) then it seems really weird to conclude that I “value” it. I’m pretty sure most people don’t use the word “value” like that: it’s for something that has a benefit to the person. In this case, the “value” is negative if anything.


Do you value your time?


Do you value your time?

Sure, generally speaking yes. Who wouldn’t say that?

Here’s your problem though: the process of logic where you look at someone’s actions and conclude that they wouldn’t have performed the action unless it was valuable to them only works if:

  1. Everyone is a perfectly rational agent that only chooses to perform actions that they believe will benefit them.
  2. Everyone is capable of perfectly predicting whether an action will benefit them overall.

Obviously neither of those things are true. Even if #1 was true, your approach still would run into problems because you wouldn’t know if a particular action was a misprediction (that actually didn’t end up providing value to that person) or whether it truly was beneficial. Since humans are both often quite irrational and pretty bad at predicting effects to boot, well… back to the drawing board.


I know you’re a Redditor too lol you can tell just by how you wrote your comment. the snarky dissenting takedown, the fatigue over redditisms, the righteousness mixed with hypocrisy, etc

4am, avatar

Agree with all except the “righteousness mixed with hypocrisy” - I didn’t whip out “and nothing of value was lost” or “this”. Complaining on the internet isn’t a reddit trope, it’s been around since the beginning.

And now that I read my comment again, i remember that stupid comic with the crow doing standup and goddamnit i’ve been reddit brained



It had value before. It doesn’t anymore. Not a hard concept to understand.


Also, it was full of knowledge that has been deleted. I’m starting my Linux journey and every error I get has at least one Reddit post about it. Most answers are deleted and I have to go on other sites.

I’d say we did lose a lot. It’s akin to an autodafé.


Why are so many people openly hostile towards redditors? Are you trying to get us to leave?

What you’re failing to realize is that Lemmy needs new users in order to grow. You may not like the bitching, but it keeps conversations going which drives more engagement to the site.

Stop trying to push people away from the platform. People need an alternative to reddit. They’ve been a monopoly since 2010; it’s time for that to change. Won’t happen if redditors don’t want to come here because they feel unwanted.

So please, try to chill the fuck out. And leave us be.


agreed, redditors are welcomed in the fediverse!


They got here from Reddit 5 minutes earlier, so that makes them OG lemmings and gives them the right to shit on the latecomers, don’t you know? 😉

1984, avatar

You are welcome. It’s just some users that didn’t get their hug from mom today.


Uhm, dude has his account for two months, so I think it’s save to assume he also is a Reddit refuge. Oh, you know what, it actually says so in his profile.

4am, avatar

Am a reddit refuge. Not trying to push anyone out, but we have the chance to change the old ways before they take hold here.

Also, as I stated in my post, I think that something of great value was lost. reddit was valuable. I still get reddit links in most of the things i search for (actually, it feels like even more now) for basically any specific computer or technology questions I’m looking into. Half the time it’s deleted, half the time I can’t see the thread without logging in and I’d really rather stand my ground.

So yeah, for better or for worse, the internet just experienced some big-ass brain drain. I’d say that was something of value.

Fuck /u/spez though

GuyDudeman, avatar

Not sure if this is actually realtime, but this site has charts:

samus12345, avatar

Why is listed as USA when neither the founding admin nor the server are located there?


I think they put it behind Cloud Flare after some DDOS attempts. It could be that.

Dave, avatar

Yeah, it’s automatically detected. My server is hosted nowhere near the US but the site lists it as in the US which I presume is because of Cloudflare.


I don’t see my instance on there.

GuyDudeman, avatar

Maybe because not enough have federated with you yet, or you don’t have enough users to be listed yet? I don’t know.


Could be either of those! It’s just me in here. But I use to seed my server with a bunch of stuff so I can subscribe to what I want to see. Or reply with my own account on my own server!

I don’t gotta be on no stinking list!

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